WTF @ TFW - 337 - January 3 2015

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    Transformers 5

    Currently, there is not yet official news about "Transformers 5". However, the owner of the Transformers Hasbro's plan, but the signs out there on the "Transformers 5" and release time and other news. It is understood that before the film version of "Transformers 5", there will be two on the Transformers cartoon published. And this point in time in 2017, after three years, and also very consistent in recent years several of the "Transformers" release time --2007,2009,2011,2014 and planned in 2017. So Paramount is likely in the "Transformers: Age of Extinction" published "Transformers 5" around specific news release. "Transformers 4" The story takes place in Chicago before the ultimate battle after four years, the Autobots and Decepticons disappeared from the earth, and humans are the ruins of the ruins began a new life. However, a group of businessmen holding power combined genius scientist, the desire to break through the barriers of that invasion, they developed a new technology actually unruly. At the same time, the Earth has suffered an ancient and powerful threat of intimidation Transformers, relating to freedom and slavery epic battle between good and evil imminent.
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    Agreed! I'm getting caught up on old episodes and loving the wrestling talk. Finn Balor has become my number three favorite guy right now, behind DB and Seth Rollins. I really wish I had known about him before NXT as well.