Your bloopers/mistakes with buying toys?

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    Like, what were the mistakes or miscalculations or such that prevented you from getting some toy or just have got an embarrassing memory of or something like that?

    This monday, I forgot that stores closed earlier. I was checking out at some figures in the toystore, and was already thinking of getting movie line Thundercracker and Elita-One, but decided to leave it until I went to the convenience store.

    As I returned from the store back to the toy store, I noticed that there was some guy wrapping up something in a package, but the doors were pretty much closed and the store clerk just waited to open up the door for the guy.

    Its not like a total catastrophe, but it could risk me losing the chance at getting'em at retail price and besides, there would have been just some charm to it having new figures in New Years Eve.

    EDIT: Oh wait, there is already a thread for this stuff. Sorry aboot this.
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