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    i woke up in a room the things there was bigger then i can imagne.I heard a thumping coming towards me i look round and saw a giant robot little did i know that this was the beginning of my life with the autobots
    i was scared at not know where is was the robot came into the light and i saw it was red and look a bit like a truck. It sooke in a strage noise i later found out was cybertrion. i sat up and the robot sat down on a huge chair looking at me i shiverd not know what going to happen to me.
    slowy look up to the face and glowing yellow eyes. the robot looked down at me and said"do not be afraid i am optimus prime leader of the autobots we found you hurt by our base" i gulp and nodded "i am katy".he stood up as more robots come in all different colours and shapes.

    hope you like it sorry about the spelling