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    Have more Future than you'll ever use? I'd love to buy a bit from you. I don't want to buy a full bottle when I just need a little bit.
    I typically don't need boxes or weapons. Rough-to-poor condition is usually okay, as long as you're honest about the problems.

    Alternators boxes only (with inner plastic packaging)
    - Windcharger (or remold Decepticharge)
    - Wheeljack (or remold Grimlock)
    - Skids (or remold Broadcast)

    Cyberverse Legion Class: Cliffjumper (Feb 2012)
    Deluxe Class First Edition Cliffjumper (Mar 2012)

    Bumblebee 2015
    Ironhide 2017 (Wei Jiang MPP-27 oversized version)
    Megatron 2.0 2017
    Ultra Magnus 2015
    Wheeljack 2015

    3rd parties
    Astrotrain: Toyworld Evila Star 2015, DX9 Chigurh 2015, Machine Boy Space Roamer 2015
    Brawn: Badcube Brawny 2015
    BTS-03: add-on kit for G1 Optimus 2010, I only need matrix
    buses: Toy Pudding CarBot Bus 2015 combines with cars but I only need the bus, Toy Pudding (I've also seen Sonokong listed as manufacturer) Carbot Patron 2017 school bus that combines with a police car, but I just need school bus
    Chromedome: Fansproject Code 2015
    Dinobots: DX9 War in Pocket 2017
    Eject: KFC Fader 2015 (or any recolor)
    Galvatron: DX9 Tyrant 2015, XTransbots Abaddon?, FansToys Sovereign 2017
    Genesis Megatron and Playstation Optimus 2015
    Haymaker & Overslay 2014
    Hot Rod: DX9 Carry 2015
    Hound: Maketoys Gundog 2015
    Ironhide: Mech Planet Iron Tin 2017
    Jazz: Maketoys Downbeat 2017, Toyworld Coolsville 2017
    Laserbeak or Buzzsaw: MMC Ocular Max 2017
    Megatron: Xtransbots Appolyon 2015, Warbotron Tyrant?, MakeToys Despotron 2016, Bold Forms Gladius the Dark Emperor 2017, DX9 Mightron 2016 or MechFansToys MF-Zero KO of Dx9 Mightron (whichever is best), ZhanJiang (or Zhan Jiang) Mechanic Master (misspelled Mechinic Master on box) 2017 (ko upsize of Generation Toys Tyrant), Wei Jiang (comes w/ Laserbeak)
    Menason: TransFormMission M-01 2017?
    Mirage: MMC Sphinx 2016
    Octane: Unique Toys Provider 2015, KFC Stratotanker?
    Optimus Prime: Wei Jiang oversized Evasion Mode KO 2016
    Powerglide: DX9 Richthofen 2017
    Ravage: MMC Ocular Max Jaguar 2016
    Rumble/Frenzy: MMC Ocular Max?
    Skywarp: DX9 War in Pocket 2017
    Sludge: Fanstoys Stomp 2016
    Scorpion tape: KFC 2016
    Scourge: DX9 Plague (War in Pocket) 2015
    Snarl: Fanstoys Sever 2015?, Gigapower Guttur (metallic 2017, chrome 2016)?
    Soundwave tablet: 2016 SDCC
    Throttlebots: oversized KO of Toyworld (except not the orange torso) 2017
    Unicron: Garatron Galaxy Demolishor
    Warpath: BadCube Veteran Wardog 2016

    - Masterpiece Skywarp: add Hasbro paint apps to iGear version

    - one of the "original comic book" in b&w (2014 Comic-Con exclusive Raph is the only one available so far)
    - Revoltech (hopefully a Mike that can hold its weapons) 2014
    - First Gokin Cerebral 2015
    - Good Smiles Leonardo statue 2015
    - MegaBloks Collector Series 2016 (Krang wo/ rest of his set, a turtle, Bebop, Rocksteady, Foot Soldier, Shredder, April ONeil)
    - Mondo The First Turtle Figure 2016 (black & white)
    - NECA SDCC 2017 turtles, Shredder, Krang, and Foot soldier (turtles are repaints of SDCC 2016, Shredder is remold, foot must be a repaint or remold)
    - SH Figuarts TMNT 2016 (either Raph or Leo)
    - Sideshow statue Leonardo 2017

    other figures
    - Mezco Toyz Raiden 2015
    - Neca Weird Al 2016
    - Sideshow Collectibles Baroness 1/6th scale 2014
    - Sideshow Collectibles Destro 1/6th scale 2014
    - Storm Collectibles Ryu - Special Edition Blue Version 2017

    Cybertronian The Unofficial Transformers Recognition Guide: Beast Wars Volume 1
    Transformers Generations 2010
    Transformers Generations 2011: Volume 2

    acquired, but waiting on
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    San Antonio, Texas
    I have a Provider if you're interested.
  3. Jtotheiso187

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    Feb 4, 2012
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    I have an extra Evasion Prime

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