Minor/Repaint: Yet another whirl toe mod. pic average. because noone likes to be called heavy

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    I don't think I have seen this Idea yet. Hope it helps . Enjoy.

    I straight up do not like whirls chicken legs or his hollow thighs. So , they had to go. I tried to drive out a pin after working 14 hours at work. lol, Highly unsuccessful. After one scratch , I panicked. I noticed that the pin for the top of his calf is offset to the back of his leg so, I figured what the hey. I took a knife and cut the inside half behind the knee spikes. Take out the calf screw. If you remove enough material, the leg should open. Remove the black chicken toe screw and the feet can be taken off and switched from left to right. I took a bit off of the blue toe and it tucks up inside the hole in the calf. Now whirl stands nice and tall like his new friend Megs... Thanks for lookin.

    Edit_ Damn tired mode gets you every time.Before the leg can be opened , there is another piece that has to be cut. At the bottom of the leg, a small square has to be cut off. The last pic shows where.

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