WTF @ TFW - 183 - January 20 2012

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    Hey gang, great show. I want to focus on what's important so let me start by saying that I appreciate Vangelus pulling back the curtain and letting us know how much Gogdog has been responsible for bringing the podcast to us. This is one of my favorite listens in a huge sub list and he deserves huge praise for his efforts.
    Thank you Gog!
    As for the episode, I trust that you guys have a better feel for the online community than I do, but I was shocked to hear your opinions on Metalhawk. I kept looking at the chapter image (thanks for those BTW) and finding it hard to believe that was what you were raging about. IMHO it IS the homerun funpub expected. To hear Gogs level of conspiracy and rage literally had me shaking my head! And the fact that Vangelus and Protoman where on the same*
    I reserve final judgement until I have it in hand of course, but what I've seen has me pumped. Don't get me wrong, the set overall has a lot of problems but this is one figure that blew me away unconditionally.
    Funky, daring, unique, and spot-on as an homage, this has the potential (again, gotta see it in person) to be a favorite in my collection. And even if you hate it, remember that a gold robot is still possible at a later date.
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    "A bunch of honorless thieves! Like a gourd of Darkness! Sucking the innocence from out hobby!"
    "That's what you get for supporting THIEVES!"
    :lolol  I could not stop laughing.