WTB: Busou Shinki Valkyrie Altlene + Others

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    I'm actively seeking Valkyrie Altlene / Altrene. I'm not looking to pay ridiculous Ebay scalper rates (You know, those nutty $100-500 rates that sellers throw up b/c they have no clue of actual value). I'm looking to pay realistic prices. I want the normal white and blue version, not any of the special edition ones. The Bonus Helmet = extra. :) 
    Original or Re-Issue works for me for any figures listed

    Heavy Armor
    Wave 1
    Angel Arnval
    Devil Strarf

    Wave 2
    Dog Howling
    Cat Maochao (Most likely have her, complex situation)

    Wave 3
    Knight Xiphos
    Samurai Benio
    Santa Tsugaru EX Weapons Set (red version)

    Wave 4
    Seed Juvisy

    Wave 5

    Wave 6
    Tiger Tigris
    Calf Vitulus

    Wave 7
    High Speed Trike Ach
    High Manoeuvre Trike Yda

    Wave 8
    Fighter Asuka
    Firearms Zelnogrard EX Weapons set Plus

    Wave 9

    Wave 10
    Scorpion Graffias
    Bat Vespelio

    Wave 11
    Valkyrie Altlene (Possibly need her, Complex situation at the moment)
    Valkyrie Altlene Viola

    Wave 12

    Wave 13

    Wave 14

    Wave 15
    Centaurus Proxima

    Wave 16

    Wave 17
    Busou Shinki LirPieto
    Busou Shinki Vervietta

    Light Armor
    Wave 1
    Angel Commando Werkstra

    Wave 2
    Sister Harmony Grace

    Wave 3
    Ferret Partio
    Squirrel Pomock

    Wave 4
    Chopsticks Kohiru

    Busou Shinki 2nd Anniversary
    Angel Arnval Tranche 2
    Devil Strarf bis

    Angel Arnval Mk. 2
    Devil Strarf Mk. 2
    Arnval Mk. 2 Tempesta
    Strarf Mk. 2 Lavina
    Ninja Fubuki (black wings)
    MMS Blank Body (varoius colors)

    I will consider others as well. However, these are the main ones I'm after. I only want complete items (though the computer code isn't that important).

    If you read this and have some not listed, feel free to ask me b/c I still might be interested.