Your favorite thing in your least favorite video game and vice versa.

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    Even the best video games are flawed.
    Even the worst video games have redeeming qualities.

    Least favorite things in favorite games.
    • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl only has 2 (fully evolved) fire type pokemon, not counting Heatran. And 5 (fully evolved) if you own Platinum. Which I guess is better? Plus, the champion Cynthia has the problem of having Pokemon who are a little too over leveled. Your most are more likely in late 40s or early 50s we you get to the elite four. They were nerfed in Platinum, but still. Also the region lacked alot of Pokemon, so don't be surprised if everyone else's team has the same Pokemon. Also, too many fucking Pokemon that require trade... to evolve. That problem applies to the whole series, as it kinda makes it impossible to complete gens 1-5 without another game and console.
    • Sonic Adventure is a good game. I just wish some characters had more levels. I wish Knuckles got atleast 7 and Tails 8. Also, could Amy just be a little bit more faster? Sonic Adventure 2, I wish the treasure hunting levels were smaller and if the radar worked like the previous game. The treasure hunting levels are the bane of my existence.
    • Halo 1 has too many identical looking levels, that's it. The game is otherwise good! Halo 2 has bullshit and unfair moments, in the first game when you died it was most likely your fault, but here the game fucks with you. And those goddamn sniper jackals. Halo 3 also has difficulty problems, as you can't be wreckless with what you do just like Halo 2, but fairs better.
    • Banjo-Tooie's levels are too big.
    • Conker's BFD decides to become a third person shooter in the last 3 levels, so get used to the worst shooter controls ever.
    Favorite things in least favorite games.
    • Sonic 06 may have problems, but when you get the gems, the game becomes stupid fun. It's like a debug mode, but you can't place anything! Also the soundtrack is good, the cutscenes done by Blur studios is good, and the game has more memorable moments than bad ones. It also has alot of replay value.
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    I love Halo: Reach, but the armor lock is so damn annoying when your in the heat of battle during a matchmaking game.
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    Games I Love:
    Metal Gear Solid 3 - Kerotans have some bullshit positioning. Mainly trying to get them in the driving sections are a nightmare
    Final Fantasy Tactics - The Velius battle in Riovantes Castle. Insanely difficult, and if you don't know beforehand and make a spare save file, you may end up stuck in the castle and cannot leave, making it impossible to grind and potentially needing to restart the game entirely
    Resident Evil 4 - Fucking Ashley

    Games I hate:
    Megaman X7 - The ability to have multiple characters and to switch between them on the fly is a legit good mechanic
    Resident Evil 6 - Moving while shooting is a godsend
    Call of Duty Ghosts - I thought the gunfights in space were actually really cool
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