Why has the masterpiece line has evolved the way it has

Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by mweeuser, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Why has the masterpiece line evolved the way it has

    Ok, I have a question that I'm curious if anyone can answer about why MP-06 only has stickers instead of paint for the color, insignias, etc.

    Based on the fact that Takara/Tomy appears to release many more molds/variants than hasbro actually does in the US I'm assuming the basic process is:

    1.) Takara/Tomy develops and releases products.
    2.) Hasbro looks them over and decides which ones they actually want to option and stamp as hasbro for release in US.
    3.) Wal-mart, Toys R' Us, Target, all make a few bucks.

    Based on the masterpieces I own

    (Prime (First US release and MP-04 with trailer AND SMOKESTACKS! thank you takara), Megatron and Starscream),

    It would appear the only ones that sat on US store shelves were Optimus MP-01 and Starscream MP-03.

    The part I'm really wondering is why do they all have painted on insignias and other detail where as the latest, MP-06
    skywarp only has the stickers. Now I relize the original MP-03 star scream with the darker paint job had
    the stickers too. But if the only thing that swtiched it from stickers to paint was hasbro optioning it then why
    do megatron and the prime sold directly by takara not have stickers since they were never released in the US?

    The bottom line is I really want a painted cartoon accurate version of MP-06 and I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts if that will happen or if I should buy the sticker one.

    Note: As I have seen countless comments regarding leaving mp-06 stickerless please skip those comments. I agree it's an awesome
    model and I love anything aerospace but if I just wanted a really sweet F-15 model I wouldn't pay 120.00 plus for it. For that
    kind of cash I want a cartoon accurate transformer. All hail G1!

    Also if anyone has thoughts or outright facts about the process between Takara/tomy and hasbro I'd be curious.
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    I doubt we'll ever see Skywarp released again. I agree, stickers are not as nice as painted apps. But with Binaltech returning, who knows!
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    wish they would reissue Magnus but that will probably never happen:(