WTB: Diaclone/Microman Microchange stuff

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    Diaclone Starscream - Long Missiles on spur and catalog
    Diaclone Thundercracker - Pretty much any part but main body and vertical fins
    Diaclone Swoop - box, insert, gold missiles, diaclone driver (yellow and silver), and gold sword
    Diaclone Bluestreak (blue) - driver(red and black), box, insert, launchers, driver side door, and instructions
    Diaclone Bluestreak (silver) - driver(red and black), box, insert, launchers,and instructions
    Diaclone Police Sunstreaker - driver (white and black), fists, shoulder rockets, box insert, and instructions.
    Any second release Diaclone (recolor) trainbots but Kaen(No 12)
    Mircoman MicroChange Soundwave - Clear cassette "backing" insert featuring Rumble (red version) and Microman catalog