WTB Fanstoys Grey quakewave, stomp X, maketoys seeker box only

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Looking for Some fanstoys colour variations MISB, MIB or loose complete.
    Looking for:

    FT-03T quakewave
    FT-03 quakewave Grey color Toy Dojo exclusive
    Ft-07X Stomp X
    FT-08G Grinder Blue G2 edition
    FT-30A Maverick

    Also looking for a maketoys seeker box and clamshell insides. Can be starscream,skywarp,thundercracker or solar flare box, as I just want a storage box for my loose G2 starscream maketoys.

    I can pay cash and also offer G1 and 3rd party masterpiece as trade.
    Trade items are:

    G1 tentakilmosc afa 80 large bubble
    G1 Landfill mosc afa 80
    G1 Battletrap mosc/mib has an acrylic case
    Transform mission 5 stunticons complete, includes shins for menasor stability and builder Optimus figure.
    Ft-04X Scoria MIB used for display only.