WTF @ TCG - Energon Invitational Recollections(...) - Dec 14 2019

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    WTF @ TCG - The Energon Invitational Recollections of One Host Vangelus, with the Assistance of The Gentleman Aaron Smith (non-attending) - Dec 14 2019

    With prompts and prods from a good friend, Vangelus recalls his Energon Invitational experience at PAX Unplugged. Thoughts and memories are all quite messy, but built on the foundation of a very good long weekend.


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    I had fun playing with you, Vangelus! Octone was the right choice. Sorry you couldn\'t make it out to EI, Aaron. Hopefully I\'ll be at TFcon Toronto and I can get some games in with both of you.
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  3. That Guy

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    Oct 21, 2012
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    I'm catching up on my podcast episodes and finally was able to finish this one on my commute!

    It was a pleasure to meet and chat Vangelus! Hopefully I wasn't the one who infected you with con-crud. I know I didn't get as many extra games outside the tournament in as I wanted to with how under the weather I was, but if you've got the competitive fever I hope to see you at Origins! (Or finally find my way to a TFcon). And Aaron I missed you at PAX but I understand how intense the engineering work week gets, hope you find a way off the 50-60 hour work weeks soon and get some games in.

    In regards to the tournament math that determined your placement. I think (if I understand the way wins and points are assigned) your losses early in the tournament are what kept you out of top 32, rather than the "psuedo-bye". The 6-3's that made top 32 had their 3 losses later than the other 6-3's. This is important in terms of points because one of the later tie breakers used in tournament standings is strength of schedule. When you win you play another opponent with a similar record, so if someone went 6-0 and then lost three, they'd be playing against players who went 6-0, 6-1, and 6-2. The opponents that they beat would have still gone 3-0, 4-0 and 5-0 and when looking at tie breakers the opponents that they beat would be considered stronger than someone who went say 1-2 at first. Because that person would be playing and beating other 1-2's, 2-2's, 3-2's instead of the players who had better records.

    I still haven't picked up an Octone or ever played against one, I don't know if anyone is playing on OCTGN, but I'd love to get more games in.

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    It was a blast meeting you. Next time maybe we can get some games in!
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