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    Something I was thinking about a few moments ago; How would I handle the Transformers films? What kind of plot would I have the film revolve around? What Transformers would feature in the film? So, then I thought, why not share my ideas, and let others share their ideas as well, if they have any. So, let's have a bit of fun with it.

    Here's a bit of a basic premise for you. Give us a brief outline of the plot for your film, and tell us what Transformers you would have feature in your film. Optional things are; an outline of what each character is like; the person who would voice each character; and what each character would transform into. Also, lets just go on the basis that, for the moment, you've only been guaranteed one film.

    Right so. Here's my idea...


    The Transformers have been fighting a civil war for centuries, which has resulted in them being exiled from their home world. Megatron has taken control of the Decepticons, preaching that he will revive and rebuild Cybertron, no matter what. However, few know that he plans to rule Cybertron with an iron fist as soon as he does, and conquer the universe. The Decepticons arrive in Earth's atmosphere, with plans to use an alien drill to remove all of the Energy from Earth's core, and send it to Cybertron's via Space-Bridge. The Autobots follow shortly behind, and must stop the Decepticons and destroy the drill in order to save Humanity.



    - Optimus Prime; Transforms into a Peterbilt 389. Self-assigned leader of the Autobots, after the death of Sentinel Prime and loss of the Matrix of Leadership. Not a lot of experience in leadership, but will happily sacrifice himself for his friends and humanity. (Peter Cullen)

    - Ratchet; Transforms into a Ford E350 Ambulance. Most well renowned medic on Cybertron. Will give his all for others, and to make sure they stay alive. Though he isn't the first to jump into a fight, he will always make sure he is one of the last to leave it. (Fred Tatasciore)

    - Hound; Transforms into a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. Hound has grown to love Earth in his short time here, and will do his best to make sure no human is harmed because of the Cybertronian war. However, this is his greatest flaw, as even a single human death can effect his performance in battle. (Patrick Seitz)

    - Wheeljack; Transforms into a Mercedes C Class. Somewhat of a nut job, but a nice guy all around. He takes a great interest in human culture and science. He attempts to invent devices that could aid the Autobots in their battles, but due to his poor supply of materials, many of them fail to work when needed. (Simon Pegg)

    - Hot Shot; Transforms into a Chevrolet Volt. An energetic, young Autobot who has very little experience in battle. However, he is determined to gain that experience and make his superiors proud. He also enjoys human youth culture, such as cartoons and video games. (Neil Patrick Harris)

    - Chromia; Transforms into a Kawasaki Ninja 250r. Spunky, young female Autobot. Enjoys the heat of the battle, and sees it as nothing more than a sport. However, deep down, she really cares for her fellow Autobots, as well as the humans of Earth. (Susan Blu)


    - Megatron; Transforms into a Grey M1A1 Abrams Tank. Self-proclaimed saviour of Cybertron. He believes that he is chosen to rebuild and rule over Cybertron, at any expense. However, many do not know of how Megatron intends to rule Cybertron, and what he plans to do with Earth. (Frank Welker)

    - Starscream; Transformers into a Saab Jas 39 Gripen VS Eurofighter. Though he remains loyal to the Decepticon army, Starscream was never fond of Megatron's means of leading the Decepticons. However, he agrees with his ideals more so than the Autobots', and thus continues to fight under Megatron's command. (Sam Riegel)

    - Soundwave; Transforms into a Boeing X-48B. Megatron's most loyal subject. He's in charge of the Decepticons' communication channels and information gathering. Any word spoken by any Decepticon, Soundwave has heard it. He is capable of surviving great amounts, so much so as to survive only as a cranial unit. (Frank Welker)

    - Onslaught; Transformers into a USMC LAV-25 assault vehicle. The Decepticon's Chief Tactician. The individual who recommended that Earth be the planet from which to harvest energy to rebuild Cybertron. Often becomes aggravated when his plans don't go as he wanted. (Travis Willingham)

    - Vortex; Transforms into an Apache Helicopter. Acts as the Decepticons' interrogator. He uses his calm voice and varies limbs and tools to pluck information out of Autobot prisoners. On the battle field, he is quick and ruthless, and won't hesitate to fire through his fellow Decepticons to hit an Autobot or two. He also acts as the Decepticon medic. (Steve Blum)

    - Wildrider; Transforms into a Ford Mustang. A fighting enthusiast, Wildrider takes great pleasure in being out on the battlefield. When he isn't shooting at Autobots, he can often be quite aggressive towards his fellow Decepticons, and is often prone to injuring his allies. (Crispin Freeman)

    - Demolishor; Transforms into an SR31 Mobile Missile Launcher. An easily angered Decepticon, Demolishor is the Decepticons' first soldier to head into an assault, due to a large array of weaponry at his disposal. (Adam Baldwin)

    - Cyclonus; Transforms into an F35 Fighter Jet. An experienced fighter who rarely speaks, unless spoken to. His skills are in melee fighting, particularly with swords. However, that's not to say that he's afraid to pick up a gun and fight from afar every now and then. His loyalty to the Decepticon cause is often questionable. (Tony Todd)
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    My reboot

    For my version, I'll take inspiration from G1, the live-action movies and other cool Transformer sources.
    I would create new characters, but not sterotypes..........

    My plot:
    Years of civil war have ravaged the planet of Cybertron. The planet no longer can sustain itself due to the devasting effect of the war, so Megatron and a group of Decepticons leave their planet in search for a source that will restore Cybertron but change the planet to his view.

    Years later, during the final days of Cybertron. Starscream also pursues the same goal as Megatron to find an energy source to restore Cybertron commanding the warship known as the Nemesis to find a suitable destanation for the perfect energy source. Soon, his eyes lay upon the planet of Earth.

    Optimus and a small crew of Autobots follow the Nemesis secretly to prevent the Decepticons from invading another planet in order to stop the Decepticon's real intention of expanding their influence.

    Now I just have to think of my cast of Autobots and Decepticons........
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    while i have no clue in what plot and characters i would include i do know what i would do with my tf rebootedverse

    1. Declare any Tie in Media like prequels comics and Prequel novels as canon to the films
    2. No killing Megatron, Starscream and/or Soundwave until i am ready to get rid of them (like when i am sure i'll end my franchise)
    3. i would add my universe version of NEST
    4. Tie Transformers with many of Ancient Aliens cospirancy 8i LOVE cospirancy plot, thats something i really loved of DOTM, the Apollo 11 Cospirancy)
    5. Starscream would be the same Starscream we all know and love, the one who wants to take over leadership
    6. Starscream would eventaully became the Main Antagonist in a sequel
    7. Some Female Robots and i would make the Female Autobot as the second most Important Autobot
    8. Optimus would till act like his Bayformers-self, like it or not
    9. i would try my best to focus on the robots, but if theres no enough budget for focus on them, then like it or not i would focus on Humans then like in Bayformers
    10. I would keep Bumblebee mute like his Bayformers and Prime counterparts
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    Okay, so here's the basic gist - Professor Isaac Sumdac, a self-made man who teaches science at the University of Michigan, is working on creating advanced robotics. His young daughter, Sari Sumdac, ends up befriending five super robots from outer space: Optimus Prime (David Kaye, turns into a Ford F-150 Raptor), Ratchet (Corey Burton, turns into a beat up Toyota Hiace ambulance), Wheeljack (John DiMaggio, turns into a Plymouth Barracuda), Hot Shot (Johnny Bosch, turns into a Dodge Viper) and Bulkhead (Kevin Michael Richardson, turns into a Hummer HX). The Autobots fight the 'Cons.

    That's about all I got, really.
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    i've got like three reboot ideas... eheh. i'll post one that i haven't done before here.

    the decepticons leave cybertron and are pursued by the autobots. a firefight ensues that ends with the autobots crash-landing on a distant planet and the decepticons landing on earth. the 'cons use lies and slander to make humanity think they are peaceful, kind beings that exiled the autobots from their planet for being war criminals. the truth is revealed when megatron's troops are revealed mining for energy and resources and killing innocent humans. the tables are turned, the decepticons start enslaving humans in (generic big city) when a twinkle in the sky catches everybody's attention. megatron, realizing it's the ark, shoots at, knocking out one of its engines and sending the massive ship crashing directly into poor dirge. optimus busts open the door and boy, is he pissed. he sends red alert, blurr and wheeljack to help out the humans and the rest of the autobots start beating some ass. optimus and megatron have a big showdown... yadda yadda... that's all i've got.


    optimus prime
    red alert

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    A few things I would like without having to get into any plot details.

    A movie where it feels like the Autobots are the only force that can save us. Plenty of other movies where humans can save us from some horrible threat from outer space so the bots need to shine in their own movie.

    Decepticons that would rank right up on the list of great film villains. Sure they aren't going to win because this is an American film, but it would be nice to feel like they had a chance at winning. Throw in some personality because villains without personality are just too bland.

    Do like the other films that find just that right mix between the old and the new. Old fans should feel welcome but at the same time it doesn't need to something that new fans couldn't get into quickly.
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    (Sorry its a tad lengthy - inspiration guides me)


    The Autobots and Decepticons flee Cybertron falling through a wormhole in space. The Autobots crash landing in a mountain while the Decepticons crash in the ocean.

    Millions of years later the Autobot ship - now inside a massive cavern is discovered by three young adults/teens (Typical Nerd, Typical Cool guy, Typical shy female) while going spelunking.

    The kids emerge from a lake finding a darkened room with the Ark imbedded in the cave wall. They decide to explore as the 'nerd' films everything -believing it to be important. They cause a rock fall which traps them inside the ship and activates the ships defense mechanisms which power up the Autobots.

    The Autobots are revealed to survive via Energon however they detect Energon in the electrical equipment and reveal that modern day electricity and storms contain minor amounts of energon and that if harnessed properly they may one day be able to return home.

    Meanwhile, in the Nemesis an underwater electrical pipeline is severed during an earthquake triggering the Decepticon ship to spark to life with Megatrons glowing eyes powering up.

    Both sides soon realise that Energon may hold the key to powering up/repairing their ships, winning the war, ensure their own survival and (in large enough quantities) give the user the power enough to destroy a planet.

    First film;
    Autobots/Decepticons crash on Earth. Both sides are awakened. A few Autobots team up with human partners. They both end up awakening. Megatron decides to attack Optimus directly in a fight on a damn which results in the damn being destroyed and both sides retreating. The destruction of the damn causing the rural town to be flooded making Optimus worry if it is right for them to remain on Earth

    Second film;
    After the flooding of the town the human cast have all been moved and are currently in Tokyo checking out the sights on a College/highschool/uni/whatever trip. Meanwhile the Autobots locate the main centers of energon around the world when they realise that Tokyo,Las Vegas, Paris and other places are all built above older 'energon based' reactors built by a military organisation which has known of the Transformers for years as they have a Transforming who they have been experimenting on Shockwave.

    The film ends with a battle in Tokyo. The Tokyo Tower is brought down by the Decepticons and the Autobots save several people from being crushed by it - Autobots are revealed to the world as heroes and are accepted into society by the majority with chat show members suggesting it is their fault being boo'd and hissed by the fans. The Decepticons however have stolen enough energon before retreating - The final shot is of the Nemesis as power turns on and Shockwave joins the command bridge.

    Third film;
    The Nemesis is fully functional and heads off to attack Paris. The Autobots are too slow to react and hear of an attack on Paris - piecing together that the Decepticons now have the Nemesis up and running - believing their next attack to be Las Vegas - the main powerhouse of electricity which they can use to refine into energon.

    The final battle features the death of every Autobot and Decepticon other than Soundwave and Cliff Jumper. Starscream attempts to betray Megatron and is slaughtered his spark and spine being ripped out infront of the Decepticon army. Optimus is mortally wounded by Soundwave, however Optimus manages to fight and defeat Megatron and they both die fighting in an explosion of the reactor which levels most of Las Vegas killing the remaining Decepticons and any Autobots in the blast radius. The Nemesis is also destroyed during the attack.

    Minimum cast, Autobots;
    Optimus Prime
    Cliff Jumper (Introduced in second film)

    Shockwave (Introduced in second film)

    Roles of the human cast would reduce over the stretch of the films. The first film would feature about an hour of the human cast members - discovering the Ark, exploring, being protected by the Autobots. The second film would reduce this to about 30 minutes - mostly just being to provide an emotional link to why the fight in Tokyo could be dangerous. At this point the 'cool guy' character could be killed off. In the third film they are only refrenced and shown briefly as supporting the Autobots. The 'Nerd' character helps organise a military strike and clearout of Las Vegas.
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    What I'd do would mix and match bits and pieces of some of the more recent TF series and comics:

    * As with my previous reboot idea, the plotline is essentially "The Seven Samurai"/"The Magnificent Seven" with "All Hail Megatron" peppered into it: basically, the Decepticons have already conquered Earth, and the human race looks to the Autobots for help. As in 7S/M7, there are seven Autobots total that respond to the call, four of whom die before the first movie ends; and as in 7S, the final battle takes place in a rainstorm.

    * The Autobots' holo-avatars get significant screen time, thus to keep the focus squarely on the robots even when we can't afford the CGI; for this reason, the voice actors also have to be able to act on-screen too, since they'll also be doubling as each robot's holo-avatar. Not only does this mean that Bumblebee will finally friggin' talk, it also means a completely new voice cast from the keel up...that includes Optimus, too.

    * If this is a total reboot we're talking, then Hasbro's Fab Four will be here for it - Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron and Starscream - but past that I'd change up the roster with characters who haven't gotten a lot of screen time in the past few incarnations of the brand, like Hound, Inferno, etc.

    * Female Transformers who actually kick @$$ instead of being treated like cannon-fodder.

    * Cybertron is gone, and there's no more damn ancient Cybertronian MacGuffins conveniently lying around anymore...the Decepticons are here for one of two reasons: either to turn Earth into New Cybertron, or to simply bleed it dry and move on to another planet.

    * A live-action version of MECH or some variation thereof, brought about by anti-robot paranoia.
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    I wouldn't really change anything for the first and second movie except for fixing plot holes and changing the ending of the second movie to be the same as the comic adaptation.

    The third, being the giant load of slag it is i would change a lot. I don't know about plot but i would go with a full scale invasion and have the characters, also weapons would still be intigraded into their bodies. I would have soundwave and shockwave be the ones who made the spacebridge pillars and attempt the same plan. Have the wreckers arrive after the autobots return as wreckers are used for those types of situations. Have mostly autobots killing decepticons, with Bumblebee vs Barricade, Ironhide and Sideswipe vs Starscream and Thundercracker. Ratchet vs Flatline. Wreckers taking out Menasor, Overload, and Sixshot using weapons made by Wheeljack and Perceptor. Humans would be using those powerful weapons they had in the first movie instead of assault rifles. No human vs human fights at all. No unnecesarry romance. No sam (tired of his screaming). Have decepticons get there using comet forms instead of space bridges. Cybertron would not look like a massive beehive. No weird tiger things at the beginning of the movie. No sentinel(he's cool but not useful or this idea if Optimus is the last prime). Actual good fights, not one sided ones like 3. Transformers will still have high durability to human weapons. Lots of examples of scanning vehicles and becoming them. Most awesome Optimus vs Megatron fight ending that lasts for at least 5 minutes.

    -Optimus Prime
    -Wheeljack(not have him look stupid)
    -Mirage (with invisability)
    -Air Raid
    -Ultra Magnus
    -Perceptor (have him as a sniper like in IDW)

    -Megatron: have him fixed up
    -Soundwave: still a satillite
    -Laserbeak (one that does not look like a dinosaur or talk)
    -Stuntacons/Menasor (one made by D. Grinwis) instead of that stupid worm
    -Still have protoform drones
    -Dreadwing Drones
    -Payload Drones
    -Swindle Drones
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    Here's my idea for a Transformers reboot. It mainly takes elements from G1 and the Aligned Continuity.

    After losing in an endless civil war on Cyertron, Optimus Prime and the Autobots decide to escape via space bridge on the Ark, but Megatron and his Decepticons follow them in the Nemesis and both sides get sucked into the closing portal. After crash landing on Earth millions of years ago, the remaining Autobots decide to protect their new home from the Decepticons, led by Starscream, who plan to build a new space bridge and release a full scale army of Terrorcons, robot zombies who were raised from the dead from recently discovered dark energon from Earth. With the help of their new, teenage human companions, Anthony Witwicky, Carly, and Hiro (a Japanese-exchange student), the Autobots must stop the Decepticons from releasing this army and spreading chaos on their new home.



    -Optimus Prime; transforms into a Peterbilt 389. He is the noble leader of the Autobots. He cares deeply for his team and his new human friends, and would give his life to prtoect them.

    -Bumblebee; transforms into a Chevrolet Camaro. He is a decorative war hero. He has a damaged voice box and can only speak in electronic sound effects.

    -Ratchet; transforms into a Hummer Ambulance. He is the Autobots' medic. He is at first apprehensive about the humans being involved in Autobot activity, but soon grows to care for them.

    -Wheeljack; transforms into a Ford Mustang GT. He is a scientist who does more dirty experiments compared to Ratchet. He is a decorative fighter who wields twin-blade katanas.

    -Arcee; transforms into a motorcycle. She is very courageous when it comes to fighting Decepticons.

    -Bulkhead; transforms into a SUV. As a Wrecker, he enjoys smashing Decepticons like they were nothing.
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    Well, Hel. Since we're doing this:

    A group of Decepticons are planting the seeds on various planets that match a certain type (Earth falls into one). A group of 3 Autobots try to interfere, when a meteor hits, knocking all the Cybertronians unconscious. Fast forward to now, and a small group of Autobots locate one of the Decepticons worlds. A young-rebel style group of Autobots investigate, which kickstarts the war on Earth.

    Pre-history Autobots:
    Grimlock - Military strategist. Isn't afraid to make the hard decisions. T-Rex
    Swoop - Aerial specialist. Follow orders type of bot, but bit of a prankster. Pterodon
    Sludge - Ground warfare. Kind-hearted. Helps keep Grimlock grounded when he loses control. Apatosaurus

    Pre-history Decepticon:
    Deluge - Scientific bitch. Always sent in when Shockwave or Jhiaxus decide it's worth investigating but not worth their time. Cybertronian car/military cargo hauler.

    Current Autobots:

    Rodimus - Autobot leader. Hot-headed. Heart's in the right place, but prone to acting first, thinking later. Customized Lamborghini.
    Saber - Second in command. One of the few Autobot fliers. Noble, prefers swords to guns, but isn't afraid to use them. Futuristic/military concept jet
    Kup - Military Advisor. Not as old as his namesake, more or less like Ironhide in G1 was. Transforms into a blue pickup truck with cover.
    Prowl - Logistics. Not quite as by-the book as his comics version, but still quotes rules. Think Spock after he regains his emotions. Willing to quote Optimus. Police car, naturally.
    Elita - Specialist. The quiet ninja role, but not as bad as comic Arcee. Changes form a few times, including a motorcycle and small car. Has ties to Optimus Prime.
    Optimus Prime (End) - The original. Comes in, whips ass. Cares about all life, and tries to preserve it, even the lives of his enemies.

    Current Decepticons:

    Jhiaxus - Science minister. Cares about nothing but science. Willing to sacrifice anyone or anything for more knowledge. No alt mode shown, but hints at a flight mode.
    Starscream - Aerial specialist. Loyal to Cybertron. Believes in the Decepticon cause, but willing to step up to even Megatron when he believes Cybertron will be damaged.
    Soundwave - Communications Expert. Completely loyal to Megatron. Able to refashion technology into minions. Communication truck.
    Minions - Random technology infected by Soundwave. Completely loyal to him at all costs. Various items.
    Decepticon drones - clones of Starscream. Can include Skywarp, Thundercracker, Sunstorm, and Acid Storm if need be for more Decepticon ranks.
    Megatron - Emperor. Warlord. When he enters the battle, you know it's all but lost. Takes on the form of the strongest military tank in the world (Not sure what it would be at the time).

    Cyclonus - Cybertronian knight. Holds no allegiance to anyone except Cybertron. Becomes friends with Starscream and tries to show him the light. Cybertronian jet.
    Metalhawk - Kind-hearted neutral that ends up trapped on Earth. Kid-friendly character. Doesn't believe in the war, but sides more with the Autobots due to seeing them help the humans. Protected by Cyclonus. Takes various forms through the movie.

    The basic plot of the movie is: Rodimus finds hints of Decepticon activity on Earth and takes his small team to investigate. As they explore, they find Jhiaxus and the others are using the Earth to help the Decepticons. Metalhawk is discovered by a group of teens, and decides to stick around and learn from them, which leads him into random trouble. The Decepticons and Autobots fight, during which Cyclonus has to step in to protect Metalhawk, before disappearing again. In the end, Rodimus beckons Prowl to call for Optimus, which is intercepted and stopped by Soundwave. Just before Megatron destroys the Autobots, Optimus comes in and restores the Autobots, activating the Dinobots as well. Metalhawk sympathises with the Autobots, but refuses to join, choosing to remain neutral, while Cyclonus watches on, hinting that maybe Metalhawk is more than he thinks.
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    -Optimus Prime (Cullen, obviously)
    -Ultra Magnus (Robert Stack, if he would cooperate and stop being dead)
    -Springer (NEIL ROSS!)
    -Powerglide (Tom Cruise [just kidding!])
    -The Aerialbots
    -Arcee (Susan Blu)
    -Ironhide (or Bulkhead - he is a cool character in Prime)
    -Wheeljack (and don't give me that "Que" crap!)
    -Hot Rod
    -Kup (Lionel Stander [again, if he wasn't dead])
    -Wheelie (just like he was in the 1986 movie - but kill him off ASAP)

    -Megatron/Galvatron (Hugo Weaving did a good job, but I am still partial to Frank Welker)
    -Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, etc.
    -The Combaticons
    -Soundwave (Frank Welker, duh)
    -Tidal Wave
    -The Constructicons
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    Not entirely sure on voices for characters... however lets just do the following;

    (Time 0 minutes)
    Set in present day. Jack is a young college student who is organising a camping trip near Mount St. Hilary. Carly is sceptic as she has heard the weather may be worse. But eventually Carly, Jack and Jack's friend Ryan (A college drop out) decide to go there.

    (Time 5 minutes)
    Arriving at a desolate forest they set up camp and (Due to the insistence of Ryan) decide to go explore a cave they spotted on the mountain. As the weather gets worse they are forced inside the cave where Jack (Left alone with Carly while Ryan is scouting ahead) decides to start talking about his feelings for her - however he is bad at expressing himself.

    However, they hear Ryan call out as the cave floor beneath him (Wet with rain) falls away - causing Ryan to fall down into a cave. Carly and Jack head down after him - discovering he has twisted his leg.

    Jack tells Carly to stay with Ryan and gives Ryan his phone to call for an ambulance. Ryan decides to further explore the cave - discovering something. He calls Carly who (After telling Ryan she'll be right back) comes to Jack as the two look at a massive cavern with the remnants of 'The Ark' inside.

    (Time 15 minutes)
    Carly and Jack decide to look inside believing it to be a Nuclear bunker - which they theories might have some form of medical aid for Ryan inside. Upon searching around they discover the control room - a massive area with the bodies of Optimus in the command chair with Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Ratchet around him. Jack notices that their seems to be a 'slot for something' on the console of the ship.

    (Time 20 minutes)
    Carly believes they should leave and a reluctant Jack agrees - realising whatever the place is - it wont be of help to Ryan. Flash forward to a view from a helicopter ambulance as Jack and Carly come out the cave helping our Ryan.

    (Time 26 minutes)
    That night, Carly calls Jack asking what they should do, they decide to meet tomorrow and she tells him that he is the best friend she has ever had - leaving Jack to sleep worrying about whether she thinks of him as anything more than a friend.

    (Time 30 minutes)
    Jack and Carly meet-up and Carly reveals that Ryan will in hospitalised for a while. They go back to the mountain and meet a superstitious observatory operator (Providing comedy relief) as they try to ask him about odd goings on. They eventually convince him they can be trusted and he brings them an object that he found when he was a boy near the mountains - an 'Omega Key'

    Jack decides to tell him about what they found and let him see it if they can 'borrow' the object (Omega Key) He agrees.

    (Time 40 minutes)
    The observatory operator's reaction mirrors that of a 'child on Christmas day' as he sees the 'Ark' and instantly believes it to be alien - stating that 'he wouldn't tell anyone else as its his proof, not theirs'

    Jack goes inside the control room and slots in the Omega Key - powering up the ship - and bringing the Autobots online. Carly and Jack originally hide however reveal themselves after Bumblebee states that he "Hears something squealing' (Referring to the observatory operator outside still 'fan girl'ing' over the 'Ark')

    (Time 45 minutes)
    Carly and Jack explain everything that has happened and Optimus explains about the war - insert flashback + introductions to Bumblebee, Ratchet, Mirage and Sideswipe;

    Long ago the Transformers lived in harmony - however over time they divided into two factions. In order to safeguard the survival of their planet they divided the four 'Omega keys' (One to the Decepticons, one to the Autobots and two to remain at the 'Omega Lock') However, a Decepticon warrior - Megatron - believed that his faction deserved more and launched a daring attack to capture the other 'Omega keys' (Which when brought together have the power to create or destroy all forms of life)

    Despite the efforts of the Autobots the Decepticons managed to steal a second 'Omega key' and fled off world in the Nemesis. The Autobots decided to use their key to power their own ship - The Ark. However they fought and eventually ended up loosing power, forcing themselves into stasis lock

    Jack brings up the fact that the 'Omega key' was outside the Ark so someone on the ship must have taken it. Optimus comments that its possible that they have a traitor on board due to the 'loss of memory' incurred by a long period of stasis lock. Mirage interrupts pointing out that the Decepticons are their main threat right now.

    (Time 50 minutes)
    The Nemesis is at the bottom of an ocean - despite the bulkheads being weak and groaning under the water pressure Megatron does not feel worried slamming Starscream against the wall complaining about how they have only just come out of stasis lock and blaming Starscream for the crash of the Nemesis.

    Soundwave states about how their has been an 'Omega Key' located and Megatron realises it must be the Autobots. He mobilises and sends Shockwave and Blitzwing to attack.

    The Autobots count the attack and defeat Blitzwing - causing him to crash into the mountain side causing a small forest fire which the Autobots have to stop - revealing themselves to those who live near the mountain and to a new copter.

    (Time 75 minutes)
    Realising they are not safe, the Autobots go on the run bringing the Omega Key with them. Meanwhile Ratchet expresses new talents by tracking the movements of the Decepticon Shockwave - however when they follow they find they were led into a trap.

    (Time 80 minutes)
    They are ambushed by Shockwave and Starscream. Shockwave almost shoots Sideswipe during the fight however retargets his aim and shoots Bumblebee - hitting him back. The Autobots manage to fight them and rely on Shockwave's bad aim - allowing them to get Shockwave to accidentally take one of Starscreams wings off, removing his ability to fly (forcing him to retreat) while Shockwave also retreat when realising the Autobots are at a tactic advantage stating to Starscream "At the current circumstances, Retreat is logical"

    Meanwhile Carly and Jack attempt to call home after seeing a new bulletin out about an attack on Mount St. Hilary - via Soundwave and Megatron.

    Carly cant get in touch with her family while Jack remembers that his are on a weekend vacation. Their is a touching scene of Jack trying to comfort Carly before Carly finally gets a reply on her phone - stating that they are safe and that Mount St. Hilary. has been evacuated encase of further attacks.

    (Time 90 minutes)
    After the fight the group settle down at a local motel with the Autobots parked around in vehicle form. Carly talks with Jack saying how worried she is and Jack says he cares a lot about her and wont let anything happen to her. Carly smiles and says she cares a lot about him too, kissing him (proving that she feels something for him too)

    Sideswipe spots Mirage driving away from the group and decides to follow. Mirage states how he's worried that they are not good enough and that this talk of a traitor is starting to make him worry. Sideswipe starts to convince him but the conversation suddenly takes a darker tone as Mirage brings up an event during the war then suddenly pins Sideswipe after his response. Mirage reveals that the real Sideswipe could have never known and that Sideswipe has been the traitor all along. Sideswipe's robot mode flickers and grows spikes revealing him to be a Decepticon 'Sideways'

    'Sideways' gloats that he was going to kill Mirage and state that it was 'self defence' and that Mirage was the traitor.

    Mirage and 'Sideways' fight - both using their alt modes and swords as weapons. During the fight 'Mirage' attempts to go invisible however Sideways slices off part of his armour - which makes him unable to fully disguise himself. Mirage wins the fight - slicing Sideways in half. As Sideways dies he states its 'too late, they know you are here'

    As Mirage speeds away a dying 'Sideways' smirks as his hand unfurls revealing the Autobots 'Omega Key'

    (Time 100 minutes)
    Mirage races back to the group and tries to warn them of the Decepticons incoming attack however Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave arrive along with Thunder Cracker and Skywarp (Referred to as 'Starscreams seekers)

    The final battle takes place around the motel with the humans literally caught in the middle. (A total of 20 human members in the hotel - not including Carly and Jack)

    Jack helps Carly escape however they find the Omega Key and decide to drive it as far away as possible encase the Autobots lose. Thundercracker gives chase however they drive through the bottom floor of the motel - chased by Thundercracker in robot mode who is trapped by the falling motel before being ripped apart by Ratchet and Bumblebee.

    Mirage battles Skywarp and Starscream while Optimus battles Megatron. Soundwave chases after Carly and Jack's car.Jack pulls off quickly to let Carly get out the car and then turns the car around to face off against Soundwave (Who is in robot mode advancing forward)

    Jack drives the car forward into Soundwave pushing him back into the smouldering wreckage of the motel and the corpse of Thundercracker. For a second, things go calm and then Soundwave erupts from the wreckage slicing the car in half as it is flipped in mid air. Mirage manages to save him from falling to his death however Soundwave grabs the Omega key. Starscream notices this and orders a tactical retreat. The surviving Decepticons flee.

    (Time 140 minutes)
    Carly visits Jack in hospital for the wounds he suffered during the final battle. Jack states it could have been worse and the two kiss. Outside the Autobots; Mirage and Ratchet and in vehicle mode.

    (Optimus narrates over this as we see different scenes)
    "While we must never surrender, our loses define us as much as our victories..."
    A scene showing the wreckage after the battle is shown
    "For the war shall never be over until both sides decide it is..."
    A scene showing the US military talking about the impact of the alien robots
    "And for the Autobots we shall never stop fighting..."
    A scene of the observatory operator being interviewed with him denying that robots exist - claiming it all to be a hoax - whilst smirking widely
    "For Cybertron and for our new home Earth"
    -cut to black-

    We see a shot of the ocean as an aircraft carrier moves through it - the words 'Tidal Wave' written on the side where the company name should be. A jet lands and transforms into Starscream who walks up to Megatron standing at the front. "Our victory was not without its sacrifices" Starscream states - Megatron growls in response. Starscream hesitates and then proceeds to hand Megatron the 'Omega Key' they got from the Autobots.

    Megatron smiles as he places it with his other two. "Any word from Shockwave?" he asks. Starscream projects a hologram from an attachment on his arm - revealing a feed to cybertron - as Shockwave reports that the search is 'on-going' for the final 'Omega key'

    -dramatic music plays, followed by credits-
    (Time 160 minutes)

    Main human Cast;
    • College Boy (Jack) (Cant think of anyone)
    • College Girl (Carly); (Cant think of anyone)
    • College Boy's friend (Ryan); Alex Pettyfer
    • Superstitious observatory operator; Hugh Laurie

    Autobot cast;
    • Optimus
    • Bumblebee
    • Ratchet
    • Mirage
    • Sideswipe

    Decepticon cast;
    • Megatron
    • Starscream
    • Thundercracker
    • Skywarp
    • Soundwave
    • Shockwave
    • Tidal Wave (Vehicle mode and referenced only)
    • Blitzwing
    • Sideways

    Object of their desire;
    Omega Keys;
    • Their are four Omega Keys
    • They were split originally like the following;
      • Decepticons had 1
      • Autobots had 1
      • Omega lock contained 2
    • The collection of all four keys would grant the user control over life and death of the Cybertronian race. It would also give the user the ability to therefrom Cybertron in their own image - along with any Transformers who are still planet bound.

    • Shockwave is absent from the final battle as a possible sequel would reveal he was sent to Cybertron to search for the fourth and final 'Omega Key'
    • The Autobot cast is small - allowing for extra time to develop the characters of the Autobots before revealing the traitor.
    • The ending of the movie would be designed to hint at a continuity - even if not in movie form.
    • If a sequel was granted then it would feature a few scenes on Cybertron and move further away from the humans story - becoming more interstellar in scale - with Earth becoming more involved in the Transformers war.
    • The length of the movie would be 160 minutes with most of the movie avoiding focussing on the Transformers due to budget restraints - which is also why they would not appear till around 40 minutes in - not counting their cameo appearances on the 'Ark' beforehand.
    • There would be four Transformers battles in this film;
      • Battle at Mount St. Hilary (Short battle with Shockwave and Blitzwing)
      • Attack on Mount St. Hilary (Megatron and Soundwave attacking the town near Mount St. Hilary to draw the Autobots out)
      • Fighting the traitor (Battle between Mirage and Sideswipe - portrayed as if they were samurai brothers)
      • The Motel battle (Massive battle lasting a total of 40 minutes following the individual battles between Optimus vs. Megatron, Mirage vs. Skywarp + Starscream, Carly and Jack vs. Thundercracker, Carly and Jack vs. Soundwave)
    • Ryan was never intended to be around for more than the first camping scene. His character should be the 'clumsy sidekick' who is only going along to try to help set up Carly and Jack.

    I do not mind constructive criticism - I see flaws with my writing myself at this stage, however I think a few may find this an enjoyable read none the less.
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    This is... disturbingly detailed. Have you had this lying around for years?

    VILLALOBBOS New Member

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    Call me old fashion, but I would like to see a remake of the 1986 transformers movie.
    keep it as it is but add the deleted sketch scenes to extend the movie longer by 30 mins. for example
    theres red alert jumping out of magnus convoy and getting stomp by devastator, more scenes prior to the optimus vs megatron fight, extended scene of metroplex transformings. and well add a little bit more of the other autobots getting destroyed. I guarantee this would sell quite well
  16. BCap

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    OH MY GOD YES! And definitely have all the 'Cons piling on top of Prime, only for him to toss them all away with one fell swoop! Also, we really need to find out if Wheeljack really was killed (I'm of the opinion that he was only knocked out, as he didn't turn grey [like Prime or Starscream], and he wasn't blown to bits [like Magnus]).
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    Millions of years ago, on the other side of the Milky Way, there was the planet Cybertron. Life on Cybertron wasn't life as we know it, rather, it was complex mechanical life- The TRANSFORMERS. They were granted life by the Creation Matrix. Perhaps before the Transformers, there were organics, who evolved into machines, and designed the Matrix to create life in a non-biological way, some God-like being constructed it to breathe life into his surroundings, or it was created by naturally occurring gears, levers and pulleys, it is unknown. But one thing is known.
    The Transformers are killing each other.
    There is a brutal war between the heroic Autobots, and the tyrannical Dececticons, who believe in technological supremacy. The Decepticons, led by Megatron, would use the Matrix to transform other worlds into new Cybertrons, conquering planet after planet, solar system after solar system, until the galaxy was his. But the Autobots hold the Matrix. The Autobots are holed up in their capital, Iacon. Their leader, Optimus Prime, preposes a plan; Launch a vessel, the Ark, to an uncharted planet and hide the Matrix. The launch goes off successfully, but then the Decepticons attack the Ark as it activates the Transwarp drive, which space bridges both ships to an unknown system. As the Decepticons board the Ark, Optimus sets a crash course with a nearby planet. A battle goes on in the bridge, and the ship moves the ones in the bridge into the crash vault. They crash into a volcano, and the ones in the vault go into stasis.
    Four million years later, in modern day Portland Oregon, Buster Witwicky is a normal high schooler, with a girlfriend, Jesse Wasntgivenalastnameinthecomics. This is NOT them getting together. We just jump right in. Through a conversation taking place at their school, we learn that they plan to go to the drive-in having a special screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark that night.
    Meanwhile, in the mountain that became of the volcano the Ark crashed in, Mt. St. Hilary, a rock breaks under the Ark's pressure, causing it to slide further in. This reactivates Teletraan-1, the ship's computer, who gets to work on reviving the Transformers in the crash vault. An error causes it to revive both Autobots AND Decepticons, resulting in a standoff. Starscream quietly grabs the Matrix as the Decepticons make their escape. The Autobots send out Bumblebee, their scout, who scans a Volkswagen bug as his new alt-mode. We then get another scene featuring Buster picking up Jesse for their date. Then, at a junkyard, the Decepticons set up a makeshift base of operations, with Megatron making a throne out of destroyed cars. Starscream flies in as an F-22, bringing scans of alternate modes for the others. Megatron takes the Matrix from him, and gives it to Soundwave to begin it's reprogramming. Soundwave has detected Bumblebee nearby, and Megatron dispatches Runabout and Runamuck after him. Bumblebee sees them, and, knowing he's low on Energon, ducks into the drive-in to avoid a fight as the movie starts. They pull in, and search for him. The two, being the Beavis and Butthead of Transformers, shift into robot mode to look for the scout better. Jesse takes a picture, and Runabout sees her, and recipricates. He lifts his cannon to blow her away, when Bumblebee transforms and breifly grapples with the two. The Decepticons keep after the human couple despite the scout's efforts. Bumblebee transforms, and the two get inside. The mismatched trio drive away. Bumblebee requires repairs. Thinking aloud, he considers contacting Ratchet, their medic, about the injuries he's sustained, but realizes the larger Autobot will have a harder time with stealth. He asks the humans if they know someone who can supply basic repairs, and Buster takes them to his father Sparkplug, who's closing up shop as they appear. Bumblebee tells Sparkplug he's dying, and that he needs help. Despite not understanding, Sparkplug does so.
    Bumblebee's repairs take all night. The Decepticon duo return to Megatron, who reprimands them when they reveal they were photographed by a human. He dispatches Skywarp and Thundercracker with the smaller bots Rumble, Ravage and Laserbeak to attack them. Soundwave cracks the Matrix's code, and is extracting Energon from it. In the morning, Bumblebee (painfully) transforms, and tells them about the Decepticons, who are going to come after the humans. They question how, and Bumblebee tells them that the Decepticons have their picture too, and says they can match to any social networking pictures they have to it. That it's only a matter of time. The jets show up, and drop the smaller Decepticons, and then turn around and return to the base. The human sized trio transform, and attack the autoshop. Not up for a fight, Bumblebee gets the humans inside him and drives off. The miniature Cons try to follow, but police show up, resulting in a minor action beat as they fight and Bumblebee makes his escape. Blah blah blah, Ratchet recovers the Transwarp drive in hopes of Space Bridging back to Cybertron, and Optimus worries about Bumblebee taking overnight. He considers sending out Ironhide to search for their MIA comrade, but Prowl reminds him of their energy crisis, and that they have to make what remains last. Thundercracker is doubting the cause, and Soundwave tells the others that the Nemesis, by his calculations, is in the deep Pacific, unreachable. Bumblebee returns to the Ark with the three humans. Although Optimus, Ironhide and Ratchet are ecstatic, Prowl is not. He reminds them of protocol, that contact is not to be made with civilizations that aren't ready. Bumblebee points out the circumstances, but it makes no difference to Prowl. Optimus begrudgingly says he's right, and tells Ratchet to patch up the damaged scout. Ratchet does so, and compliments Sparkplug's work. Prowl puts Bumblebee and the humans in the brig. Optimus tells him that he can't keep them there. Prowl tells him he knows, but that the humans are safest in the care of the Autobots given what they know. The Decepticons appear, and attack the Ark, drawing the Autobots outside. Laserbeak is sent in, and gets the Transwarp drive. Megatron and Prime fight, and Megatron reaches into Prime's chest and squeezes the opposing leader's Spark. Laserbeak returns, and Megatron leaves his opponent to die as he commands his men to fall back. Ratchet does everything he can to stablize Prime, who's Spark is shrinking rapidly.
    Prowl becomes de facto leader of the Autobots. He releases Bumblebee and the humans, and they plan their next move. He theorises that the Decepticons will begin their cyberforming of other planets here. That they'll go to this planet's capital, and start their dark designs there, by removing the planet's leader. Buster tells them that Earth doesn't have a capital, but America, the country they're in, does. In Washington D.C., Megatron destroys the Lincoln part of the Lincoln Memorial, claiming it as his new throne. Runabout and Runamuck take the White House hostage. Outside the Washington Monument, Soundwave begins hacking the Transwarp drive to open a Space Bridge. The three jets begin circling the city, as Megatron begins the planet's transformation. His chest opens, revealing the Matrix, which glows as he sends an enormous amount of Energon into the ground, and all the technology in the city begins to transform. The three available Autobots, Prowl, Ironhide and Bumblebee, and the humans, make their way there. It's total chaos as people try to escape the city. The three get in, and immediately go to liberate the White House, which results in a very intense firefight, which the Autobots loose, as they hide behind nearby buildings. Optimus Prime appears and blows Runabout apart, as Ratchet holds Runamuck for Ironhide to blow apart. Optimus demands to know why they brought the humans, and Bumblebee tells him that they're part of this now. Optimus nods, but tells Bumblebee that they are his responsibility, and that he must protect them. Bumblebee is sent out to destroy the Transwarp drive, Prowl, Ratchet and Ironhide are to go after the jets, and Prime will deal with Megatron and his machanations. We follow Bumblebee and the humans, with occasional pop ups by the others, Transformers the Ride style, And Megatron goes after them. Personally. Skywarp almost bombs a group of humans, when Thundercracker stops him. They breifly struggle, and Skywarp kills Thundercracker. The three jet-seeking Autobots then get the drop on him, and he's dispatched as well, Starscream, being Starscream, flees. Bumblebee makes it to his target, and breifly struggles with Sounwave, who releases the three mini-Decepticons, who go after the humans. In the struggle, Rumble drops his gun. Buster grabs it, and fires on the drive, destroying it. Megatron attacks, but is stopped by Optimus. The two battle in an epic clash, Which ends when Optimus firing on the Matrix, causing it to send off a massive wave of enrgy, severely damaging Megatron, and Starscream appears, reaching into Megatron's open head casing, and pinches a microchip. He and Soundwave, who didn't see that, escape with the body. After the credits, in the arctic, in the Victory, a Decepticon chip... Lies Shockwave.
    Optimus Prime
    Now you could say that the Robot:Human ratio in that would be too expensive. But don't forget to account that that would be an hour and a half rather than two and a half. I might do a sequel later, I don't know. What do you guys think? Sorry I started a new reboot thread, I didn't know about this one.
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    Shelby, IA USA
    Fifteen years from now, Earth has been conquered and its major metropolitan areas laid waste by a malevolent army of shape-changing robots called the Sweeps. Their khan is a cold, quiet and calculating figure known as Galvatron; at his side are his expert trackers, the horned witch Cyclonus (yes, female in this incarnation) and the towering, silent, brutish Scourge. Those military personnel that survived the initial skirmishes have been taken prisoner; those civilians that have survived have been driven away from the cities, into the plains and mountains, stripped of almost all technology since the Sweeps can track movements through the World Wide Web and any other known computerized tracking systems like OnStar, thus causing humans to fall back on using mostly older cars. For the most part Galvatron isn't concerned with civilians, though, seeing as outside of the growing underground resistance movement that according to his trackers has apparently been focusing much of its energies on trying to get coded messages to someone or something called "Optimus Prime", most of humankind has had the good sense to fear him.
    Most, but not all, though: one person who doesn't have any particular trepidation toward risking the wrath of the Sweeps is a 17-year-old hacker newly escaped from juvie detention - Verity Carlo. All she wants is to get the hell out of the country and down to Mexico (one of the few "safe spots" remaining on Earth), and upon trying to hack an ATM at a truck stop near Devil's Tower, Wyoming (deliberate nod to Classic Spielberg) tries to tap into a nearby Sweep communications relay for processing power with dismal results; her laptop gets fried, giving away her position, and drawing the attentions, via radio reports of her attempted theft, of a mysterious, brooding police officer in a patrol car who takes up pursuit. Before we get to him, though, Verity is quickly intercepted by a red and blue big-rig driven by an older gent who goes by his CB handle, "Orion", and instead of taking her to Mexico he's planning to drop her off in Nevada instead, where a pocket of resistance fighters led by a former Special Ops man named Adam Rook - codename Lazarus - will get her to safety in a more convenient fashion than Orion can. Orion, you see, isn't on the way to Mexico; Verity discovers he's headed for Seattle, which happens to be where Galvatron's citadel is (atop a more heavily fortified version of the Space Needle), so her suspicions that there's, ahem, more to Orion than meets the eye become stoked more and more.
    And sure enough, when the Sweeps get to Nevada ahead of Orion and start to take apart the derelict refinery where the resistance has been hiding out, civilians scrambling all over themselves as the soldiers vainly attempt to fight back, he knows the game's up and, in a spectacular battle sequence about 15 to 20 minutes into the movie (I picture the total run time being about 2 1/2 hours), reveals himself to be Optimus Prime, proceeding to chop apart the Sweeps left and right; furthermore, the cop who's been tailing Orion and Verity turns out to be not a Sweep at all, but Prowl, who's been watching Prime's back since getting a fix on him (between Optimus' "Orion" bit and Prowl's virtual T-1000 imitation, there's a fair bit of screwing with the audience in those first 15 minutes XD). They are joined in short order by a TALKING Bumblebee, and get ripped by Lazarus about what's taken them so bloody long to group up AND the fact that the Sweeps have obviously picked up their trail now that they've found a base camp, but Prowl quickly reminds Lazarus that he jammed the Sweeps' transmissions, thus blocking their distress signals back to Seattle; Lazarus' forces thus start moving out the civilians as the Autobots start destroying the camp completely to remove any trace of it.
    The only problem, though, is that when his trackers report back what they've found when they arrive at the scene, Galvatron isn't going to be so stupid as to believe that the resistance was capable of doing all that damage, so it falls upon Optimus to hook up with the other four Autobots presently on Earth - Brawn, Inferno, Ariel and Smokescreen - and re-establish CB communications with Lazarus' "inside man" in Seattle, Walter Barnett, a wounded war veteran who lost his career military family in battle against the Sweeps (including his wife and both his sons) and is prepared to go out in a blaze of glory himself before this is all said and done. For her part, Verity essentially gets "drafted" by Lazarus since she's about the only hacker left in the group (the Sweeps having killed most of his communications staff), so she isn't too happy about that and even less happy with being paired off with Bumblebee as part of the 'Bots' espionage operations, as the group scrambles and prepares to sneak into Seattle from various directions to surround the citadel and draw Galvatron out into a one-on-one firefight. Now, if only someone could alert the Autobots that, unknownst to the old man, Barnett's communications with the 'Bots are being monitored by Galvatron himself...and that a one-on-one showdown with Optimus Prime is the very thing that Galvatron has been squatting on this otherwise-utterly-useless rock 15 years for...

    That's the setup I'd use anyway; basically a 'soft reboot' in that it doesn't require you to have seen the previous films, but it doesn't go out of its way to act like they never happened, either. And if it's a TOTAL reboot you want out of it, just swap out Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge with Megatron, Starscream and Soundwave, respectively, and replace the Sweeps with Vehicons - there ya go.
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    Ok, so here goes...


    Optimus Prime










    Hot Rod (In a cameo role)

    Hot Shot (In a cameo role)

    Cheetor (In a cameo role)











    The Combaticons


    Spike Witwicky

    Chip Chase







    It is the year 2005, in an orphanage lives Spike Witwicky, a plucky teenager with a knack for fixing old cars, and his best friend Chip Chase, a crippled but brilliant nerd, live in an orphanage. One day, while going to a 7-11 they find an old Boom-Box on the streets and bring it back with them.

    Meanwhile, a nuclear power plant in Japan mysteriously melts-down. The government offer no explanation for this event. Chip, confused as to how the "Ultra-safe" plant could have malfunctioned, begins investigating online.

    Spike is trying to impress the ladies with his new boom-box, when there is a large explosion nearby. Spike drops the boom-box to investigate the explosion. Unbeknownst to him, the boom-box transforms into Soundwave and deploys Ravage and Laserbeak to kill Spike.

    As Chip continues his investigation, he discovers the silhouette of a large mechanical being on security footage. He sees this robot transform into a sports car and drive off. He then looks outside his window to see a car of the same make driving towards the explosion.

    Spike arrives where the explosion was, and is amazed to see a large green truck (Bulkhead) transform and begin fighting a robot with one-eye and an arm-gun (Shockwave). Spike ducks for cover when Laserbeak starts shooting him. Ravage has him cornered when the sports car transforms into Bumblebee and steps on Ravage, killing him.

    After pummeling Shockwave, the Decepticon retreats. Bulkhead believes they should kill Spike because he knows too much, but Bee interveens and saves his life. Chip arrives after propelling himself towards the scene of the fight using a homemade rocket, and they are all taken by the Autobots to Jetfire, who flies them to the makeshift Autobot base.

    They are greeted by the Autobot leader Optimus Prime, who tells them of the war against the Decepticons. He explains that they traveled through time and that the nuclear plant melt-down was caused by their time-travel device, designed by Perceptor, who is working out the kinks. Optimus continues to explain that in the future a great evil known as Unicron threatens all life in the galaxy. after consuming Earth, Unicron proceeded to destroy Cybertron. The Autobots that remain have come back to before Unicron ate Earth, to prevent him from doing so, thereby saving Cybertron.

    All of a sudden, the Decepticon seekers, Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp attack. The Autobots are able to kill Skywarp and injure Thundercracker, forcing Starscream to call for back-up in the form of the Combaticons.

    The battle with the Combaticons seems lost, until the two Autobot stealth operatives, Twintwist and Topspin, outflank the 'cons. With their backs against the wall, the Combaticons form Bruticus and attack. Smokescreen and Hound formulate a plan to bring down the Gestalt. Hound creates a holographic distraction while Smokescreen uses his smoke to camouflage the Autobots, allowing them to attack.

    Bruticus begins rampaging, mortally wounding Hound, and killing Smokescreen. Despite this, the Autobots are able to take down Bruticus, and his component parts retreat, but not before Starscream and Thundercracker kidnap Spike and Chip.

    Perceptor tries to save Hound, but it is too late. The Autobots regroup and vow to rescue their new human friends. However, Optimus collapses, and it is revealed that he is wounded too. He orders Bulkhead to take temporary control, and everyone, except for Perceptor and Bumblebee, to rescue Spike and Chip. As Perceptor tries to fix Optimus, Optimus tells Bumblebee that he always envisioned a kid-appeal character taking command.

    Bumblebee disagrees with this, as each kid-appeal character that Optimus has tried to train before has died. Hod-Rod was killed by Optimus because Optimus was paranoid about him, Cheetor joined an illegal hunting ring and was skinned, and Hot Shot overdosed on JaAm. However, Optimus tells him that he won't be trained because he is dying, a sentiment which Perceptor confirms.

    Meanwhile at the Decepticon lair, Megatron chews out Starscream for not eliminating the Autobots and getting Skywarp killed. Starscream counters with his human captives, but Megatron is unimpressed. The Autobots storm the base and the Decepticons repel their attackers. Shockwave however, notices something approaching Earth at a high velocity.

    This object is revealed to be Unicron, and he dispatches his heralds, Galvatron, Cyclonus, Scourge, and the Sweeps to destroy earth defenses. Optimus is slowly fading away, but all of a sudden is healed through the power of the Matrix. Realizing that the has to use the Matrix to defeat Unicron, he orders Jetfire to take him there.

    The Autobots, still fighting the Decepticons, ambushed by the Heralds, who kill Jetfire and Blitzwing. Starscream suggests a temporary truce with the Autobots, but instead receives a fusion cannon blast from Megatron, who believes they can fight both at once.

    Optimus and his group are confused by Jetfire's lack of response, until a Decepticon scout ship arrives. Shockwave steps out of it and offers a truce. He believes Megatron's actions are prideful and illogical, and knows that Optimus is the only one that can stop Unicron. They board his ship uneasily and fly to Unicron.

    Inside the Decepticon base, Chip hacks the United States Defense Network, and uses its assets to combat Unicron, but they fail. The Autobots retreat and Megatron notices that Shockwave is missing. He then rallies his troops to fight Unicron head on.

    The defeated Autobots are attacked by the heralds and mange to kill several Sweeps, and Scourge. Unicron, realizing the danger that Optimus poses, orders his troops to retreat.Shockwave and the Decepticons reach Unicron's surface at the same time and a battle begins between the two, while Optimus makes his way to Unicron's core.

    The Combaticons merge into Bruticus, but he is easily defeated by Galvatron. Bumblebee is pinned by Cyclonus, but Shockwave and Perceptor join forces to kill Cyclonus. Thundercracker is then killed by Galvatron as he retreats, betraying Unicron and forcing Unicron to detonate the Deterrence chip in his head.

    Optimus prepares to unleash the power of the Matrix, but he is attacked by Megatron and a battle between the two ensues. Megatron eventually pins Prime, and intends to kill him and defeat Unicron himself, but he is then attacked by Shockwave, who has changed sides. Realizing that Megatron is too powerful to defeat in combat, Shockwave tackles him into the digestive system of Unicron, killing them both.

    Optimus then unleashes the Matrix, Unicron begins to blow up, and everyone escapes. Back on Earth, the Autobots are thanked by the governments of the world, and are invited to stay on Earth, but they decline the offer, and decide to return to Cybertron. Spike and Chip are returned to the orphanage solemnly, until they find out that Bumblebee filed adoption papers and they are both going to Cybertron. They all fly off into the stars.

    In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that only the body of Unicron was destroyed, his spark remains. The spark floats along in space until it finds the wrecked bodies of Megatron, Thundercracker, and Skywarp (who along with all other destroyed robots was launched into space).
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    Why not?

    Rought idea:

    Heroes: Megatron, Orion Pax, Coronel James "Spark" Witwicky.

    Villains: The senate, Grimlock, Starscream

    The movie features a human astronaut crash landing on Cybertron. The war has gone full swing, with the Senate forces fighting a insurgency led by a young gladiator (Megatron). The human meets up with an idealist security bot named Orion Pax. Meanwhile we get to see that the Senate is a very corrupt and borderline dictatorship who o oppresses of the planet to maintain the status quo. This representation comes with the Senta´s main enforcer, Grimlock and his hand pick unit, the Dynobots, who repress any opposition with violent force. The humans and Orion Pax are eventually captured by the Insurgency (the Decetpicons) and taken to Megatron.

    This is where the story takes a turn. The Decepticons are freedom fighters who desire true equality for all Cybertronians. Some are military, others are scientists, travelers, ex-gladiators (like Megatron himself, who in this timeline is more akin to Spartacus, than tyrant).

    Then it´s revealed that the war started because a very poplar leader was murdered by unknown agents. and cause the planet to go up in arms, with Megatron leading the revolt, while Orion Pax reluctantly followed the Senate (but then eventually he changes sides.) Meanwhile Starscream plots with the Senate Special Agent Punch, to murder Megatron and take control of power himself.

    The human reveals this to Orion, who saves Megatron´s life and eventually helps led him an assault on the main Citadel. The two face off against Zeta Prime, Starscream and Grimlock in the climax of the film. The movie ends with Zeta dead, the Senate disbanded and Grimlock arrested. Starscream flees and in the void of Space he comes across Scourge and Cyclonus who affirm they are the heralds of a great evil to come..


    So, a reboot where the heroes are the Cons, Megatron is a space Spartacus and gives a more greyish tone to the war. And to keep bitching to a minimum, only one human.