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    So, another year has passed... and I've spent more money on transforming figures than ever before. Not surprisingly, the percentage I spent on 3P offerings went down by almost 50% compared to 2015 - the reason for this is the changed focus of 3P manufacturers who now push MP-sized (and sometimes also MP-styled) figures which I don't buy mainly because they don't match my preferences for MP aesthetics.

    So, let's see what I ended up buying and how I feel about my purchases:

    DX9 D04 Armor
    This was my second attempt at buying this upgrade kit (and the corresponding original figure), the first deal fell through. The price I paid was fairly reasonable and I'm really happy with the resulting upgraded figure. He is my Super Ginrai for the time to come - and I particularly like that his blend of movie and CHUG aesthetics makes him so different from other CHUG Optimus figures.

    Fancy Cell Toys Transportation Captain
    The first figure I managed to break in a long while due to incredibly flimsy construction and awful plastic quality, so he's now relegated to robot mode only. Looking forward to seeing future Astrotrains and replacing this guy.

    Fansproject Browning II
    Still much better than the official TR headmasters... but only in robot mode. FP needs to get their shit straight and improve the engineering on the rest of their lineup (if they ever get around to releasing them).

    Fansproject Flameblast and Warcry
    They were on my wanted list for a long while but I didn't want to overpay. Luckily, I got a good deal from a fellow TFW member and they are just as awesome as the original duo (who are forever relegated to being Colossus limbs).

    iGear Hench
    Of course I had to get Hench right before we learned there would be a new legends-sized official Brawn figure. Still, he's nice enough, although I have to say he'd look awfully bland without the reprolabels. I am also glad I paid less than retail for him.

    Iron Factory Maiden
    My only legends-scaled 3P figure of the year. I bought her because (1) she is incredibly cute and (2) I needed a Windblade in scale with Takara Metroplex. She's awesome and I'll likely hunt down more Iron Factory figures in the future.

    KFC B-Box, Birdbomber, Haymaker, Jetdancer, Overslay, Scorpinator, Slamtank
    OCD required that I finish off the rest of KFC's cassettes, and they were all perfectly fine except for Overslay who can't stand unless propped against another figure. Love 'em and don't understand why most people hate KFC cassettes.

    MMC Carnifex
    Surprisingly, the only MMC purchase I made this year - the rest of their lineup was not to my liking except for Anubis (who was too expensive), Titanika (whom I am getting in January), and Kultur (who got delayed). Still haven't attempted the transformation, and one of the thigh panels got unglued during casual handling - but he is the second best figure I got this year. So much personality, and such awesome, imposing presence!

    Perfect Combiner PC-09 Combiner Upgrade for CW Bruticus
    The only KO combiner upgrade I purchased (I own several PE originals), and I did it mainly because it was intended for a second-string combiner, Grand Galvatron. Can't say much - it does the job as well as the official upgrades and the whole figure looks 100% better because of it.

    Perfect Effect PE-DX03 Warden & upgrade kit
    Warden was on my list for a very long time and I finally got him. He oozes quality - his paint job is second to none among 3P figures I own, he has really nice accessories, and he looks awesome on a shelf. But he is not a figure I enjoy handling, isn't fun to pose, and his transformations are awful. Not sure I got my money's worth, if he were a bit cheaper I would have felt better.

    TFC Aiakos, Cerberus, Hypnos, Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Thanatos
    Individually, they are really solid, fun figures and I can't say I didn't get what I paid for. But damn, damn, DAMN they fucked Hades/Liokaiser up. My first and last TFC combiner, I knew their combiners were crap but still got tricked by the changed aesthetics that made me think TFC managed to evolve. Disappointment of the year.

    Toyworld Aurora
    Got Aurora deeply discounted from BBTS and was pleasantly surprised - so much that I added the rest of the Nottlebots to my wanted list. Nifty figure, I just hope I can get others for less than their going price. The only problem I have - he is slightly too big in comparison to the other minibots on my CHUG shelf.

    Unique Toys Provider
    FIGURE OF THE YEAR, for me at least. Three awesome modes, fantastic engineering and transformation, scaled to fit with CHUG, I really feel like I got the most bang for my buck out of this one. I cannot recommend him enough. Too bad their Sandstorm was so off aesthetically...
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    Nice list.
    I totally agreed TFC combiners can be huge disappointments after they combined, mostly because they can't even stand up, however I decided to give TFC Seacon one more try because I like the first 3 members so far.