Where to take the next series.

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    I have always liked the idea of Starscream and Megatron having a Tell Tale Heart like relationship.

    For the first few episodes we see Starscream and Megatron as having a very nice and honorable relationship. Starscream serves as his Second in Command and Megatron feels extremely honored to have Starscream under his wing. But Starscream has a secret. A very dark secret that only his own mind knows. For months Starscream has been planning to ''extinguish'' Megatron's ''evil eye'', aka a wound on his eye he got from his gladiator years, and has recently been trying to act upon it. For seven nights, Starscream has been trying to destroy his eye, yet every time he tries "it" is closed.

    This thing goes on for about seven episodes, of course.

    The eighth day (or episode) of trying, Megatron is awake and Starscream smothers him with his own cyber-pillow (or something. My fan idea isn't perfect). Starscream then dismembers him and hides his corpse in his shed. He, of course, fabricates a lie about Megatron escaping and running away, and despite no proof, all the Decepticons believed him(Again, not perfect). As part of Megatron's will, he becomes the Decepticon leader. After awhile he begins to hear a small ringing. With every day (or episode) it grows louder and louder, causing him to became antsy and extremely paranoid.

    The last episode will end on Starscream giving up and admitting his deed to the whole Decepticon army, exposing Megatron's rusting and torn apart corpse to his troops and telling them he did it all.

    Or something like that.