Wonder Festival WST Ultra Magnus Trailer and Masterpiece Megatron and Skywarp

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    Selling some more of my collection.

    The WST Ultra Magnus Trailer is from the Japan Wonder Festival. Its probably the rarest Tranformer I have. I know the third party ones are available but this is one fo a kind. I also know the price is high but considering that I won't be able to replace this after I graduate that is the price I willing to part with is.

    Official Takara WST UM Trailer

    The Masterpeice Transformers are MISB from TF Source. I bought two of each, one to open and one to keep MISB. I even kept the extra wrapping done by TF source intact. I think the pricing is fair compared to the other auctions on eBay.

    MP-05 Megatron

    MP-06 Skywarp

    I also have an entire collection of TFC Reissue Transformers that I am selling. Most are MISB others are just MIB that were displayed, never played with.

    Thanks for looking.