Wheel's Wonderful Wanted Things Thread!

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    A couple of notes before we begin:

    - I have a lot of miscellaneous figures from over the years. If you're looking for a specific figure to trade, it is totally rational to ask me if I have it. I will start off the bat by saying that I have no G2, BW, BM, or UT figures.

    - I have no TFW feedback thread, but I can offer up my eBay feedback right here

    - Please don't try to ask ridiculous prices for items. I'm willing to pay within the rational spectrum, but if you're trying to charge me $80 for CW Quickslinger, why wouldn't I just go to eBay?

    - By default, I am asking for loose complete items in good condition. Minor paint wear / joint looseness is fine, but please notify me of any missing accessories.

    - Wanted items will feature an expected price range. This is merely an estimation, and, depending on the item, I may be willing to accept a higher price than listed. If you're a Good Samaritan who wants to offer the item for less, I will be in your debt and stick up for you during forum arguments. (Price ranges are determined from eBay searches as well as how much I think the item is worth)

    Now, onto the LIST


    Classics Skywarp - $25
    Classics Ramjet - $15-20
    Henkei Smokescreen - $30-40
    Henkei Ironhide- $25-35

    For posterity's sake, the list is separated here

    Generations/Combiner Wars/Titans Return
    Generations Gears - $13-18
    Generations T30 Scoop $5-13
    Combiner Wars Quickslinger - $25-35

    Thank you for looking, and THANK YOU for helping me get closer to completing my collection.
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