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    I was forced to stop buying when I lost my job in dec '08, but now that I've finally found work, what's been happening in it as of late? The last story arc I read/finished was the culmination of the return of Varian Wrynn, where he & crew
    defeated onyxia and brought order to Stormwind
    . I later picked up maybe the first 3 issues of the next story arc which was about Garona's long lost son as well. So, what's been happening since then? Have there been any more miniseries or anything since then? Ashbringer was a fun read.
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    i havent bought any comics for a while now but i do try to keep up (reviews/forums/brother/websites)

    here's what i've found through Wowwiki (World of Warcraft: The Comic - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft)

    it was suppose to become a WoW: Alliance and WoW: Horde comics but it got canceled. There was a one shot called "beginning and end" which is the set up for the upcoming graphic novels.

    as for when the first book is to come out, i cant find anything on it yet
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    It pretty much ended after the New Guardian of Tristfal arc.
    Med'ian became the new Guardian and with the aid of a combined force of Horde and Alliance casters (both arcane and divine) he was able to defeat Cho'gal the leader of the Twilight Hammer cult.

    After that there was a 1-shot comic showing Algalon the Observer looking around Azeroth and showcasing the new characters for the Horde and Alliance comics. I think that was overall shelved. I haven't seen anything for the WoW comics in about a year on my order forms but read someplace of them doing a graphic novel approach for the series sometime in the future.