WTT: MP-03 Starscream+? for MP-11 Starscream

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by OMEGAPRIME1983, Oct 22, 2012.


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    Nov 3, 2005
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    Hey all, so I just got the TRU Thundercracker, and I absolutely love it!! SO now I'm determined to get a hold of another TC to repaint into Skywarp and a Starscream. This post is for the SS. I have up for trade MP-03 Starscream. Great condition, only displayed.I bought this guy from another board member (Can't remember WHO :redface2: ...). I also have with it the Coronation kit from TFC. No box for that, as I didn't think I would ever be getting rid of it, but here I am! :lol , anyway, I did some searching on evilbay, and I know that the original release of this figure doesn't come to close to the price of the new version, so with that said I have a couple extra figures I can throw in as additional payment: Generations Sgt. Kup, TFP 1st Edition BB, with card & bubble, TFP Soundwave with card & bubble, And Some other random figures around I think. I really would love to get my hand on the new Starscream, and trades are currently my only options. If anyone out there can help, that would be fantastic! Thanks so much in advance!! OP83