Wondering what you count?

Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by transformers32, May 6, 2008.

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    Things like static keychains, HOC PVCs bottlecaps and any anything Kabaya or takara made that does not transform ; I do not count towards my total.

    I probably would not count a Japanese Keychain Windcharger or an American one as I'd just count the original Windcharger.... However I would probably count the reissue Tailgate - as it's got a nearly new deco so it's almost a repaint.

    I don't really count Reissues - Though I suppose I should.

    I just count individual toys ( if I had a toy twice like in those triple pack of movie toys in display boxes - where the toys is the same) I'd not count them twice.

    I would count the Barricades as individual toys as the decos vary slightly and the Frenzys are different colors usually.

    I count a Headmaster and its Nebulan as one toy (as Nebulans are Not Transformers).

    Minicons and Micromasters I count individually though as they are individual Transformers characters.

    So I'd count a Micromaster Squad as 6 toy (characters) not 3 (vehicles) or 1 (carded item).

    I am a bit borderline about Minicons packed with figures though if they should be counted or not.... I'd definately put them in a list of minicons... I'm not sure if I'd consider them seperate if counting toys though, I admit I tend not to bother counting my toys.
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    Whatever comes in the box counts as one figure, whether it be "with minicon partner"or "with insert name heremaster" or shell. If it is stated as twin pack or battle pack or team then it is seperate figures like combiners in a set (not combined mode though). Anything non-transforming in the Takara/Hasbro range counts unless it is promotional or badged goods like stationary or cups and plates.

    God Ginrai = 1 figure
    Pretender Starscream w/shell = 1 figure
    Targetmaster Spinister w/partners = 1 figure
    Aerialbots/Superion = 5 figures
    Micromaster Team = 4 figures
    Armada Overload = 1 figure

    Counting each individual would be a good way to increase the total value of your count and look great. However, Armada Red alert without Longarm or Star Convoy without Micro Hot Rod would be considered as incomplete as far as collectors would judge for valuation, just like . So why count those partnered figures as individuals just because they have their own name?

    I'ma confusled noo and may have to re-count mine own collection...
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    Technicaly, God GinRai would be considers a gift set. Although the reissue was only sold this way, the toys were originally offered seperately: GinRai & Godbomber.

    That one could be counted as 2.
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    Pretty much, I count all the figures -- not just the transformable kind -- plus any other TF goods they came out with -- such as board games, t-shirts, posters, etc.
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    Oh its nonthing like that she doesnt care how many i have. she just wants to know how many i have because i have never counted all of them and added alot. She is very supportive of my collection hell she gave me my own room for them. She even goes hunting for me when im at work. Very lucky to have her in my life and another bonus she went to botcon with me and loved it.