WTT TRU Masterpiece Thundercracker!

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    Hello everyone alright i so i bought Masterpiece Thundercracker without really giving it some thought. In reality i should have just put him down and walked away. Well anywho i want to trade this guy for something decently cool. Now for him i'd take any one of these figures or combination of figs to his worth(I'm only seeing him worth 75 dollars cause thats what i paid for him). Thundercracker is MIB and ready to go somewhere where they would enjoy him.

    Transformers: FOC G2 Bruticus(complete)
    Transformers: Prime AM Nemesis Prime(MIB)
    Transformers: Prime Thundertron(MIB)
    ROTF Bludgeon both Deluxe and NEST Vovager.
    Gokai Silver SH Figurearts Figure(MIB)
    Universe 2.0 Smokescreen(complete!)
    Universe 2.0 Ratchet(complete)
    Beast Wars Neo/Beast Machines- Magmatron(Neo preferred)

    Well let me know if anyone's interested in him.