Why none HD TF games had to be bad.

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    Ok most of us can agree that the 2007 game based on the movie was best on DS yes?

    The PS2/3,360,Wii versions all practically the same and got over shadowd by the inferior handheld?

    The DS game featured loads of partially customisable robot modes, better story, better levels and of course local multiplayer.
    So logically, with a few tweaks in the second game. Like improve the difficulty and online vs modes. Surely the DS version of ROTF would be awesome!!!

    Sure enough the HD sequel games, ROTF did indeed play more like the DS original game. And included online Vs modes.
    So why was the Wii/PS2 version made so awful?
    And even more shocking why was the DS sequel made to exclude almost ALL the cool features that made the original so celebrated?

    Many HD console owning TF fans were upset that,
    1, The PS2 and Wii were capable of making the same game. Thus feeling cheated.
    2, The DS version had far more cool features in it.

    So what did the devs do?
    Make sure the DS/PS2/Wii versions had to be ghastly to make the HD games look cool.
    So iconic features that would be expected in a TF game were taken out as opposed to improved.
    Kind of insulting, yes?

    My nephew cried when I got him the Wii and DS versions of the games. So did I for that matter.
    Low and behold when WAR FOR CYBERTRON was looking good on HD consoles.
    I knew my nephew and I would be disappointed again.
    Though mercifully, the Wii/DS versions weren't that bad.

    So coming up, DOTM...
    Sure enough the HD versions would follow the successful online modes.
    Logically the Wii/DS would get similar follow up engines to the WFC games?


    Instead the Wii/PS2 devs seemed to be trying to make as bad a TF game as possible.
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    Erm. What? Don't understand this thread.