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Aug 16, 2004
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TFW2005 Supporter <=TF2 Shop N' Look's TF Section! Feb 25, 2018

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Viewing thread Possible Siege Leader Class Cybertron/Galaxy Force Optimus remold from Ultra Magnus??, Jan 18, 2019 at 3:31 PM
    1. levandowski
      Do you have a gallery of the unreleased beast wars horrocons?
    2. Transfan2
    3. Transfan2
      1. Transfan2
        Feb 25, 2018
    4. NemiMonkey
      I got my Prime Rotgut from you so I know you do a really nice job packing things, but people were acting like $36 was this insane amount. Meanwhile they were going nuts when Amazon had him listed for $33 Prime shipping and they don't do as secure a job packing their items.
    5. Slingshot
      Hey, TransFan2. I was wondering if your store is going to get Legends Kup.
    6. GoLion
      Just discovered your site. Nice.
    7. Transfan2
    8. Transfan2
      I am doing fine and if you want to say's okay to! ^_^
    9. Transfan2
      If people makes me feel a bit uncomfortable when I post my pics in Cool Stuff Thread..I may just cut my losses and just stop
      1. Transfan2
        posting in that thread..that's all..nothing else.
        Oct 17, 2016
    10. Transfan2
      Not a hoarder or anything like that here folks
    11. BB Shockwave
      BB Shockwave
      Thanks! Not that well, having had a bad case of indigestion all week. Still, gonna pick up UW Computron at the post today, to lighten my mood. ;) Have a nice weekend!
    12. BB Shockwave
      BB Shockwave
      Howdy! You must be a mindreader, I just thought about you as I was rearranging my old emails. How are things? ;)
    13. seanimus
      Hey there guys I hope somebody can help me. Im looking for parts for my transformers revenge of the fallen optimus prime all I need is the feet please someone help
    14. BadflipKC
      That's good to hear, you're doing well. You're right, sdcc is extremely crowed, it's had to navigate the floor, I usually have to go out into the lobbyear pretty often to get some space. I like having a table there so I can get out of the way of the masses.

      The weather is hot. Since the beginning of June it's been 100 degrees at least, more often than not.

      Have a good weekend!
    15. BadflipKC
      Hey Tony, how are you!? Been busy trying to get all these Revolution covers done on time, getting ready for San Diego next week...
    16. Timesynch
      Moshi moshi
    17. BadflipKC
      Hi Tony! Did you escape BotCon without getting sick? Just about everyone I knew ended up coming down with something, I still have a little bit of a cough. Now I'm on the road again, doing a bot show in San Antonio this weekend, should be fu! Hope you're well, talk soon!
    18. DoubleClouder
      Oh one other question, did the LD Brave Maximus have a black version of the same instructions as retail release or were they copies of the original Fort Max instrucions (ie with Cog, guns etc)?
    19. DoubleClouder
      Thanks, any help would be great! I appreciate it.
    20. DoubleClouder
      Hey TF2,

      I was wondering if you could do me a favor. Could you take a pic of the Lucky Draw Gasket (upper part of Cog) with no arms attached. I recently picked up a LD Brave Max, but it's missing Gasket (got his arms) and I want to send a pic asking if they had it.

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