Your Top Ten 3rd party 2016 List

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    Alright, i already see some starting to post on facebook, but i dont think we have it here, at least not dedicated to 3rd party. So share your top ten, in order, 3rd party 2016 figures. Only things you have owned pls. If you dont have 10, that is fine, just give the ones (or one) you have. This is your time to shine. The ooint is not which one was your favorite toy, but your list of toys you really loved in 2016

    Favorites of 2016:

    1) FT Soar X Red
    2) FT Stomp X
    3) FT Willis
    So my top three is pretty much fixed for 2016, it is among those 3. But the below, well, it is much harder and changes day to day, and can be all across the board:

    4) Iron Factory Pink Assassin Arcee (my current favorite legends figure)
    5) MMC Feral and Nero Queen (nice surprise release)
    6) Master Made Apollo
    7) FT Mercenary
    8) MT Striker Manus
    9) Carbot V Exclusive Alicon (this legends figure is actually more advanced than many of the Iron Factory figures i own, has really nice articulation and real feel of transformation)
    10) Clear Exclusive MT Trashtalk

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    01. MMC Carnifex
    02. Master Made Apollo
    03. Fans Toys Stomp
    04. Iron Factory Lord Scorpion
    05. Wei Jiang M01 Commander (KO OS Evasion Mode Optimus)
    06. Maketoys Pandinus
    07. Iron Factory Pink Assassin
    08. DX9 Hulkie
    09. Unique Toys Buzzing
    10. Fans Toys Mercenary
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    This is tough, lots of good figures this year added to the collection. I'm sure I'll forget a few that dropped early in the year.
    1. MMC Seraphicus Prominon in fully armored mode
    2. YesModel YM-01 Skywarp & YesModel YM-02 Thundercracker
    3. Toyworld Constructor (Devastator)
    4. MakeToys Despotron (Megatron)
    5. MMC Carnifex (Overlord)
    6. Iron Factory EX18 Lord Scorpion (Scorponok)
    7. MMC Jaguar (Ravage)
    8. Generation Toy GT-4 J4ZZ (Jazz)
    9. Iron Factory EX06-EX10 Asura Knights (Dinobots) or Iron Factory EX17 Norimune & Muramasa (Drift and Deadlock)
    10. MMC Sphinx Chicago and Toronto semi-clear versions (Mirage)
    11. MakeToys Gundog 2N version (apparently this came out in 2015 but I just got it and it's everything I'd hoped for in an MP Hound so it gets honorable mention)
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