Your top 5 transformers of 2022.

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  1. Swoop Dogg

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    5. SS86 Ironhide - I fiddle the most with this figure (out of any from this year)
    4. Holiday Prime - a pleasant surprise - hopefully they continue to do a holiday figure every year
    3. Vicory Saber - never was into the character but the final Haslab product makes me glad that I got him
    2. MPM-13 Blackout - brings back the fond memories of seeing the 2007 movie, soooo close to being #1 on this list
    1. Legacy Jiahxus - I never knew that I needed this toy, VERY LITTLE HOLLOWNESS, feels fresh and original
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  2. volatus

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    Mar 10, 2021
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    The Woods
    In no particular order,

    HasLab Commander Victory Saber

    Legacy Voyager BW Inferno

    Selects Titan Black Zarak

    Legacy Deluxe BW Tarantulas

    Kingdom\Legacy Voyager Blaster
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  3. Ikkstakk

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    Mar 23, 2010
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    1. Legacy Selects Black Zarak. Given the evidently limited interest in Takara's Grand Maximus (less than 3000 produced), Black Zarak was the one Masterforce character I was sure we'd never get. So when he was announced, early in 2021, I preordered immediately. When he finally arrived early in 2022, he claimed my #1 Figure of the Year spot right off the bat and I knew it would be tough for any other figure to knock him out.
    2. Haslab Victory Saber. Having just arrived right before the holiday madness, I really haven't had much time to dive into this one yet, but I can tell he's quality.
    3. Shattered Glass Slicer. What can I say? It's a Wheeljack redeco paired with a Fasttrack redeco, on paper the most boring of releases, but this is so much more than the sum of its parts. The most fun figure I bought all year.
    4. MP-53+ Senatorcrosscut. Ridiculous name aside, the MP Honda City is on its third deco and I'm not done with it yet. Certainly the prettiest figure on the list. I don't doubt Diaburnout will claim a spot in 2023's Top 5.
    5. Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus. For now, it's still earning a spot on the list mainly for the alternate Delta Magnus head. With rumors of a SS86 Ultra Magnus coming, this release could end up looking really superfluous, but for now, he hangs on.
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  4. sikkusushotto

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    Apr 14, 2021
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    I'm going to stick to only figures released in 2022, of which I bought 9.

    In 5th place: Premium Finish Starscream. Takes an already excellent mold and adds paint, correct Decepticon symbols and fixes the chest issue.

    In 4th place: HasLab Victory Saber. Just a few steps away from truly great due to questionable design decisions and awful QC.

    In 3rd place: MPG-02 Getsuei. Beautiful and exquisitely detailed in all modes but a few nitpicks keep this from ranking higher.

    In 2nd place: Legacy Jhiaxus. I was initially skeptical due to the vehicle mode but I've even grown to like it. The robot mode is fantastic.

    In 1st place: MPG-01 Shouki. Having this in hand feels like a collecting hole I didn't even know was empty has been filled. Clever design and transformation. Wonderful joints. Just a joy to hold and manipulate.
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