Minor/Repaint: WIP: Elite Guard Squad 09(EGS09)

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    Hello everyone. I'm back with yet ANOTHER one of my headcannon customs, and one that I've been wanting to share for a long time. This time it's my Elite Guard Squadron 09, also known as Zeta Prime's Project Legacy. Though many of these guys still need some work, the team is ready enough to show.

    As you can see, pretty big team. ALL of these characters are intended to be G1 reboot/rectons of the characters they are based off of. NONE of them are demention hoppers. They get introduced in what would be the events of my headcannon's season 2, the idea of the season being: What if G1 season 2+ ROTF Hunt for the Decepticons+ M.E.C.H from TF Prime + the Minicon plotline from TF Armada all retconned into TF G1? You read that right.

    The idea is that they are a VERY special team within the Elite Guard that where tasked with the protection of none other than Zeta Prime from WFC(the games are a part of my headcannon as well:) ). I mean, given the events of WFC, they clearly failed at this, but not for lack of trying. My explination as to this is that during Megatron's assault on Iacon, they where suppossed to be, well, guarding Zeta Prime. As per the events of WFC, they where supposed to accompany him to the Iacon Vaults. On there way there through a longabout route to avoid their true intentions, they where ambushed by the Rainmakers and, unfortunatly, several membres of Squadron X, lead by Macabre and including Lugnut and Blackout.

    While Zeta Prime was able to slip away, only to meet his fate at the hands of Megatron(obvs), EGS09 was not so lucky. They stalled their assailants as best as they could, but where ultimaly so badly damaged that they where forced into emergency stasis. I also want to point out that at this point NONE of the minicons nor Overburden(Armada Overload) are on Cybertron let alone membres of EGS09 yet. That happens on earth.

    By the time they all reawaken, found by my OC Toolbox and the Autotroopers, the final events of FOC had happened. They vowed to to find the one thing that they might still be able to protect: The Matrix of leadership.

    So, let finally get started with the leader of the team,
    Sentinel Minor:
    Function: EGS09 Leader

    And already, this gets a bit strange. As you can see, he is meant to be an amalgamation of both Wings of Honor and Animated Sentinel Prime.

    His backstory is that he is the product of Zeta Prime's Project Legacy. Project Legacy itself was Zeta's attempt to recreate his direct predessesor and mentor, the OG Sentinel Prime(from the Wings of Honor portion of my timeline. Granted not ALL of WOH happened as in the comics, for example, the Combaticons didn't exist yet) with the intent that this new Sentinel take his place as the next Prime and reusher a Second Golden Age, just like the OG SP. In this attempt, Zeta took a newly forged protoform, one of the VERY few in a long time, and merged it with one of the VERY RARE naturally occuring sparks. He then mentored this new Cybertronien, giving him the title of Minor to assert his expectations of greatness.


    As for his personnality, he is basically Animated Sentinel Prime, although a smidge more serious. And all of that expectation of greatness goes a way to explain his"I'm the best thing here" mentality.

    So when he learned that not only was his mentor dead, Cybertron abandonned and his spot as the next leader of Cybertron was handed over to a "Nobody data clerk", he took it about as well as you would think.
    Then he and his team got to earth during Season 2 and find the other Autobots and this "Nobody data clerk" who is the current leader, Optimus Prime. Let the petty pissing contest begin

    He is fully handpainted with:
    Citadel Alt???? Blue(the lable is destroyed)
    Citadel Troll Slayer Orange
    Citadel Stormvermin Fur
    Citadel White Scar
    Citadel Yriel Yellow
    Citadel Wazdaka Red
    Citadel Abandon Black
    Citadel Dryad Bark
    Testors Flat Sky Blue
    Testors Metallic Silver
    Testors Metallic Gold
    Gundam Metallic Green marker

    Reprolables are White background Autobot and Animated Elite Guard cut and pasted together. And one of MP-10's optional licence plate stickers.

    The mold used is CW Motormaster. The head is CW MM's modded with putty and random parts for the ears.

    While the lance is still a WIP, the shield is finished. It is made from TFTLK Leader OP's shield that was given to me and a bracket made from a hinged swivel from a chead motorcycle KO toy, a piece of CW Scattershot's rifle, scratch built sliders and the handle is from a shield that I don't recognize.

    It also fully works.
    20200508_223715.jpg 20200508_223754.jpg 20200508_223806.jpg 20200508_224034.jpg
    It also functions as his gun. The orange cross is also meant to be an homage to Mobile Suit Gundam:) 

    And let the pissing contest continue with vehicule mode:

    He chose this mode as an up yours to Optimus Prime in yet another attempt at overcompensation and showboating, sigh. Yep, he's not bitter AT ALL guys.

    But part of his story ark is that he does learn to mellow out ALOT! At one point, OP "lends" him the Matrix, at it's behest, halfway through season 2, and it's wisdom lets him know that indeed he does have the makings of a great leader but he has a very long way to go. He then passes it back to OP. Heck during Season 3 he helps Rodimus Prime gain some confidence as a leader. He becomes the next Prime during the events of the Headmasters.

    I plan on upgrading him with the S.N.D Primo Vitalis UM version to boost him to MP scale and enhance his vehicule mode. I ultimately want to make the whole team MP scale.

    I'll show combined mode later.

    Next up is the membre of the team that took me the longest to make:

    Function: Soldier

    First off, this is not his first paintjob. All the way back in 2016, I'd fully painted him, by hand, and having used CW Deadend no less. Oh joy! But as time went on, grew less satisfied with how bumpy the paint looked really up close as I'd used multiple coats of both Citadel and Testors white. What was I thinking? I also never sanded him. The end result was, at the time, acceptible, just not smooth. Then in 2018, I finally started to use spraypaints.

    You see the end results.

    Again, I use the burgandy CW Deadend mold so he took me 3 MONTHS to repaint!!!! I had to strip him no less than 3 times and apply and reapply multiple coats of both Black and Silver by trial and error, as I'd never spray painted red to white before and the handpainting didn't give me that much trouble!!!! I finally got it as right as I ever will after after sanding the everloving poop out of him and going thru a total of nearly 3 1/2 cans of white, black and silver. Again, trial and error. I should have used Wildrider(starts tearing up:(  And I will if I ever do this again!

    The worst part is, I have no CLUE if he still has a pinkish tint or if it's just the lighting in my booth. The pictures make it look worse.

    But I love his Cybertron color scheme to much. So I mixed it with more muted colors as well so he wouldn't look too toyish.

    That aside, his personnality is not all that different from his Cybertron counterpart. Except the excesive fanboying.

    He is spray and handpainted with:

    Rust-Oleum Flat Black
    Rust-Oleum Metallic Titaniun Silver
    Rust-Oleum Flat White
    Rust-Oleum Satin Lagoon
    Rust-Oleum Satin Rustic Orange
    Testors Extreme Lacquer White Lightning as a topcoat
    Testors Flat Sky Blue
    Testors Gloss Tangerine
    Testors Metallic Sliver
    Testors Flat Red
    Testors Flat Gun Bronze
    Citadel Incubi Darkness
    Citadel White Scar and Kantor Blue mixed for windows

    The mold used is CW Deadend(Wildrider came out after I'd painted him the first time) with a slightly modded CW Ironhide head which is the original head I used and painted. I also used this mold because CW Prowl's mold has been done to death!

    Vehicule mode:
    20200508_213602.jpg 20200508_213552.jpg

    All in all, I still love how he turned out. I also plan on making an MP combiner variant of him. His vehicule mode will be a BMW Z4.

    Next up is the member that I repainted first(So why is he in second place?):

    Function: Aerial Support

    Like I said, he is the first that I'd repainted for the same reason as Clocker. I just wanted to give him a smoother paintjob than how he'd originaly turned out in 2016. UNLIKE Clocker though he only took me 2 days to repaint sinsce I used CW Skydive who is grey. And this time I started by masking things up, handpainting all the red, putting on clearcoat, then masking that off and spraypainting the white.

    He is based of of Energon Skyblast:

    Unlike Energon SB, this Skyblast is a very compitant fighter, if not a bit synical and sarcastic. But he is not too stern as he does share his counterpart's optimism.
    He is spray and hand painted with:
    Rust-Oleum Flat White
    Citadel Stormvermin Fur
    Citadel Kantor Blue
    Citadel Yriel Yellow
    Testors Flat Red
    Testors Flat Black
    Testors Metallic Gold

    The mold used is CW Skydive. His WIP lance is the stinger from a destroyed 2007 movie Scorponok.

    His reprolables are a mix of white background Autobot and Animated Elite Guard and TFC Falcon for the Autobot airforce sticker.

    Vehicule mode:

    When I remake him into an MP, I want to make him turn into a Dassault Rafale C.

    The third member in the line up is:

    Function: Battlefield medic

    I'll be honest, though he does look nice, he REALLY to be repainted as I did him back in 2016 all by hand without sanding him. He looks fine from a distance BUT he suffers from some of the white paint yellowing, paint chipping and his really unsmooth by comparison paintjob sticks out like a sore thumb. Still got him pretty close to the Cybertron toy though.

    As for his personnality, it's pretty much 1 for 1 the same as his Cybertron counterpart. And he keeps his frienship with Crosswise( who I've also retconned into my continuity).

    He is fully handpainted with:
    Citadel Fenrisian Grey
    Citadel Incubi Darkness
    Citadel Abandon Black
    Citadel Yriel Yellow
    Testors Flat Red

    He is cobbled together from both CW Alpha Bravo and CW Blades.

    His Reprolables are mixed from White background Autobot and Animated Elite Guard and the medical cross is from Igear Rachet's set.

    On top of repainting him, I still need too build his rescue winch.

    Vehicule mode:

    Not much else to say about him. When I remake him into an MP, he will still transform into a Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin which is what both his Cybertron and the CW helicopter molds turn into already:) 

    The last core membre of the team that is more finished is:

    Function: Logistics coordinator

    He is by FARRRRR the simplest of these guys and a high contender for my favorite. He was the first of the team that I'd worked on back in 2016(remember that I said Skyblast was my first to be repainted, not made)

    He requires extremely little work. Maybe just a touch little up on his paintjob(It's held up extremely well), building his signature weapon and a resculpting of his front to make it resemble his 2007 movie counterpart(BTW one of my favorite movie toys)
    That being said, it's kind off scary how close the robot mode's kibble mirrors one another between the molds.

    In terms of his personnality, he's an overall hard working and pretty easy to get along with bot. He is also very easly dejected by nonsense. So being placed with Sentinel Minor can wear on him.

    He is handpainted with:
    Testor Flat Brown
    Testors Flat Red

    His mold is CW Ironhide with CW Deadend's head. What a coincidence!

    His Reprolables are mixed White background Autobot and Animated Elite Guard and leftovers from CW Smolder.

    Vehicule mode:
    20200508_215738.jpg 20200508_215743.jpg 20200508_215750.jpg
    Oops, need to paint in his back window and taillights:b

    When I remake him into an MP, he will still transform into a Chevrolet Silverado. However there are so many moddles of the thing that I don't know which one yet. It will probably depend on which moddle kit I get my hands on in 1/32 scale.

    So, who do these 5 core members combine into?

    Ah it fells good to finally show him. Take a guess as to who he is supposed to be a homage too.


    This explains the new dabs of white, gold and brown in SP'S torso mode.

    The head is Generations Jetfire's Battle helmet with trimed horns and the back and lower jaw of Menasor's head.

    And he is a multi-mode scramble city combiner. His other modes require the other members of the team from the first picture.

    HOWEVER I'll show them in a different update as NONE of them are different yet. The minicon Racer team is still the same and will remain as such. They don't need improvement. I never figured out a new name or paint scheme for CW legends Groove and Overburden(Armada Overload) does have one mod done but not enough to warrent showing yet. Don't have the parts to fimish it yet.

    I will add them as I continue to work on this project along with all the other updates on this team.

    That being said, I do wamt to show the one Supermode they can pull off:

    Safeguard: BUSTER MODE!


    VERY top heavy and Overburden just SITS there. Tabbing him in SP'S fists splits the shoulders. One of the MANY mods I need to do on him.

    Got this idea from SkyQuake's post in 2015 on the CW appreciation thread.

    That will be all for now. Like I said I'll update this thread as I get more work done on the team.

    Until then, hope you enjoy:) 

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    Nice! Love Clocker.
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    Wow, that's some nice work. Love how you did sentinel.
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    Excellent use of molds to achieve this. I'll reiterate that Clocker is great and a classic mold that deserved this upgrade.
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    that is quite the team
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    1: This is great.
    2: Kind of a shame Clocker doesn't have those gnarly side-pipe accessories but fantastic use of the Dead End tooling and no, the white paint looks fine.
    3: Evac! I've been kinda-sorta planning an Evac myself and it's neat to see how yours turned out. (Mine is going to be a little closer to the Movie 1 version that was a Blackout retool, though.)
    4: That combined mode is gorgeous. The blue/orange combo on Sentinel really really pops.
    5: It's always neat with a project like this that was done over several years to see someone's growth as an artist - Evac is very nice, but Sentinel and Clocker are on a whole other level that you've hit since then.

    I love this sort of jam-up cross-continuity stuff - the thirty-five-year deep bench in TF fiction doesn't get appreciated nearly enough these days. Cyberverse tried a little bit, tho!
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    Neat idea for Sentinel
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