Who wants a spin-off on?

Discussion in 'Transformers Movie Discussion' started by 96megatron, Jul 9, 2014.

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    Aug 28, 2013
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    What if Hasbro made a spin-off movie of the character Drift? A movie showing his reason for his desire to regain his honor. A movie showing his dark past and deeds he has done that would make him want to change and regain his honor. I would love a dark theme to it too. What do you think?
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    Oct 18, 2011
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    If they resurrect Akira Kurosawa to direct it, then FUCK YES XD

    I kidd, tho. I thought Drift was one of the biggest mishandles of the movie, especially with such a talented actor behind him. I actually really love this idea, and like I mentioned with Kurosawa, if they made it as a throwback to older samurai films I'd love it. Only problem is one, there's an alternate character interpretation of Drift going around that he just LOVES Japanese culture so much that he's modeling himself around it to the point of unintentional parody-that could paint the film in a much more satirical light (though if they got Tarantino to do it, it could work-sort of a Django Unchained for samurai, parodying that film genre AND samurai stereotypes), and two, Hasbro would NEVER go for that. Marvel is for the individual stories-Transformers is for money. They wouldn't risk fucking up an already successful formula for character pieces. I still think this is an amazing idea, and one that could gain that critical respect we haven't had since 2007, but it's also very unlikely.