WTB: MP10 Box, MP11 Head, RiD2015 Mini-Cons

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by Maverick Hunter Christian, Jan 2, 2017.

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    Looking to buy a couple Masterpiece related bits and bobs:

    1. The box and inserts for MP-10 Convoy. Don't necessarily need the paperwork, but won't say no, either.

    2. The head from any standard version (non-conehead) of the MP-11 Seeker mold except for Acid Storm and the Hasbro version of Sunstorm. Basically looking for black helmet and red eyes.

    3. Wave 1 and 2 Weaponizer Mini-Cons. I developed an affinity for these little guys and unfortunately they didn't see much release here in the states, so I could use a helping hand in acquiring them.

    mini_bashbreaker.jpg mini_doomitron.jpg mini_dragonus.jpg mini_lancelon.jpg mini_sawtooth.jpg mini_tricerashot.jpg mini_windstrike.jpg

    If you have any of the above items and you're looking to sell, please PM me your asking price and shipping to Zip Code: 19055. Thanks for taking the time to look and I look forward to working with you!