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    Hello gentlemen. It's been a long time since I've posted in the forums, but a lot has happened since then and now I'm in real need for money. I have good feed back here, if the thread can still be found it's so old. There are some older members that can vouch for me though. I have for sell a couple of items, more maybe coming soon.

    MP Starscream: US version, only modifications done were cleaning the nose cone and the ugly jetblast markings to make it look like the JP release. All accessories Asking $70.00

    Bandi Re-Issue Valkyrie: Bought it from a member here who was trying to paint it like Jetfire. I have cleaned it up, the yellow couldn't be saved so I went with red. The eyes are red instead of green. It has all accessories, including the gun clip and box. This is the yellow chest Valkyrie. I have no idea the designation. Asking $60.00

    Pictures can be sent on request. Both toys are very clean and include everything they came with when bought. Shipping prices will be fair prices. You pay only what it costs to ship. You tell me the method you prefer and I will get you the rate:)  I accept Pay-Pal and postal money order.

    I'm sorry but due to past complications I can not do overseas shipping. All orders will be U.S. only.