Illustrations/Digital Models: Z.U.D.O.N's Eye Glow Tutorial for Photoshop CS2 and Up Users

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    Hi again. This time I'm giving an Eye Glow tutorial. [It may not be] the best way to do it, but [it's] the easiest and the only one I know of.

    NOTE: This tutorial is not applicable for Photoshop versions earlier than CS2. So, sorry about that...


    STEP 1

    As usual, get a picture ready and open it in Photoshop. My assistant this time is Tengu. :) 


    STEP 2

    Now, Zoom the picture till you have the face covering most or the whole of your picture. This makes things easier.

    (Press Z to use it. Now, click on a region on your photo to zoom into that place. You might need to click a few times.. There's a faster way to zoom, and it's also using this tool. I'll let you figure it out!)

    Create a new layer. (Go to your LAYERS palette; at the bottom, 2nd button from right)


    Please don't be confused. The New Layer is Layer 2 in the picture. I accidentally made another new layer, i.e. Layer 1. For the next few steps, I'll be referring to Layer 2, not Layer 1.

    STEP 3

    Using the Pen Tool (Press P) and outline the eyes of the character. If you know how to curve the lines, then all the better!


    The eye on your left is an example of the "curve" I'm talking about. The eye on your right is only outlined using straight lines..

    STEP 4

    After you've finished outlining the eyes, right-click and select Make Selection....


    Set the feather radius to 0 pixels. Then click Ok.


    STEP 5

    Now there's a marquee surrounding the eyes. Next, Right click and select Fill.


    Now, there's a box next to the word 'Use:'. Click that, and select Color....


    Tengu's eyes are green, so I'll select green. You know the color of your character's eyes, so you choose the correct color!


    Next, click Ok till both boxes disappear.

    STEP 6


    Voila! First part of the job done. Now, click anywhere to remove the marquee, then label this layer. I've labeled it as "Eye". Then Zoom out a little bit.


    Why zoom out? So you can see from far how the next effect will look like.

    Okay, copy the "Eye" layer, and go to Filter --> Blur --> Shape Blur.


    A box will appear. Select an image that looks like an explosion and labeled Starburst. Set the pixel radius to 20. Then Click Ok.


    STEP 7


    Second part done! Nice, isn't it? Now, the eye glow isn't very striking, so what you can do is copy the "Eye copy" layer to add more glow to it!



    Zoom out till you can see the whole photo so you can see how well the glow looks. And if the 2nd glow is too striking, you can adjust the opacity of the three layers to suit your liking.

    That's the Eye Glow Tutorial. Hope it helps!

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