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    General Rules

    Below is a list of general site rules. This is a forum where older and younger fans can share their love of this hobby. Just because you don't see a specific rule here doesn't mean it's okay to post. Most boil down to common sense. If you have a question, ask a staff member. Some forums also have their own specific rules (for example the Junkion Exchange) to assist in the smooth running of those sections.

    1. No Insults, Trolling, Flaming, Name Calling, Harassing, Etc.
    We will not tolerate insults, excessive profanity or throwing a topic off course. Use of racial, bigoted, sexist, or discriminatory terms or phrases is not accepted. Posts intended solely to antagonize others are not accepted. Keep topics/posts where they belong. Generally, “play nice”.

    2. No Gore, Porn, or Sexual Content
    No images, descriptions, or links to graphic or pornographic content, including any form of nudity, nude cartoons (hentai), suggestive imagery, or images deemed gross or disgusting. No sexual content, including discussion of sex acts (implied or otherwise), posts about genitalia, or any sexual fan-fiction / slash fiction. The public boards are intended to be suitable for all ages, and anything that could offend members of the community will be reviewed on a per case basis by the site staff.

    3. No Politics, Religion or Abortion
    This includes signatures, user titles and avatars. Political jokes and links to news stories with a political nature are off limits. Logos, icons, symbols, and any other type of visual representation that can spur socio-political arguments are off limits.

    3.a No Direct Covid-19 Discussion
    Discussing the event directly - it's origins, it's current state, what organizations and governments are doing - is disallowed here. Casual reference to it in the course of normal hobby discussion is OK. AKA - factory delays, retailer issues, event cancellations. Please see here for a deeper explanation of our stance.

    4. No Illegal / Bootlegged Materials
    Do not sell, share, link to, offer or ask for copyrighted materials. This includes movies, music, games, roms, comics, programs, etc.

    5. No Alternate ID's - One Account per Individual
    We operate a one account - one person policy. Creating an alternate ID will result in both the original account and the alternate ID being permanently banned immediately. Sharing accounts among a group of people is also forbidden. If your sibling / roommate / spouse wishes to post on the boards, they must make their own account and contact us to avoid alternate ID bannings.

    6. Do Not Post Things For Banned Members / Report known member alternate IDs
    This includes artwork, customs, sales or requests. Once they are banned, they are done with this forum. If it is discovered that you know of another member's alternate identity and do not report it, or discover it and try to "hide" it from moderators, you will receive an automatic temporary ban from the site. Banned members are gone for a reason, assisting them in getting back on the site/boards makes you just as guilty.

    7. No Public Discussion On Staff Actions
    Do not mouth off or publicly question staff decisions. If you have a problem, comment or question, contact a member of the TFW2005 Staff.

    7.a No Public Questioning of Front Page News Choices
    The TFW2005 Staff takes careful consideration in what gets posted to the front page and when. Please do not question why a story did or did not go up in public discussion threads. If you have a concern with a front page story, please PM an Admin directly. This includes topics related to leaks (see here).​

    8. No Website Advertising or Personal Ads
    Any posts or threads solely to promote a website or store, Transformers related or not, will be removed. This includes making posts with the intended purpose of promoting your own web endeavors such as review sites. You may place a link in your signature. The more you contribute to threads, the more exposure your site will get. If you wish to share your reviews, please post the entire content in the review here (text, video, pics, etc) for the community to interact with. Links to the source can then be placed at the end of the content. Personal ads looking for roommates, dates or “vote for me in this contest” will also be removed. This includes social channels, groups, chats, servers, youtube channels etc.

    8.a Exceptions
    If a member has a personal website, curates a niche topic related to Transformers or collecting, is generally regarded as well versed in that field, and does not have similar site elements to TFW2005 (community discussion, daily news, etc), the staff reserves the right to allow a single thread documenting updates to the site and discussion of it's posted content. This will be done on a limited, case by case basis.​

    9. Do Not Steal Bandwidth
    Hotlinking to an image on another site could result in your image being replaced by a nasty or pornographic image. Use a photo hosting website.

    10. Keep Off-Site Drama Off This Site
    If you had a disagreement or falling out with someone on another site or in real life, if you had a deal go sour on another website or whatever. If it happened elsewhere then don't bring it here. Leave your grievances at the door.

    11. Do Not Post Private Conversations
    This includes PM's, IM's and emails.

    12. No Spam
    We do not allow spamming in our general forums. Spam is relegated to the Fuzzy World Forum. The Fuzzy World is a perk for TFW2005 Supporters.

    13. No Disruptive Posting or Flamebaiting
    Do not purposely post anything which will cause another member (or members) to react negatively. This is subjective. The TFW2005 staff will evaluate the trend of posts made by those consistently being reported or those that are repeatedly involved with arguments on the site. If their overall method or content of posting leads to staff attention repeatedly, we reserve the right to warn, infract and/or ban accordingly.

    Warnings and Infractions

    If you break one of the above rules you may receive a Warning or Infraction. A Warning is generally given for a minor first offense. A warning is an official reminder to follow the rules. After a Warning, or for a more severe offense you will receive an Infraction.

    3 Infractions = A Temporary One Week Ban
    5 Infractions = A Permanent Ban

    If you do not agree with a warning or infraction, you should first address the issue with the moderator who issued the warning / infraction. If you are still not happy, the chain of command goes moderator - super moderator - admin. If you are rude when complaining about a warning or infraction, do not expect our position to change.

    Overall Community Flow and the Rules

    If your presence on the forums causes a disturbance in the normal daily flow for members or staff, the Admins have the right to enact an immediate permanent ban with no warning.

    This could include:
    • Being repeatedly reported for posts/threads/visitor messages/pms
    • Need for intervention in buy/sell/trade interaction between board members
    • Need for intervention in buy/sell/trade feedback threads
    • Posts triggering public or private arguments
    • Presence triggering strife among members or staff due to actions outside this forum.
    If these or any other unwanted actions happen, regardless of the quantity, duration, or spacing of events over time, Admins may immediately and permanently enact a ban if they feel it will benefit the community as a whole.

    Signatures & Avatars (updated 7/30/20)

    You are allow a single image in your signature. Your signature may not exceed 500 pixels in width or 300 pixels in height. Your signature image may not exceed 100kb in file size. If you have a signature image, you are allowed two lines of normal sized text under it. You are required to host the image yourself or on a photo hosting website. If you break these guidelines, your signature will be removed.

    Avatars may not exceed 100kb in file size.


    Quick FAQ

    Q. How old do I have to be to register?
    A. You must be 13 years old or older at the time of registration.

    Q. Where can I find the forum rules?
    A. Forum Rules.

    Q. How do I find out who is member of the TFW2005 Staff?
    A. We have a listing with all staff members. Forum Leaders.

    Q. How do I post an image?
    A. If you are in a forum that does not allow attachments to posts, you can use an image hosting website such as ImageShack® - Image Hosting or Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket. For more information see our Help With Using Images.

    Q. How big should my images be?
    A. Images posted in threads should be kept to a reasonable size (both file size and height x width) where possible. A general good practise guideline is to keep file sizes to about 500 - 750 KB and images within 1200 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high.

    Q. Can I change my username?
    A. We allow name changes only as a perk for TFW2005 Supporters.

    Q. How do I become a TFW2005 Supporter?
    A. Any member who donates $25 or more to TFW2005's server costs will become a TFW2005 Supporter. You can find out more on our Donation Page.

    Q. How do I edit my signature and Avatar?
    A. Click on the link that says "User CP". On the left hand side you will find various links to edit your account details.

    Q. How big can my signature be?
    A. You are allowed single image that can be no larger than 500 pixels wide by 300 pixels high and must be below 40kb.

    Q. What are News Credits?
    A. When someone posts a thread in News and Rumors, and that info is posted on our frontpage, the user will be awarded a News Credit. It allows TFW2005 and their members to know who is sharing new information with our community.

    Q. I found a post that breaks the rules, how do I report it?
    A. Under every post is this icon [​IMG]. Click on the icon to report any post that you feel may break a forum rule.

    Q. What is an Infraction?
    A. An Infraction is given for a violation of the rules. If you receive 3 Infractions you will be banned for a week. If you receive 5, you will be banned permanently.

    Q. How do I become a mod or staff member?
    A. Mods, Contributors and News Staff members are chosen by upper level staff and Administrators. Staff members are chosen based on their posting behavior and ability to share knowledge. Don't call us, we'll call you.

    Q. What is a "Zombie Thread"?
    A "Zombie thread" is any thread that has not had posts in some time, usually a year old or older, that has post that brings it back to the top of the forum. We usually frown upon the practice of bringing back old threads unless there is new information to be added.

    Q. What is considered spam?
    A. Spam can include, but is not limited to, a single or series of nonsense or non sequitur off-topic posts, such as a link to a facepalm JPG or "LOLWUT??" type posts. It can also include topics where the subject matter is clearly nonsensical. Generally staff will decide on a case by case basis - as a rule, if a post seems silly or excessively off-topic, it could be considered spam.

    Q. I lost my password, how do I reset it.
    A. Lost Password.

    Q. Can I view the TFW2005 news page without movie spoilers?
    A. Not currently, new system does not allow this easily.

    Q. What areas of the site do the TFW2005 staff monitor for rule violations?
    The 2005 staff have the ability and reserve the right to monitor all areas of the site. Threads, posts, user albums, visitor messages (public and private), and private messages, plus any not listed here. We may not actively monitor certain areas but that does not mean that the rules are not in place.

    If you would like to become a TFW2005 Supporter please visit this thread for details.

    Please see our general F.A.Q. here: The New 2005 Boards - Introduction and F.A.Q.
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