what is escalation mode like?

Discussion in 'Transformers Video Game Discussion' started by garinhash, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I am still waiting on my copy of the game to arrive in the mail (stupid bestbuy.com taking their sweet time), what is escalation mode like?

    its basically a survival mode right?
    enemies come in waves, and they progressively get harder (how many waves are there?).
    you can get points or something to unlock new areas or buy weapons/ammo.

    if you die is it game over for you? or can you be resurrected?

    can you switch from scout to something else, or if you pick scout or whatever class at the beginning are you stuck with that till the end?
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    its quite hard, my team loses at wave 7. first it randomly chooses ether the decepticon map or autobot map, then you choose your character with your team. most of my kills are worth 25 points. ammo 50, grenades 75, health 100, energon battle pistol 200, scatter gun 300 and so on. there is 20 seconds between waves in which time fallen team mates wake up. when they fall you have 30 seconds to revive them. they can still shoot and operate vending machines when fallen. vending machines are scatted all over the place, so it can be tough to find the one you need. i save cash by meleing a lot and not buy ammo until all 3 of my guns are empty