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    Ladies and Gents:

    After much thought and discussion and posing and placing in my collection, I've decided I just don't need Takara's trailer for Masterpiece (MP) Rodimus Prime.

    Trailer's in great condition, as if you've just taken it out of the box. I've never even opened the trailer for the battle-station mode or whatever.

    I will leave it up to you guys to make me a fair offer, as I have never seen the "trailer only" for sale, and I'd give you two options for the shipping:

    1. I can ship it in the MP-09 box (with a second, outer box to protect it) for $20.

    2. I can ship it without the MP-09 box for $10 (still with an outer box, of course).

    If anyone's curious for my opinion, i think the trailer actually goes better with the Hasbro version of the toy, as Hasbro's has the darker color scheme. If you were not aware, the flip-out "cover" on the trailer (for rodimus winnebago mode) is actually darker than the plastic on the takara hot rod/rodimus toy. It's also darker than the Hasbro toy, but i think the Hasbro toy blends better. You will note, however, that the Hasbro Rodimus does not have chrome wheels, which stands out a bit. Nonetheless, i still prefer it over the Takara version (if I were keeping it, i would actually attempt a wheel-swap). There are example pictures of both in this thread: Click!

    Please send me a PM (if you're interested) with an offer, and a shipping selection. We can go from there.


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    Pmd you