Wish they'd even out the Level match-ups

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by Chaddicus, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Now I will admit that I am behind the power curve due to being deployed a for 3 weeks after the game was released. However, I just wish the servers would make the teams more balanced in terms of players level. I hate being on a team that is composed of level 10 and under and the other team has 3 or more players that are beyond the level 15. School me if I'm wrong for asking this, but does the higher the level give anyone more of an advantage, aside from the improved abilities?
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    Well that is the advantage, the better abilities, and I agree, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to who they team up, I've got a bunch of classes in the late teens, and 20's after I Primed, and I was getting teamates in the 6-10 range, and I can't carry a team by myself. It's called a team for a reason.
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    Well, yes and no... the higher you level, the more abilities you will unlock for your bots, making them more competitive, yes. BUT - the way you level is not really based on skill... what I mean is, take me for instance - I'm not that great. BUT - I already did Prime mode and all of my dudes are back up to level 25 again - maxed out. You get XP for performing certain feats, getting kills, etc - BUT - you don't need to be real good, you can just play ALOT. Like I do. I maybe average 2000 to 3000 points per Conquest match, which isn't great - but I play like EVERY night, so that adds up. See?

    So - don't be real intimidated when you see that Prime mode level 24 guy show up on the OTHER team. That doesn't necessarily mean he's good. Sure, he'll have some extra powers. But he might only be averaging like 500 pts a game, and just playing ALL DAY, every day, scraping by. I've had Conquest matches where the "primes" on the other team came in last and were not even a factor.

    And also, don't get discouraged - stick with it. You WILL gain levels if you just keep playing. If you want to level a bit faster, try Conquest - just do everything you'd do in Team Deathmatch but do it near one of those power nodes and you'll get extra points like crazy.

    Stick to it and don't fear the level of your opponent - you WILL catch up to them ;) 
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    agrees with dethpike. the only good thing about being prime is to look intimidating