Who is your favorite Decepticon/Predacon leader? 10 decepticon leaders and transformers history - P2

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    This is basically the other half of the top ten list I put up not long ago. Instead of doing the obvious and giving Optimus, and in this case Megatron, the number 1 spot, and so as not to take up slots in the count down with multiple iterations of the same character, I kinda present the lists chronologically. granted, I end up giving a brief transformers history, leave out a few things, mesh parts of the multiverse together and don't count a few of the leaders along the way, I think, or rather hope, it is a novel way to present a list like this and, who knows, maybe new fans or fringe fans will learn a little of the lore along the way. I will say it now, for this particular list, I didn't include characters like Straxus, who was one of a few petty warlord's who kinda took control in Megatron's absence when he went to earth...as I am led to believe. Anyway, here it is - 10 decepticon/predacon leaders!