Why Autobot (Optimus) too overprotect human

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    Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. But apparently, if you are human, your live are more value than other
    I am reading Robot in disguise, and now we go back to Optimus Prime leading, and we have another story take place on Earth again.

    I love Prime when the story in Cybertron or anywhere but not Earth. It really annoy me a lot because he too favorite human, even it put his soldier in danger. That make Human like more value than even his own race. Why ? of course i know the fiction create by human. It always the case in Hollywood. But i see in comic, the lore taken care of seriously and i expect different.
    Hell, He blame them self that "our war" destroy Earth. Megatron want to invaded Earth and Autobot save them. Your are just share the same race. This self-guilty is so double standard. When Human do bad thing it suddenly "I admit that not all human be bad, butt...". A lot of time, human seem like already can take care of them self with the wandered Con when the fight over in Transformer 2009, And the main conflict is that Human are scare of Transformer and want all leave. They can Just go. But no, let still keep Autobot live at risk of human harm and stay there just to make sure they can ready protect them, just in case Megatron come back
    Jazz kill one human live and it suddenly so bad. He also blame him self after years to come. After 4 million of years of killing they own race, and countless other world ruined ? Sure, it is better to just peace IF THEY HAVE THE CHANCE. But it never cross their mind they need to think of human as a threat ? Where equally ?

    I seriously grow to hate Prime whatever the story involves human. So If Prime don't kick some human's ass later. I don't know what even worth reading this for
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    Bonnie Ol' England
    You are probably not going to enjoy the rest of that book then, as there is heavy humans in it going forward. Even i started to dislike it by the end.

    Prime feels protective of humans because he feels responsible for bringing the war to earth and screwing up the planet. There is a bit more to his feelings in general but that's story character related so will not mention that yet for spoilers.
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    It's kind of funny because that Prime follows the mythos more of Marvel Prime. IDW Prime did not bring the war to earth.
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    This is a story written by humans. I will be shocked if the Autobots prefer to save the ants first.