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zaps bst list

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by zap dragon, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. zap dragon

    zap dragon Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2004
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    pm me
    updated april 6th

    For sale /trade items

    new items

    thrust mib $80

    Blurr complete includes tech and manual $40
    C-318 mach tackle misb box is C6.5-C7 $50
    grapple g1 original complete with tech but has 2 right fist $25

    rodimus prime original complete
    also have repo black spoiler
    $40 with repro black spoiler $30 with out

    Wreckgar complete minus axe $40
    Apeface mising shield and gun $45
    Blitzing complete minus 1 missle $40

    Action Masters
    Starscream complete $40
    Snarl with gun $10
    Rad complete $15
    Skyfall complete $15
    Jazz with gun $10
    Starscream with missle $10
    Infreno bot only $6
    Over-run bot only $6
    Jackpot bot only $6
    Threadshot with gun $10

    Tranformer paperwork

    japanese C-328 victory saber original instructions $30
    japanese C-327 victory leo original instructions $30
    or both for $45

    japanese D-70 cyclonus original bio card $20
    japanese C-126 getsuei original bio card $10
    japanese D-66 vortex original instructions $10
    japanese D-80 ripper snapper instruction s $10
    japanese D-81 sinner twin original bio card and instructions $20
    japanese C-82 kup/ chear original bio card and instructions $20
    japanese D-316 scalor/ galph original bio card $15
    japanese C-305 joyride/ ranger original bio card $15
    japanese C-131 raiden giftset instructions have tape $10
    japanese C-131 raiden giftset instructions mint $30

    Amercian unused cyclonus sticker sheet $12

    Diaclone lancia/wheeljack box gigi version near mint $45

    Reissue TFC sound wave instructions and bio card $5

    Recsue force - liokiser backer cards 4X $5 each

    Reissue sticker sheet for omega supreme $12

    US chromedome paper work sealed in bag (stickers ,instructions,booklet) $15

    Canadan iguanas paper work sealed in bag (stickers ,instructions,booklet) $15

    Canadan groundshaker paper work sealed in bag (stickers ,instructions,booklet) $15

    Amercian instructions
    Jetfire $10
    Reflector $15
    Triggerhappy $10
    Barrage $5
    Venom $5
    Chop chop $5
    Octane $6
    Broadside $6
    Trailbraker $5
    Sunstreaker $5
    Hound $5
    Blue streak $5
    Blurr $5
    Percptor $5
    Smokscreen $5
    Omega supreme $15
    Motor master $5
    Ultra magnus $5
    Hot spot $5
    Silver bolt $5
    Quick switch $15
    Onslaught $5
    Blitzwing $5
    Ironhide $5
    Ratchet $5
    Autobot clones $5
    Flywheels and Battletrap $5

    US 85 catolog 6X $3 each
    US 86 catolog 6X $3 each

    Japanese 91 return of convoy catolog $5
    Japanese 91 order form $5
    Japanese 87 battle beast catolog $5
    Japanese 88 catolog $5
    Japanese 87 autobot / decpticon symbol catolog $5
    Japanese 87 fort max cover catolog 2X $5
    Japanese 86 catolog 2X $5
    Japanese 85 catolog $5
    Japanese 92 tf 01-09 catolog $5

    pm me with trades list
    Wants/my needs

    Hellbat for lio kaiser Japanese bot, box and insert
    Leo Zack for lio kaiser Japanese box and insert
    C-127 Suiken green train mib
    Grove mosc classics version/ gold card

    Need these backer cards

    thanx zap
  2. zap dragon

    zap dragon Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2004
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    repided to pms