When Megs met Episode 24 SPOILER

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    Compare the G1 version:

    Megatron meets Unicron and the birth of Galvatron - YouTube

    With the Prime version:

    TFP: An Audience with Unicron - YouTube

    G1 Version: Unicron brings to him an abandoned, half dead Megatron who, despise being heavely damaged and scared to crap, manages to conceal it under a facade of arrogance, to the point to bargain for his services. Unicron reacts more amused than annoyed at first, but when Megatron tries to force his hand too much, He casually menaces with throwing Megs into oblivion, to the point the Decepticon leaders begs miserably for his life. Unicron gets satisfied and turn him into Galvatron, granting him upgraded minions and a new, cool warship.

    Prime Version:this time, Megatron seeks an audience with Unicron. He bows to him offering his humble services, and to that Unicron gets offended by Megatron pretension a God-like entity like him neeeds the asistence of a lowly worm like his so-called "champion". He never asked for help, to the point Megatron´s plan of using HIS precious blood to raise cybertron, and his previous failures into eliminating the last one of the Prime, really infuriates him. "I will defeat him for myself".

    For me, both Unicron´s behaviors are acceptable, but to see the proud all -evil badass Megatron humiliating himself to Starscream´s levels (specially giving the so-called Chaosbringer extreme jerkiness) is a bit out of character. What do you think?
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    I think it's perfectly normal. Well, when facing with a god-like entity that's the very essence on the land you're standing on, even the most cocky smartass would do the same.

    I guess.
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    I wonder how much of real Megatron was in the Megatron we saw bowing before Unicron. A whole episode and a half prior to their meeting, Megatron has pretty much told us that the blood of Unicron compels him to do the things that he does, kowtowing before Unicron could be another one of those side effects—Unicron didn’t even want to have anything to do with him!

    Who else here thinks the stench of Primus Unicron detected was Megatron and not Optimus? I think Megatron thirst for power and disdain for the Autobots has blinded him of the fact that he too is a child of Primus.

    I’m starting to think the major character meeting his/her end at some time between now and the middle of the second season will be Unicron. He must die for humans and Earth to remain as they are. Was that scene of Primus and the 13 Prime’s beating Unicron into submission a little foreshadowing? Optimus, Ratchet, Arcee, Bulkhead, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout, Breakdown and Airachnid make for 12 Cybertronians. Will Primus (the power of Primus) aid them or will another Cybertronian come along? Will humanity feel that void?