Which figures and why?

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    Hi guys,

    After reading the “best Universe figure” thread, it got me thinking about what defines your favourite figures.

    Is it how the figure looks in Bot / Alt mode?
    Is it a great transformation, the “fun factor” with gimmicks, or the posability?
    The character represented (iconic or personal status)?
    The Monetary value or the sentimental value of the figure?

    More likely it will be a combination of some or all of these factors. So the question is if you could only keep 2 figures (1 is just tooooo hard) from each line, who would they be and why?

    For me it would be the following :

    Gen 1 - Sideswipe and Swoop. I would literally cry if anything happened to either of these two :cry . Sideswipe was my fave as a kid and I kept him with me even when I “outgrew” Transformers, and all the others got boxed up in my parent’s loft. Swoop was never released in the UK, so getting a pristine condition Gen 1 Swoop a few years ago was a grail of mine. Both of these are for hugely sentimental reasons.

    Masterpiece – Optimus and Megs, It hurts to leave out Grimlock and Thundercracker (my newest acquisitions) but these two are just SO iconic. The Autobot and Decepticon leaders optimise transformers. As such I would want to keep their representations in the greatest TF line ever produced (IMHO).

    Alternator/Binaltech – Ravage (Jaguar) and Jazz. Ravage because I love the character and the transformation is so different and unique from all the Alts. My second would be Jazz, not a fave character of mine but possibly the best Alternator/binaltech of them all in terms of poseability, likeness, and transformation.

    Universe/Henkie – Sunstreaker and Hound. Hound has a fantastic alt mode, kibble free bot mode, a clever yet intuitive transformation and comes with Ravage !!! He is almost the perfect update. Sunny is a truly great mold and possibly my fave Autobot full stop. Therefore an updated, articulated Sunstreaker is a must.

    Animated – Prowl and Blurr. Prowl is my favourite character in the show and the toy is arguably the best Motorcycle transformer made. Blurr just sums up the animated toyline, sleek stylised and full of character!!

    I haven’t included the Movie, Beastwars toys etc as I don’t collect them, but if you do, feel free to include them !!

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    In my book, the factors that make a great figure are the character it represents, its looks and its play value.

    My list:

    G1 - Sixshot and Doubledealer. They're both engineering marvels - the former is uniqueness objectified, and I really like Powermasters.

    Universe - Cyclonus and Onslaught. Universe Cyclonus is the definitive representation of a character I always considered to be cool. Not too much of a Combaticon fan, but Onslaught has nice electronics and is just so imposing - his robot mode just towers forbiddingly, and his altmode is solid.

    Energon - Scorponok and Dreadwing. They're the only Unicron Trilogy toys I own. Didn't care too much for the characters, but they're great-looking figures with lots of play value.

    Animated - Blitzwing and Megatron (Leader). Blitz is my favorite character on the show, and a fantastic triple-changing toy. Megatron is my second favorite character, and his Leader-class figure I consider to be the best Megatron toy ever.

    Don't collect anything else.
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    For me, mainly it's the design of the robot. Coolness is the superior factor. Articulation is the next factor, but it could affect the coolness depending on how limited it is. The transformation follows up, and Movie toys have lived up to superb transformation designs - well, a few of them at least.

    For me, these are my selections:

    Movie TFs - Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Sideswipe, Brawl. Literally a few of the coolest TFs around with fantastic transformations. Articulation maybe a problem especially for Brawl, and balancing might be difficult for Sideswipe. But nonetheless these are superbly cool, especially SIDESWIPE. :D 

    Animated - Blurr, Lockdown, Prowl. I only own Blazing Lockdown, so I can't say much about Blurr and Prowl. But from pics, I surely have to say there's some genius in designing these two figures. For once in a long time, a motorcycle TF doesn't have his/her wheel split into two during transformation, and how it ends up as knees for Prowl is really a new idea. Blurr has an awesome alt mode and his bot mode is cool too. Definitely beats his G1 counterpart in all ways. :thumb 

    Classics - Optimus Prime. I only own very few Classics, and out of those few Prime is the best. He looks badass, and with his nice guns he looks like a possible gunslinger - I like to call this Prime "Gunslinger Prime" sometimes :D . And if you add his Power commander armour? :bay 

    Armada - Primus, Optimus Prime. I only own one Armada TF, and that's a KO Prime. He's probably the most bad-ass looking Prime thus far, and that's why I love him :D . Primus's design is not fantastic neither is it disappointing. What I digg about him is his ass-load of guns here and there. Freaking awesome! :eek: 
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    You are right in that it is a combination of things.

    Generation One: Soundwave and Starscream. Soundwave is one of the iconic characters from the original line and series -- his voice, his minions, his "charisma" -- and is one of the few that everyone remembers. I have the original Soundwave from G1 somewhere in the non-display-TF boxes that I have in the loft and cubbhole; however I cannot find him! As such, I have bought the reissue (which is actually a recoloured Soundblaster mold). Starscream is my favourite character across the multiple continuities. (I have an on-going project to buy a Starscream from every line.) This is, I think, my first TF. I love him for that reason as much as I love the character himself. For a while now I have been searching for the parts that I am missing from him. One day he will be complete.

    Masterpiece: I can't really choose between the three MPs that I own. The Hasbro version of Starscream is a simply amazing update of the character. He has a satisfyingly complex transformation and looks brilliant in both alt and robot modes. He was the first MP I bought and it is a decision that I pride myself on. Megatron is also a brilliant figure. I have always sought a Megatron with a gun alt mode, and when I had the money for the Masterpiece, he was purchased without hesitiation. I admit that, when I first got him, I grew quite vexed at the trickiness of the transformation, but once it was done it was pure win! (I can now do him in about ten minutes.) Optimus Prime must also be included for his iconic status and the brilliance of this mold. He is so completely show-accurate in both modes that it brings a tear to the eye. The only thing is the talking stand which sounds nothing like Peter Cullen!

    Universe: I only have three toys from this line (Vector Prime who I seriously regret, Starscream who could be better, and SE Megatron). So, for me, the best toy is the SE Megatron. There's just something about him that I find cool. He's also the only time that I have actually thought that light-piping looked good.

    Movie: I shall divide this into TF1 and RotF.
    TF1: Leader Megatron. I know that many don't like this toy and I understand why. He isn't screen-accurate, he is a bitch to transform. However, he was the first movie toy that I bought and the first Transformer alltogehter that I had bought in many, many years. I really like his robot and his alt mode and, once he is transformed, you have this really great sense of completion and achievement similar to that experienced from a successful transformation of MP Megatron.
    RotF: Preview Soundwave is a really imposing toy. He looks powerful and dangerous. His transformation may be simple, and his alt modes, while cool, don't live up to the promise of the robot one, but he is awesome. He makes you wish he were larger.

    Energon: I only have two from this line, but my favourite is the Megatron. I think this has quite a bit to do with the fact that he looks like G1 Galvatron.

    Animated: This line is not really my cup of tea, but I do have a love for both of the Megatron molds. I bought the Voyager Cybertron-mode Megatron and think he's brilliant. This is another imposing, malevolent-looking toy that captures the esence of the character very well.

    Binaltech/Alternators/Alternity: I will confess that I only have the Alternity Convoy from these. He rocks on an unprescedented level. In alt mode you wouldn't think he transforms at all! It is the most perfect transformation that I have ever come across and I eagerly await Alternity Megatron.
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    G1: Optimus Prime and Trailbreaker. Prime is my favorite TF and I need a G1 Prime. My second would be Trailbreaker. My favorite characters are Prime, Trailbreaker, Prowl, and Hound. I like Trailbreakers G1 version more than Hound and Prowl.

    Masterpiece: Optimus Prime and Grimlock. I mainly collect Autobots but I do have all of the Masterpiece editions. As much as I like Megatron he just does not seem as durable as Grimlock. Megatron is not the type of transformer you pick up just to play around with every so often like Grimlock is.

    Alternators: I would prefer the custom Prowl(made from Autorooper) and custom Trailbreaker(from Nemesis Prime) over any of the regular releases. They are near masterpiece like.

    Universe/Henkei: Hound(Henkei) is just a great redo of the original. Sideswipe would be my second pick. Universe has so many great ones though and it was tough to pick. Jetfire, Sunstreaker, Mirage, Inferno, Cosmos, Beachcomber, Brawn.....they are all just kickass figures. Legengs Cosmos is one of my favorite Transformers that I own, I just love the mold.
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    I'm not going to go through and pick toys - too much time - but I'll give my criteria.

    1) Good articulation - head at least swivels, normal elbows strongly preferred (ie, no Ani. Starscream and ROTF Long Haul stuff) are the only major requirements.
    2) Nostalgia helps a lot, but isn't absolutely required if other criteria are met
    3) Clean robot modes - the more kibble, the less I like it - can be decorative though like door wings or shoulder pads, etc.
    4) simple, yet effective transformations. I like complex ones too, but when the toy's look changes dramatically with what seems like only a few twists, it impresses me.
    5) Tied into #4, but I like it when each mode seems like it can't become the other - ie, when you look at the alt mode and say "no way can that look like the animation in robot mode" and vice versa.
    6) I have to like the head sculpt.

    Some toys that come to mind that I like that represent some of the above:
    -TFTM Ratchet
    -MP Grimlock
    -Cyb. Landmine
    -Animated Prowl
    -ROTF Leader Prime (though I don't yet have him)

    As an aside, while I don't really like the movie aesthetic (not a big fan of the heads, mostly), the toys are some of the best at changing dramatically from alt mode to robot mode. I've had and sold a handful from the first movie and to me, that is what they do best and it is impressive - just not for me in most cases.