WST Worlds Smallest Ultra Magnus Kitbash!!!

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    I'm selling my WST Ultra Magnus kit bash I posted a while back.

    This is NOT the mass replicated molded WST Ultra Magnus. This is 100% hand carved/cut/glued/painted!!!

    Compleatly unique! Will not be made again! One of a kind!

    The wheels, missiles, hands, and helmet are from KO WST's. As is the Ultra Magnus cab a KO in its own. the rest of it is hand cut/carved styrene plastic/glue/& acrylic paint.

    The gun is a modified version of the cabs gun, so it can be used by both the cab and the armored version. It also attaches to the back of the trailer for easy storage!

    The belt acts as both the belt and the trailer hitch! the helmet fits onto the chest plate while in trailer mode (loosly).

    Missiles come out of the launchers although they do not launch.

    The rear trailer ramp & side flaps work as well!

    The chest plate & hands are permenantly attached how ever.

    Some random reprolabel stickers have been applied to give it more of a G1 feel. (arrows on fore arms, autobot logo on trailer sides and chest, belt and legs)

    Check it out here!
    Custom Kitbash WST Smallest Transformers Ultra Magnus! - eBay (item 160468710747 end time Aug-24-10 15:27:39 PDT)
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    great job on that WST Ultra magnus.

    I honestly think it would help your ebay auction get higher bids. if you show robot modes pics of the huge ultra magnus robot mode.