You Don't Get To Determine What is and isn't Transformers

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    I think Movie Megatron has his ups and downs in all five movies. First Movie Megatron is domineering and wants to destroy humanity, but we don't see him being very manipulative or strategic, and Megatron should not just be brutish and domineering, but cerebral. In RotF he has some enjoyable banter with Starscream, as he does in DotM, but he's second fiddle all of sudden.

    I like him in DotM and AoE best, because that's when he's a little more cerebral and not just a brute. In DotM he's physically weakened, and he wants his home world restored, to the point he's willing to work with a former enemy. Even his base looks like a refugee camp. Then he realizes how much he's fallen, and he turns on Sentinel before succumbing to Prime. Yet even decapitation is not enough to kill the guy, so as a head he feeds the humans the info needed to build their own robots and get a new, Spark-less body and build new troops for him. Then Galvatron feigns being a drone in an attempt to get the Seed, so he can make a return, make even more troops, and destroy humanity. Plus, in AoE we get Welker as the voice actor, and he sounds so crazed, which I love.

    TLK Megatron has a wicked design, and once again I love Welker's acting, and consequently he was delightful when on screen, but how he got his knight-like body is never shown or explained. Why he's suddenly working for Quintessa is never clear and kind of strange, and the guy really needed a larger and clearer role.

    I'd agree they're undoubtedly the weakest main villains. Which is a shame, because they're, theoretically at least, the most powerful two main antagonists with lots of neat abilities.

    I have this crazy, but probably wrong, idea they're one and the same. They're both evil Primes with (kind of?) Egyptian pharaoh motifs who can teleport. They both want to destroy Earth. They both have Megatron and the Decepticons as underlings. The Fallen is the first Decepticon, and Quintessa's the "Great Deceiver." Plus, it was the Fallen who said the Allspark's knowledge can never be destroyed; it can only transform. So if Frenzy and Megatron can survive decapitation, why can't the super powerful, evil Decepticon who was Megatron's teacher survive getting his Spark crushed and merely transport his lifeforce to the Quintessa body? Or maybe they're connected to each other?

    A crazy idea, and it would be a major WTF moment if it happened, but that's also why I want it to happen. :lol 

    Based on Lockdown's words about allegiance and what he said about the Creators, he had no allegiance specifically to the Creators beyond doing jobs for them. Sure, in the case of the Transformers needing to be reined in his views overlapped with the Creators, just like his views on the Autobots and Decepticons overlapped with Attinger, but he's not loyal to either the Creators or Attinger so much as shares some common views with both. Despite his lack of loyalty to factions and causes, if he makes a deal he will follow through on it, whether it's with the Creators or with Cemetery Wind. When he gets Prime, he comes through in giving the humans the Seed.

    Furthermore, despite the many things Lockdown is not fond of - humans, Autobots, Decepticons, factions, Earth, other species, causes, the incompetence of his crew, the incompetence of Attinger's crew - there is one thing we know that he enjoy: He enjoys his job. He is hunting Prime because it's a job, and he also enjoys it, despite his dislike and cynicism toward most other beings.

    Well, for one, Lockdown didn't seem to like any species. He mocked other species he encountered as well and not just humans. He gets mad at his own allies, human and alien. Plus, it was the war between Autobots and Decepticons that was damaging the universe on a large scale, not human beings. The damage the Autobots and Decepticons did on Earth was a microcosm of the cosmos. Humans, while he doesn't think much of them, weren't the ones warring across the universe.

    I would have loved it if the fifth movie had Creator-controlled Nemesis Prime and "Nemesis Megatron" instead of Cybertron coming to Earth. That way we get Prime fighting Autobots and "Nemesis Megatron" fighting Galvatron.

    The way I think of it is, what is "birth" to a mechanical species that is also a living thing? Because if you're a machine, and you're turned into a sentient machine by the Allspark or Vector Sigma, you might view that life-giving moment as your "birth," even if it's not birth like that in many carbon-based organisms.

    I got to say, this was actually a fun post to respond to. I'm glad to see some of your thinking, and I hope you can see some of mine.
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