Minor/Repaint: WIP Classics/Universe Scourge

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    While at Botcon, I was hunting for a Cybertron-mode TFA Megatron to turn into Devcon, based off Shinobitron's FANTASTIC Devcon kitbash. What I didn't know (and the seller's I asked didn't tell me) was that there were TWO versions of the Cybertron-mode molds. One Deluxe and one Voyager 0.0
    So I came home with my Megatron happy as a clam and went to the link I have to Shinobitron's Devcon thread... I then sent him an email asking how he'd modified the upper legs since they didn't look anything like mine and thus found out 'bugger it, there's more than one version' o_O 
    So after thanking him for telling me about that (I wish one of the seller's I'd asked had mentioned it:(  ) I looked the toy over and decided that the head and shoulders reminded me of Scouge.
    I had a set of wings/gun sides from a classics Megatron-who-is-to-be-Xarron and the pop out gun/sides of a Sharkticon-who-became-Misfire. Some careful experimenting showed me how to place the wings so that the raised 'gun sides' became thrusters and in bot mode gave Scouge his signature wings. Once that was done it was simply using sculpy to give him his helm-lasersight, mooostache and forked beard (and hooked nose^^). The extras from Sharkticon/Misfire were added to Megatron's bustle to bulk up the alt-mode and make it look right. His hands then were bulked up with a set of hands from a TFA Lockdown-who-is-becoming-Elita-One. Now I'm completely happy with how he looks and he just needs dying and painting! ^^ I'm probably just going to use my Botcon Cyclonus for my own version Cyc^^

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