Customs: What does Radicon do when it makes something?

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by cyberslam, Jun 13, 2009.

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    As the title asks, I'm wondering what you guys do when they make stuff. When I go about making something, I only have a vag idea of what I'm doing. I also watch movies while I'm making stuff. yes I watch movies. It is go for a break between doing things to a custom.
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    I was asked this in November, and you can check out my answer in the Featured Radicons article. Also, we've featured many more Radicons who have given their answers as well.

    Something I didn't elaborate too much on is I'll often times start tinkering around with other toys and such while I'm working on something. Like most folks, I don't enjoy watching paint dry (especially when I'm close to completion of said project), so I'll try out ideas and such while I'm waiting. Sometimes, I'll do a 180 and bounce onto Radicons :) )) or go off and do a chore that needs to be done. I may end up calling another basher to just hang out. My wife may be watching TV and we'll hang out . . . literally anything else I'll go do that engages my mind elsewhere I'll do :) 

    As far as the preparation itself, in the same article I mentioned I detailed more about how I plan things out, my "list", and how I go about creating ideas. MANY very talented artists found here in Radicons are VERY inspirational in this process. I'm heavily influenced by illustrations, and if someone has just completed something I'll interact with it. This will often set a spark off that will cause me to go to Photoshop and throw together a quick digibash of an idea [digibashing in Photoshop is another thing I often to that quickly allows me to see an idea] or something.

    In other words, life of a Radicon :)