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    Welcome to the Table of Contents section of TFW2005.COM's Creative Tutorials!

    Each year, we keep growing and growing, now housing over 500 tutorials! The Table of Contents was originally conceived as a more streamlined approach and an easy "jump" to specific articles, instead of having to search through pages and pages of threads. What started out as a relatively small, but ambitious endeavor has now grown to the point that the Table of Contents itself needed a bit more organization. One post was split into a few, and even this has proven not to be the complete solution!

    What's been done here now is due to splitting up the Table of Contents across several posts, an outline is provided below with direct links to each prefixed section. Each "chapter" post is divided out like the tutorial prefixes. This will help you keep your thumb on what you're looking for while continuing to keep things organized!

    Ok, enough of that, on to the Tutorials!

    I would like to personally thank each and every member who has contributed to this ever-growing list of Tutorials! Your contributions here are very much appreciated!
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    May 19, 2003
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    Introductory Part 1 - Getting Started:

    Before You Start, READ: Things Others Wished They Had Known Prior to Creating Customs

    Airbrushing Basics
    Airbrushing Fine Lines

    Introduction to Airbrushing by encline:
    Basic Ink Wash and Dry Brushing
    Candy Paint for Beginners
    Cleaning Off Battery Acid Corrosion In Toy Battery Compartments Using a Q-Tip
    Crash Course in Using Aves Apoxie Sculpt
    Crash Course In Water-slide Decal Application
    Create Your Own Portable Workspace
    Create Your Own World's Cheapest Detail Brush
    Creating Weapon Effects
    Customizer's Tools
    "Customizing 101" by Tom Servo
    Custom Made Decals - Lessons Learned Making Water Slide Decals
    Custom Risers for IKEA Detolf Shelves
    Displaying Your Collection Like a PRO (As a Broke College Student)
    Display Bases - How to Build Guide
    Display Shelves: Creating Backgrounds for Your Collection Shelves
    Easy and Inexpensive Risers for the Collection!

    Dioramas by Bobby Skullface - An Introductory Series:
    Energon Cubes and "Energon" Ooze
    Extremely Basic Drybrushing for Beginners
    Glues For Projects
    Guide to Painting Straight Lines
    Heat Gun - Fixing Warps
    How To Dye A Figure
    How-To Make Your Own Decals And Labels
    How-To Paint Clear Parts
    How To Prevent Flaking Paint When Transforming
    How-To Remove Magnets Video Tutorial
    How To Remove Pins And Rivets
    Introductory: - Organzing [Your Collection] with an Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
    Magnet Removal from Magnetix
    Make Your Own Energon Cubes!
    Modern Box Archival: A Cleaner Solution = Less Trashy!
    MOLOTOW Chrome Pen- An Introduction
    Painting and Battle Damage Tutorial - Using Reveal the Sheild Perceptor
    Painting Glow Effects
    Pin Punch - A Good Recommendation
    Poor Man's Flight Stand
    Prepping Figures For Customs - Washing
    Quick Thruster Fix
    Recommended Adhesives
    Reprolabels - Fix Those Grody Stickers!
    Rubbing Out Paint
    Rusty Screws Solutions
    Sculpting Straight Lines: An Introduction
    Simple One-Step Dry Brushing Technique With Ink Wash
    A Simple Face Plate for Optimus Prime
    Stiffening Your Loose 'Bots
    Stripping/Removing Paint
    Stripping and Removing Paint
    Tips For Repainting Figures
    The Tools of the Trade (Toy Maintenance)
    Toy Scales Illustrated
    Using Crown Brush Cleaner to Remove Paint From Plastic
    Weathering Effects - An Easy Method
    Yaujta's Introduction to Sculpting

    Transformers Charts

    Tutorials from Cybertron.CA: Cybertron.CA - Kitbashing Tutorials
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    May 19, 2003
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    May 19, 2003
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    May 19, 2003
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    Beyond Basics:

    "Follow Me" Video Tutorial Series by JBarb78:
    Add Working Smoke to Your Transformer Custom!
    Adventures in Package Restoration - Resealing a Plastic Bubble to Card
    Articulation Joints: Simple Fixes and Reinforcements
    Chrome Foil - Applying It to Your Transformers
    Chrome Painting
    Creating Customs Joints for Added Articulation
    Creating Custom Capes
    Custom Head Tutorial by Sculpt-bot
    Custom Pipe Shelves For Transformers - Make Yours with Devastator's Help!
    Creating a War For Cybertron Cybertron Diorama
    Decoupage, Transformers, and You!
    Easy Guide To Making Custom Heads
    EL Wire Invisibility Box for Mirage
    Embossed Symbols - Video Tutorial
    Flocking Tutorial
    Grid Pattern Display Shelf
    How To Apply Water Slide Decals (Video Tutorial)
    How to Correct Crease Lines on G1 Boxes
    How-to Create Battle Damage Tutorial
    How to Paint True Fire
    How to Make Cosmic Rust
    How To Use [Gundam] Water Decals
    Hydrogen Peroxide Vs. Sunfading: Tested

    Information Sources For Kitbashers/Customizers
    Installing LED Lights
    Insuring and Protecting Your Collection
    LED Blast Effect (with Video)
    Make Your Own Custom Rubber Wheel
    Making a Two Part Mold
    Nitro/Real Flame Tutorial (with Templates)
    Painting Carbon Fiber
    Plasti Dip: Rubberizing Wheels Improves Stability of Roller-Bots
    Ptitvite's Devastator Technical Data
    Rusty, Weathering Painting - with Generations [WfC] Megatron!
    Stretch Rubber Parts Without Tearing
    Super Glue and Baking Soda - Plastic Repair
    Tips On Using Styrene
    Using Sculpey III Cushion Pin Removal
    Wireless Model Illumination: A Brilliant Solution
    Featured Follow-Alongs:
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    May 19, 2003
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    Scratchbuilding with Wikkid - A Tutorial Series

    Customs Scale Reference 101

    - by Wikkid:

    Customs Scale Reference 101 - Getting Started!

    The Basics of Scratch-building

    - by Wikkid:

    Building Weapons with Wikkid:

    Modifying and Building Heads with Wikkid:

    Modifying and Building Heads with Wikkid - Getting Started!

    "How I Build Masterpieces" - Kitbashing and Scratchbuilding Walk-throughs to Create Masterpiece Transformers

    - by Jarrod

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    Dec 2, 2004
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    By Generation Part 1 - Official Main Line (Pre-2007 Movie) and Movie Lines:

    Generation 1/Generation 2
    Articulating G1 Bombshell
    G1 Astrotrain: Modifying the Arms
    Articulating G1 Soundwave's Legs
    Articulating G1 Shrapnel
    Customizing Generation One Jetfire by anovasinn
    Fixing G1 Apeface's Back Kibble
    Fixing G1 Seekers' Loose Arms
    Fixing Horri-bull's Horrible Head!
    Fixing the Spark Mechanisem in G1 Doublecross
    The Generation One Paperwork Binder Storage Resource
    G1 Blaster Tape Deck Door Fix
    G1 Ironhide/Ratchet: Waist Modification
    G1 Omega Supreme - Repairs
    G1 Seekers - Fixing the Loose, Swinging Cockpit
    G1 Skyhammer - GPS Feet, a Battle, and a Fix!
    G1 Tech Specs Photoshop Template!
    G1 Galvatron w/ Light-up Cannon **A HOW-TO**
    G1/G2 Optimus Prime Smokestack Fix
    Leg Fix for G1 Tracks
    Make Your Own S.T.A.R.S. Activity Center!
    1985 Transformers Activity Set by Warren
    Reissue Ultra Magnus Missiles Too Long? Shorten Them!
    Takara Choro-Q Minibot Reshell
    Tire Care - Gummi Pflege Stift' Rubber Care Stick
    Waist Fix for G1 Mirage
    Beast Eras
    Robots In Disguise
    Movie (Live Action Films)
    2007 Movie:
    Revenge of the Fallen (Movie 2):
    Breakaway Head, Neck, and Upper Body Fix
    Breakaway/Thrust/Air Raid Backpack and Waist Modification
    A Different Breakaway Cockpit Modification
    Dual Power Source LEDs for LongHaul RotF Tutorial
    The Fallen Neck Modification Tutorial
    How to Give RotF Leader Megs a Transformable Murder Arm
    Ice Cream Truck Mudflap Heel Mod
    Improving RotF Long Haul Tutorial
    Jolt Leg Mod
    Jolt: Making Twist Tie Whips
    Leader Megatron Claw Articulation Tutorial
    Long Haul - A Different Backpack Fix
    Mixmaster's Hand Fix
    Movie/Universe/Classics Bludgeon Leg Modification Tutorial Guide
    Replacing the Head LED on Leader Class RotF Optimus Prime
    RotF Breakaway Quick Fix (No Cutting Needed)
    RotF Cannon Bumblebee Chest Modification
    RotF Chromia Modification
    RotF Depthcharge Leg Modification
    RotF Jetfire Knee Modification
    RotF Leader Optimus Prime - Enabling Removable Swords and MechTech Weaponry
    RotF Megatron (leader) - Right Arm Modification
    RotF Mudflap "Lower Shoulder" Modification
    RotF Rampage Hydraulics Modification
    RotF Ravage LED and Neck Modifications
    RotF Ravage - Fully Articulated Tail Tutorial
    RotF Scalpel Leg Fix (Plus Other Modifications)!
    RotF Sideways/Dead End Leg Mod
    Simple Mech Tech Adapters for RotF Leader Optimus Prime
    Dark of the Moon (Movie 3):
    Human Alliance:
    Cyberverse (DotM)

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    May 19, 2003
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    By Generation Part 2 - Official Main Line Post Movie and Beyond!:


    Activator Bumblebee - Arm Mod
    Animated Arcee - Fins/Wings Modification
    Animated Arcee Spoiler Modification
    Animated Blitzwing: Factory Assembly Error Fix
    Animated Blurr - Leg Modification
    Animated Blurrpanion Cube
    Animated Blur Leg Modification (Articulation) Tutorial/How-to
    Animated Bumblebee - Stinger Fix
    Animated Lockdown - Hands/Weapons Modification
    Animated Lugnut Head Pivot!
    Animated Oil Slick - Hand Modification
    Animated Prowl - Street Light Weapon Modification
    Animated Swoop's Flaming Mace!
    Animated Voyager Megatron - Arm Cannon Modification
    Animated Wreck-Gar Gate Upgrade
    Animated Wreck-Gar gets upgraded (ball joint neck and switchable faction symbols)
    Get Rid of Animated Bumblebee's Rabbit Feet
    Grimlock Chest Gap Fix (Transformable)
    How to Dismantle Animated Lockdown
    Easy Custom Animated Prowl Sword
    Fixing Animated Blurr's Neck
    Nemesis Predaking's Lockdown Gimpy Hand Mod
    Sharkticon Megatron - Misassembly Fix
    TF:A "Punch of Kill Everything" Lugnut Modification

    Transformers: Prime

    Bulkhead (Main Line) Voyager: Doors/Wing Modification
    Bulkhead (Main Line) Wrist Modification
    First Edition Vehicon - Barricade/KFC Bad Cop - Kibble Modification
    Fixing Transformers: Deluxe Airachnid - Head, Legs, and Feet
    Fixing Transformers: Prime Deluxe Bumblebee's Head
    Fixing Transformers: Prime Weaponizer Bumblebee
    Fixing Transformers: Prime Deluxe Soundwave's Head
    Fixing Transformers: Prime Voyager Starscream's Crest, Waist, and Hips
    Grimwing/Darksteel - Head/Chest Modification
    Improving Transformers: Prime Voyager Optimus Prime
    Installing Metal Ballasts in Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime's Legs
    Modifying Transformers: Prime Airachnid Deluxe
    Quick Arcee Wing Modification
    TF: Prime - First Edition Optimus Prime (Head Fix)
    TF: Prime - Ratchet: McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Sticker Sheet
    PRID Vehicon - Arm Modification
    Prime Voyager Starscream - Weapon Modification
    TF: Prime Dreadwing/Skyquake's Gun: Modifying for Staying in the "Opened" Position
    TF: Prime Sergeant Kup - Hood Flap Modification
    Sergeant Kup/Arms Micron Ironhide Modifications
    Ultimate Beast Hunters Optimus Wrist Modification
    Vehicion Gary's Gun Arm Modification
    Vehicon Leg Modification - Show Accurate Tire/Leg Panel
    Weigh Down Beast Hunters Optimus Prime's Legs

    Cyberverse (Prime)
    Transformers: Cyberverse

    "Generations" (Classics/Henkei/Universe/Generations/United/ - "Thrilling 30"

    Add More Articulation to Classics Rodimus"Beautiful" Reveal the Shield Tracks Modification
    Cheap-O Targetmaster Fracus
    Classics Figures: Simple Touch-ups For More "Cartoon Accuracy"
    Classics Jetfire/Treadbolt Minor Modifications
    Classics/Universe Galvatron's Pimp Hand Mod
    Classics Rodimus Canopy Modification
    Classics Cliffjumper Head and Ski Modifications
    Classics Starscream to Classics Thundercracker Conversion
    Constructicons: Merge For the Custom! (A "Ptitivte DEVASTATOR" Tutorial Addendum)
    Dechroming Generations Jetfire 101
    Extend Generations Scourge's Legs!
    Fixin' Red Alert and Punch/Counterpunch
    Fix Generations Blitzwing Without Even Disassembling the Figure!
    Generations Arcee - Hand Fix
    Generations Bumblebee: Some Quick Fixes
    Generations Blitzwing Shoulder Fix
    Generations Blitzwing - Other Fixes
    Generations Dirge Wing Modification
    Generations FoC Vortex - Easy Improvement
    Generations GDO Springer - Leg Modification
    Generations Grimlock - Add Greater Articulation!
    Generations Grimlock (FoC) - Creating a Shield Handle
    Generations Leader Jetfire - Guide to Removing the Chest Cockpit
    Generations Leader Jetfire - Various Modifications
    Generations Legends Bumblebee – Add a Ball Jointed Head
    Generations Roadbuster Hip/Skirt Tweak
    Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification
    Generations Skids: Fixing the Leg Assembly Error
    Generations Thrust: Wing Modification
    Generations Wheeljack Arm Modification
    Generations Wheeljack: Arm and Waist Modifications
    Generations Wheeljack: Height and Leg Modifications
    Generations Wheeljack, Floppy Leg Fix
    Generations Wheeljack Leg Modification (Version 2.0)
    Give Generations Blurr a Head Tilt
    Fixing Universe Tankor's Head
    Hoist/Electron's Chest Fix (from Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Termination Set)
    How-To Make Classics Dirge (Wing Modification)
    How-To Make Classics Thrust (Wing Modification)
    Improving Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime (Generations Deluxe)
    Junkion's Handlebars Fix: Prevent the Breakage!
    Legends LG-17 Blackarachnia - Misassembly Fix
    Leg Improvement - Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Jazz (Generations Deluxe)
    Make Your Own Unicron Planet Stand of Death and Chaos!
    Making Universe Tankor Rock the House
    Quick, Super-easy Generations Whirl Leg Modification

    2-pack Classics Optimus Prime Truck Modifications
    SKYFIRE PRIME: The Way-Too-Easy Tutorial
    Transform a G1/G2 Optimus Trailer into Classics Trailer!
    Turn Cybertron Laserbeak or Buzzsaw or Blockrock into Gurafi: a How-to Tutorial
    Universe 2.0 Dinobot - Creating a Longer Sword
    Universe Hound to Swindle - Modifications
    Universe Hound Hologram Projector Modification
    Universe/Classics 2.0/Henkei Ironhide/Ratchet Modifications Tutorial/Guide
    Universe 2.0 Ironhide/Ratchet Posture and Arm Modifications
    Universe 2.0 Prowl Shoulder Modification
    Universe 2.0 Sideswipe/Sunstreaker/Red Alert - Leg Modification
    Universe 2.0 Sideswipe/Sunstreaker/Red Alert - Leg Modification

    Universe 2.0 Sunstreaker Windsheild Modification
    Universe Warpath: Give Him Turret Rotation!
    Voyager Classics Prime Arm Modification
    WfC Bumblebee Leg Modification
    WfC Optimus Prime Easy Leg Modification

    Hunt for the Decepticons

    "Thrilling 30" Transformers: Metroplex

    Combiner Wars

    Titans Return
    Power of the Primes





    Studio Series (G1/Movie)

    Convention Exclusives


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    May 19, 2003
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    By Generation Part 3 - Other Official Lines:

    Alternators/Binaltech Custom Display
    Alternators Sideswipe - Transformation Modification
    An Alternators Door Removal That Will...BLOW YOUR DOORS OFF!
    Re-Shelling Alternators
    Removing Alternators Skids Flames
    Alternators Modifications List
    New Arm Modification For Alternators Rumble (From Skids Legs!)
    Give Alternators Rumble Arms/Pile-drivers Tutorial
    Electrified Alternators Shockwave v2.0
    Alternators Laserwave/Shockblast Leg Modification
    Alternators Optimus Prime Shoulder Modification
    Alternators Prime Leg Extension Tutorial(s) Thread
    Leg Modification the Alternators/Binaltech Acura
    Alternators Prowl's Easy Lamborghini Doors
    Alternator License Plate Template - I figured it out and I'm Sharing!!!

    Video Tutorials by clay:

    Power Core Combiners


    Legends/World's Smallest Transformers


    Creating a "Cartoon Accurate" Masterpiece Streak (Bluestreak)
    LED Vector Sigma (Masterpiece Scale)
    Leg Repair: MP-22 Masterpiece Ultra Magnus
    MP-03 Starscream: Fixing That Nasty Gap In Jet Mode
    MP-13 Soundwave Papercraft Energon Cubes and Schematics
    MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks - Loose Knee/Leg Fix
    MP-27 Masterpiece Ironhide - Shoulder Fix
    MP-28 Hot Rodimus: Bod Mods
    MP-44 Convoy Version 3.0 - Leg Fix
    Masterpiece Acid Storm - Removing the Camouflage (Using Half of the Effort!)
    Masterpiece Bumble - Increase Shoulder Articulation
    Masterpiece Datsun (Prowl/Streak): Make Missile Launchers in a "G1 Style"
    Masterpiece Energy Conductors
    Masterpiece Grimlock: Keeping the Weapon Light On and the Autobot Symbol Gimmick Fix
    Masterpiece Grimlock Leg/Tail Chrome Care
    Masterpiece Ramjet - Shoulder Fix
    Masterpiece MP-10 Rodimus Convoy - Easy Rifle Extension
    The Masterpiece MP-11 Seeker Mold: Wing Dismantling Guide
    Masterpiece Seeker Base Nameplate Sticker Templates!
    Masterpiece Black Rodimus Convoy MP-09B: Fix the Broken Knees
    Masterpiece Optimus Prime Chest Fix (Toys 'R' Us Hasbro Version)
    Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy - Replacement Knee Installation
    Masterpiece Rodimus Hip Modification: Add 1/4" Height
    Masterpiece Shockwave - Stomach Repair
    Masterpiece Soundwave's Head Disassembly
    Masterpiece Soundwave (Toys 'R' Us Version)- Visor Yellow to Red Change
    Masterpiece Starscream Tailfin/Waist/Leg Kibble Modification
    MP Megatron Shoeshine (AKA: No More Athlete's Rust)
    TakaraTomy Flight Stand: Fix
    Nasty Panel Gaps Fix for the Masterpiece Lamborghinis
    YotH Masterpiece Optimus Prime Disassembly
    Kre-O/Construct Bots/Other Building Block Sets


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    By Generation Part 4 - Third Party/Unofficial:

    Various Third Party/Unofficial Figure Modifications:

    Alien Attack Toys:




    Fans Toys:


    Mastermind Creations:

    Planet X:

    TFC Toys:

    Unique Toys:

    Wei Jiang:

    KFC Toys / X-Transbots:

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    May 19, 2003
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    May 19, 2003
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    Illustrations/Digital Models:

    Adding a 3-D Render to an Image (Bryce + Photoshop)
    Adding a Text Link to a Signature
    The Absurdly Simple Method to Glow Eyes!
    Be Nelson Yomtov! (Colorists, Tackle an Original Transformers Marvel Comics Page!)
    Chaos Incarnate's Big Kaboom (Making Explosions with Adobe Photoshop)
    Chaos Incarnate's Brush Tutorials (Adobe Photoshop)
    Chaos Incarnate's Building Actions/Macros with Adobe Photoshop
    Clay Style Rendering Tutorial
    A Cloud/Smoke Brush Creation (Adobe Photoshop)
    Coloring Process Demonstrated Coloring An Alternator
    Creating an Illustration Mosaic
    Creating Spark Effects!
    Cropping Out Objects a la Funness!
    The Definitive Sunbow Scale Chart
    Digibashing - Removing and Adding Faction Symbols
    Drawing Optimus Prime with Ramrider
    Drawing Transformers: Part 1 - The Basics
    Drawing Transformers: Part 2 - Color Basics
    Drawing Tutorial: Movie Ironhide's Head
    Freeware Art Programs: Artweaver and GIMP
    Get Started in Coloring with Dark Convoy!
    How to Make [Photo] Comics That Don't Suck!
    How Silas Draws Stuff
    How to Sketch Awesomely in Photoshop
    Illustrating Transformers Using G1 Screen Captures!
    Illustrating Powerglide - A Digital Illustration Overview
    Jim Lee Teaches Drawing Hands
    Josh's Coloring Tutorial
    Laser Beam and Saber Effects Creation Using Adobe Photoshop
    Let’s Brutalize Our ‘bots! (Creating Robotic Damage in Photoshop)
    Making Glowing Eyes with Pride in GIMP
    Make a Planet
    Make a Realistic Star Field
    Making Retro G1 Boxart Photoart
    Making Custom Brushes using GIMP
    Making Speech Bubbles Using GIMP
    Making 3D Images
    Motion Blur Tutorial (Adobe Photoshop) - Easy Peasy for the Lazy Digibashing Tuturial
    Photoshop Masks
    Photoshop Tutorial: Wonder Woman Pin Up Digital Painting by Roberto Campus
    process' Photoshop Glowing Eyes Tutorial (Using Photoshop CS3)
    process' Recoloring an Image Methodology: Magnus into Powered Convoy
    Smoke Effects Using Photoshop 6
    3-D Rendering - One Method of Process
    Three Point Lighting
    Transformers Prime Scale Chart (with Screenshot Galleries)
    Tutorial: Creating a Custom Box, Part One
    Weapon Materialization Effect Creation (Photoshop)
    Wizard #119 "Basic Training: Pat Lee Shows You How to Draw Mecha"
    Z.U.D.O.N's Eye Glow Tutorial for Photoshop CS2 and Up Users
    Z.U.D.O.N's Fire Tutorial For Photoshop Users

    The 3-D Rendering Links to Resources/Tutorials
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