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    Jun 1, 2003
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    1) US and Canadian residents only
    2) Payment via Paypal or money order
    3) Any shipping extras must be agreed upon (ship only via usps)


    Generation 1
    *paperwork Lot $15
    **Gen 1 carrying cases x2, $10 each
    ***Various parts (check pic), Prime Gas Nozzle SOLD $20 as a lot
    Astrotrain loose complete w/ booklet (torn in half), sticker wear and residue C-8 $25
    Brawl C-8 $5
    Hardhead (with uncut C-7 box), unapplied sticker sheet and instruction booklet, complete, working rubsign, tight joints, headmaster function doesn't appear to be working C-9 $100
    Hubs (micromaster, hot rod patrol C-9 $2.50
    Hun-grrr (with C-6 box uncut), tight joints, some sticker wear, booklet and used sticker sheet, working rubsign C-8.5 $55
    Greaser (micromaster, hot rod patrol) C-9 $2.50
    Jazz loose incomplete (missing fist too), discoloration, chrome & paint wear C-6.5 $20
    Jetfire gun clip $20
    Kickback Loose missing missing right antena, left broken off C-4 $1.50
    Onslaught missing with box (C-4 uncut),small chest piece, sticker wear, working rubsign, tight joints, metal chest C-8 $40
    Perceptor loose missile one missile (has 2), but includes 2 launchers and gun C-7.5 chrome wear $30
    Rippersnapper (with uncut C-6 card backing), working rubsign, complete, sticker wear and tight joints C-8.5 $25
    Roadbuster loose incomplete, sticker wear, missing stearing wheel, working rubsign $45
    Rodimus Prime complete with box (C-4 uncut, though tears), minor sticker wear, working rubsign, tight joints C-8.5 $55
    Sideswipe loose incomplete, chrome & sticker wear C-7.5 $30
    Skalor loose complete with instructions C-8.5 $20
    Slag incomplete, working rubsign, chrome wear and non-mint sword C-7.5 $35
    Sludge loose complete with extra sword, chrome wear and sticker residue C-8 $50
    Soundwave decoy C-8 $3
    Strafe loose figure only, working rubsign C-8.5 $6
    Streetwise (metal chest) loose complete, working rubsign C-8 $20
    Sunstreaker loose incomplete, paint wear, C-7.5 $30
    Superion (giftset edition, metal chests, no box) $90
    -partially applied sticker sheet & tech specs
    -missing waist piece and large gun only
    -overal C-8.5
    Swindle loose complete (plastic chest), working rubsign C-8.5 $15
    Topspin Loose missing gun C-5 $1.00
    Tracks loose incomplete, legs dont want to stay compressed in car mode, working rubsign C-8 $30
    Vortex (metal chest) loose complete C-8.5 $20
    Warpath working rubsign C-9 $6
    Windcharger chrome & sticker wear C-7.5 $4

    Blaster loose complete $10
    Devestator missing AM parter w/ uncut card back C-8.5 $6
    Grimlock loose complete $10
    Krok loose complete w/ uncut card back C-8.5 $12
    Prowl (with C-8 box uncut), some sticker wear and not bright white, paperwork and used sticker sheet $30
    Skyfall loose complete w/ uncut card back C-8.5 $12
    Soundwave loose complete $10
    Starscream incomplete (no vehicle) $12
    Treadshot figure onyl loose joints and extensive playwear C-6 $0.50

    Hasbro Reissue
    Rodimus Prime MISB x 6 $25.00 each
    Richochet MISB x 3 $25.00 each

    Smokescreen Loose Complete Knee has a small piece chipped off of the top $8.00

    Takara Micromaster Reissues
    Sixliner MIB $25
    Sixbuilder (Devestator Chase) MIB $30
    Sixturbo MIB $25

    Cliffjumper (wave 1), loose complete $40
    Optimus Prime (wave 2), loose complete $7
    Thrust (wave 2), MIB $3

    Frenzy sealed bags MIB $5
    Devestator diorama sealed bags MIB $5

    BT-7 Smokescreen GT #2 Car MISB $55

    Takara Overlord (color) loose complete with base (dusty) $4.00

    Generation 2
    Bonecrusher (yellow) Loose missing small gun & drill piece, includes large devestator gun though $6.00
    Frenzy (Gobot/spychanger) loose missing gun $2

    Machine Wars
    Skywarp Loose Complete $5.00

    Beast Wars
    *Metal Monument Megatron statue boxed(~4.5") broken leg, missing mutant head (includes show head), and screws $15

    Airrazor missing shoulderflaps & weapon $6.00
    Airrazor (TM Fox Kids) Loose Complete C-8 (some TM paint chipping) $4.00
    Armordillo Loose missing back left foot (has both weapons) $4.00
    B'Boom Loose missing missiles, gun, and left shoulder flap $2.00
    Beatle (Happy Meal version) Loose Complete $0.50
    Blackarachnia Loose missing gun and fron four detachable spider legs $5.00
    Buzz Saw Loose missing one missile $8.00
    Cheetor (TM) Loose missing tail $6.00
    Cheetor (TM2) loose missing missile and tail and one chest flap extensive TM paint wear broken chest flap and loose joints C-4 $0.50
    Cybershark (not TM) loose missing side fins only C-8 (some paint wear) $10
    Depth Charge missing gun and missiles only $14.00
    Depth Charge missing 4 discs, gun, and missiles $12.00
    Dinobot Loose missing mutant mask 10.00
    Dinobot loose missing one back foot/hand piece, mutant mask, and large tail piece and some loose joints C-7.5 $4
    Ignuanus Loose Complete $6
    Ignuanus Loose missing right arm $2.00
    Injector Loose missing missile $3.00
    Lazorbeark loose complete $10.00
    Lazorbeak loose missing gun only $7.00
    Manterror junker $1.50
    Megatron Loose missing tongue squirter, missiles, chest flap, & mutant mask C-7. $4.00
    Megatron Loose missing hip missiles & chest flap (crack on joint) $5.00
    Optimus Minor MOSC $5
    Optimus Primal (Black Ape) loose missing two missiles only (some playwear) C-8 $15
    Optimus Primal (Black Ape) loose missing all accessories(gorilla head intact) broken tab on left foream C-6 $5
    Optimus Primal (black Ape) parts Legs, waist, arms, head, and grey ears $2.00
    Optimus Primal (TM) loose complete , some TM scuffs $9.00
    Optimus Primal (TM) Loose missing right TM knee cap only $8.00
    Optimus Primal (TM) Loose missing 1 club, gun, noth TM knee caps, has scratch to chest $3.00
    Optimal Optimus missing shields and 2 missiles (play wear) C-7.5 $10
    Panther (Happy Meal version) Loose Complete $0.50
    Polar Claw Loose missing back flap C-6.5 $4.00
    Quickstrike Oversized Knockoff (scorpion, snake fuzor) Loose Complete $6
    Quickstrike (snake/ scorpion) loose complete $5
    Rampage Loose missing 2 missiles, antenai, and small gun, has some small scratches in TM C-8 $12.00
    Rattrap KnockOff Loose Complete $6
    Rattrap Loose missing right arm and back gun half $10.00
    Rattrap (TM) Loose Complete C-7 (moderate TM paint chipping) $4.00
    Razorclaw broken crap leg joint, complete $1.50
    Rhinox Loose missing tail, paint wear to horn $12.00
    Rhinox Fox Kids Loose missing mace pieces, blade, and weapon (stored in chest) $6.00
    Scarem MOSC $5
    Scorponok Loose Complete $20.00
    Scorponok (TM/Happy Meal version) Loose Complete $0.50
    Silverbolt (wolf/ hawk) Loose missing left forearm $3.00
    Snapper loose complete $5.00
    Snapper Loose missing both arms and gun $0.50
    Sonar MOSC $5
    Sonar Missing robotic rear claws $1.50
    Sonar Missing robotic rear claws and one foot $0.50
    Spittor (blue, non TM) loose missing right beast/frog leg (robot has all of its limbs) $1.50
    Terrorsaur Loose Complete $15
    Terrorsaur loose complete white mark on wing $12.00
    Terrosaur junker missing both legs, gun, and right fist $0.50
    Terrorgator loose missing gun/tail (has shield/shell) $1.50
    Waspinator Junker w/ gun $2.00

    Beast Machines
    Battle Unicorn loose missing horn $2.00
    Blast Charge loose complete $6.00
    Jetstorm (deluxe) loose complete $10.00
    Jetstorm (ultra) loose complete bad TM paint flaking $5
    Scavenger loose complete $3
    Thrust loose complete $10.00
    Triceradon Loose missing tail & missile, front two legs are loose $2.00

    Grimlock loose complete $5.00
    Landfill (WM version) loose missing hightower's cockpit & gun $10
    Megatron loose complete some playwear C-8 $12
    Obsidian missing missiles $3
    Optimus Prime (super) loose missing gun only, front tires split $14
    Rollbar figure only $2.00
    Scourge (spychanger) loose complete $3.00
    Scourge (spychanger) loose complete $3.00
    Sideburn (blue) loose complete loose head some play wear C-8 $5.00
    Skybyte Junker$2.00
    Stormjet MOSC (C-7.5 package) $10
    Thrust Junker $2.00
    Ultra Magnus Loose complete, tires starting to split $12.00

    Air Military loose complete $4.00
    Blurr loose complete $6.00
    Blurr Loose missing minicon $4.00
    Cyclonus loose missing minicon $5.00
    Cyclonus Loose missing missiles and minicon $4.00
    Galvatron loose missing missiles and minicon $12
    Hoist loose complete $9.00
    Hotshot Loose Missing minicon $4.00
    Jetfire (Powerlinks) Loose Complete $15.00
    Optimus Prime (supercon) loose complete yellow headlights, no autobot symbol on the hood $7.00
    Optimus Prime (Powerlinx) Loose missing minicon & one gun half only $15.00
    Red Alert Junker w/ minicon $5.00
    Scavenger missing minicon and missile $8
    Sea Minicon team loose complete $4
    Sideswipe loose minicon missing one leg $4.00
    Sideswipe Figure Only $3.00
    Sideways Loose missing minicons $5.00
    Smokescreen loose complete $4.00
    Smokescreen Loose Missing minicon $2.00
    Unicron loose complete $30
    Unicron missing chest missile and 1 small missile $25
    Unicron Loose figure and mincon only $10.00

    Mircon Legend
    Star Sabre (clear blue CD-edition) loose complete (no CD either) $12.00
    Perceptor (anime CD-edition) loose complete (no CD either) $12.00

    arcee loose missing missile only $7.00
    Barricade loose complete $8
    Demolisher loose Complete $5
    Downshift Loose missing spoiler $6.00
    Inferno Loose Complete $5.00
    Ironhide Loose Complete $10.00
    Jetfire Loose Complete $10.00
    Lanquake loose missing missile only $14
    Megatron (TRU size) Loose Complete $15.00
    Mirage Loose Complete $15.00
    Mirage Loose missing Missiles $12.00
    Perceptor Loose Complete $4.00
    Perceptor loose complete $4
    Prowl Loose missing right ear/exhaust $3.00
    Scorponok Loose Complete $15.00
    Snowcat Loose COmplete $5.00
    Sharkticon Loose missing missiles $4.00
    Signal Flare Loose Complete $4.00
    Skyblast Loose Complete $4.00
    Starscream (black) Loose Complete $6.00
    Starscream (black) loose complete $6.00
    Starscream (gen 1 deco) loose complete $7.00
    Starscream Loose missing missiles $4.00
    Unicron (black) Loose Complete $40.00

    Kicker MISB $20

    Clocker Loose COmplete $4
    Landmine Loose Complete $7.00
    Leo Breaker Loose Complete $16.00
    Minicon recon Team Loose Complete (helicopter, etc.) $4
    Overhaul Loose Complete $4
    Ransack Loose Complete $5
    Scattershot Loose Complete $5
    Vector Prime Loose Complete $15.00

    Galaxy Force
    GC-13 Autoroller MOC $10
    Thundercracker loose complete $7

    Blast Charge MOSC (sticker residue) $10
    Frostbite Loose Complete $8.00
    King Atlus MIB (C-7 box) $20
    Nemesis Strika Loose Complete $8.00
    Razorclaw Loose Complete $15.00
    Silverbolt Loose Complete $8.00
    Sunstorm loose missing perc
    Whirl loose complete (no minicons) $12.00

    Batman vs The Joker Endless Duel MIB $10.00
    Convertors Blue and red crab like spacship Loose C-7.5 $0.25
    G-Gundam 6 figures: dark, snake, bird type, multi arm type, egyptian, baby blue gundams Loose not sure on completeness $10.00
    Gobot Bladez Loose complete C-7 $3.00
    Gobot Crossword Loose missing front rubber tires and paint wear C-5 $1.00
    Double Barrel Gobot Cap Gun Loose has play wear C-5 $4.00
    Gobot Power Suit GB P3 Loose C-6 $1.00
    Spawn Interlink HD1 MOSC card has some wear $10.00
    Spawn Reanimated Spawn (original) Loose complete (one cord has only one end attached) $6.00
    Spiderman Arachniphobia: Man-Lizard MIB $10.00
    DBZ Ultimate figure series SS3 goku MOC (opened) $7
    DBZ Ultimate figure series vegeta MOC (opened) $7
    Super Hero Showdown Ghostrider MOC (Opened) $5
    Super Hero Showdown Doc-Ock MOC (Opened) $5
    Super Hero Showdown Symbiote Spiderman MOC (Opened) $5
    Sota SF2 Wave 1 chun li and sadam (normal release) loose complete $20 for both
    ML Galactus Waist with paint damage $2aqAQAQAA
    ML Wave 9 (Galactus series) set of 6 (missing Nightcrawler) includes chase bullseye all MOSC $40
    ML Man-thing MOSC $10
    Macross 1/65 VF-17S boxed, a little bit of dust, C-6 Box $30
    Gundam MSIA GS: Destingy Phase 9 set MIB (some shelfwear) $30

    *Figures must be from a non smoking home

    Nintendo DS undamaged w/ factory accessories & nintendogs (have to get the system first) near mint or mint only(prefer boxed)
    Metal Monument Optimus Primal MIB or MISB
    WST Ultra Magnus Trailer
    WST Customs
    Alt Customs
    Kit Factory SL Green Sword (have silver already)
    Kit Factory SL Misha Bust
    RM G1 Optimus Prime Trailer
    Japanese Microns (minicons), let me know what you have
    Convention exclusives (figures, posters, etc.), let me know what you have
    MP02 Ultra Magnus MIB/MISB only
    BW K-9 Missiles x2
    BW Megs (original purple T-rex) Missile x1
    BW B'Boom missile x1
    Armada Swindle (Starsceam's MC)
    Armada Powerlinx Red Alert Missile (fron gun), minicon, hand attachments
    BW Scuba Weapon
    BW Razorbeast robot head & gun
    Energon Megatron missile
    BW TM Scavenger two bottom ant legs
    Beast Wars Metals X-9 MIB/MISB only
    Beast Wars 2 Max-B missile x1 only
    Beast Wars 2 Thrustor loose complete or better
    Beast Wars 2 Black lio convoy loose complete or better
    Beast Wars Neo Killerpunch loose complete or better
    WST Anime OP trailer MIB
    Gen 2 Lazer Rod Electro loose complete or better
    Gen 2 Lazer cycle Road Pig loose complete or better
    Rhinox Statue MISB only
    Palisades Statues MISB only
    Genesis art book prefer "unread"
    Armada Red Thrust loose complete or better
    ChoroQ Rodimus & OP MIB or MISB

    maybe other things . . .
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    sleddogg83 Check out my 4 sale post

    Jun 1, 2003
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    Jun 19, 2004
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    I want that Shocaract, zip 06515
  4. Insane Galvatron

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    Nov 26, 2002
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    Can I see pics of these? I'd like to guage thier condition.
  5. sleddogg83

    sleddogg83 Check out my 4 sale post

    Jun 1, 2003
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  6. Insane Galvatron

    Insane Galvatron is not insane. Really!

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    I'm aware that WW is trying to get some stuff from you. I was hoping not those action masters.... If for some reason it don't work out, I'll take 'em. In fact, add Grimlock to that list I posted above. I'll take him too.