2D Artwork: WIP, RTS Wideload.

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    Okay, I haven't really picked up a pen & pencil in years.
    But Wideload (or as I like to call him "Butter Prime") is one of those characters I'd love to render a little bit beyond what I have in plastic.

    Well I was kinda non-comittal about it, but I talked to my wife and she said, "you know, you (used to) doodle all the time, if these guys (the TF board) are into TF's you might as well put it up."

    I rarely post my art and I've never posted something this,,, abstract.

    Also there were some errors that I just said F*** it.

    So why Wideload? I kinda got a kick out of this guy because he's kinda a "Walter Mitty" Autobot. He moves freight and generally stays out of the war. Untill he gets attacked by Sonar. Now all he does is plan revenge against Sonar, even though Sonar probably fired missiles from miles out and wasn't even aware he'd hit anything. If Wideload ever caught Sonar his reaction would probably be, "ummm who are you again?"

    So I started with a few head studies,,,, Damnit if I can't get this guy's head right. It's so,,,, BIG. At first I wanted him to be vaguely Prime like but not quite. But some elements just don't work like they do on Optimus. Angle of the mask, the ears (audio receptors) are VERY high on his head. And he's got this kinda chin strap.


    I did a "human" proportion head and that seems to be the one I like best. It ends up looking a bit like a football helmet but I kinda like that for this guy. One other detail I noticed on the toy, (I was looking at him very closely for hours) is he has no nose under his mask. Could be Bayverse detailing but instead of a ridge he has an inverted Y. So I'm speculating that the damage he recieved after his encounter with Sonar badly mangled his face, and now his vanity requires he hide it with a faceshield.

    Also is a rough sketch for a cybertron mode.


    The full body is where I really had a revalation about this character. Again I was going for vaguely Prime like, but Wideload has these massive (kibble) shoulder shells. I like them but I wasn't sure how to depict them. They come out of the shoulders and form way behind the arms. I didn't realize at first, but they have a sort of "folded wing" look to them. Worked for Scourge and the Sweeps right?

    But I couldn't put my finger on why it looked so familiar. Until I put a Mace in his hand. OMG it's freakin' Hawkman! And the anger, the short temper? It works!

    I did another draft, slightly more complete (the one on the left) then tossed it aside and went to sleep.

    My wife sugested over breakfast I post it. Who knows maybe I'll do a more complete version if there's some intrest. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of graphics software. I usually pen & ink it and then scan it. And I don't usually work in colors. But what the heck right?

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    looks good