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    Yesterday, with delight, I found out that script writer Robert Orci signed up here at TFW2005. Hadn't I clicked the Bumblebee Voice Recovery thread, I would not have known it, so with this thread I hope to inform everyone about this good news. In a PM that I sent him yesterday, I asked him if it was OK if I would start a thread in which TFW could ask questions about TF2, and he said that he was OK with that. So here we go! Once again, welcome Roberto! ;) 

    I have little time on my hands, because of my work, but I will keep this thread updated with questions and answers. Every now and then, I will scan the thread for answers and then update the OP, so you don't have to plough through the whole thread, but instead just check this first post. Keep it clean and decent, people! Please keep also in mind that Orci obviously can not answer every question, simply because of the fact that he can't spoil everything.

    Mods, could you sticky this, please?


    Mr. Orci, by going at the lenght of the script, is there any small indication at all about what the runtime of the sequel will be?


    Asked and answered questions:

    - Q: Hey Bob, what are the odds of the mean green soda machine, Dispensor, carbonating his way into a second appearance?

    A: Very low.

    - Q: Can we look forward to no stupid pissing scenes this time around?

    A: No promises

    - Q: Hello, Mr Orci, thanks for coming to talk to us, I really enjoyed your involvement on the old (official, first) movie board. What do you want this movie to do? Thanks again.

    A: I want it to be better than the first.

    - Q: In the original line-ups for the first movie there were some robots both sides that did not make the first film. Now we know Arcee will be in this one so could we expect some of the bots who did not appear in the first movie be in Transformers 2?

    A: Maybe a couple.

    - Q: Who is your favorite Transformer from G1 to the '07 Movie or sequel?

    A: Always Prime.

    - Q: Welcome Mr Orci. Hey we know Soundwave is in,but will he have his minions: ravage,rumble,Lazorbeak etc?

    A: Refresh my memory... did Soundwave usually have minions? :) 

    - Q: Why were the Transformers in the first film picked to be in it? Optimus and Megatron were obviously put in because it wouldn't be Transformers without them, but why were guys like Brawl and Bonecrusher in? Not complaining (Bonecrusher was awesome), but I'm just curious.

    A: Some choices came more about what vehicles we wanted, and worked backwards from what we needed for the story.

    - Q:
    Were there any cool action ideas like that that you thought of or scripted for Movie 1 but that didn't see the light of day due to budget/technical issues etc?

    A: here were a a couple things we couldn't do for budget, but also because they seemed too "out there" to the studio. Some of those things we get to do in the second movie. After we see it, I'll point out which.

    -Q: Can you tell us what you favorite scene or interesting element that sets this movie apart from the first one?

    A: The first movie is all about the mystery and reveal of the Transformers as a concept and a species, which means we had to hide them a lot in the first hour. In the second movie, now that everyone believes in the universe, we can jump right into the world of the Transformers.

    - Q: Will there be an official announcement regarding Transformers/vehicles as was done for the first film, or will it all be speculation/rumour for fans until we see the toys/film in person? If so, will we be getting confirmation on these characters anytime soon?
    Also, there's confusion as to that 10 Characters per side rule is currently true, could you shed any light on that?

    A: I don' think a character announcement is planned this time around. As for the ten character thing, that was an old thing i said before we even started writing the script. It was based on nothing.

    - Q: To what extent can we expect the movies to continue ties with the original Transformers characters and storyline, vs introducing all new themes and characters?

    A: Without getting into percentages, I would say that the mythology of the movie is very rooted in established Transformers doctrine. Obviously, it is also a continuation of the liberties we took in the first movie.

    - Q: Is Optimus is gonna be kicking some more Decepticon ass in TF2? (ala Bonecrusher in the first movie)

    A: All signs point to 'yes.'

    - Q: How much time do you spend writing in an average week- with TF2, Fringe, and whatever else you may be working on, it seems like you have a decent-sized workload. Also, have you become a bigger fan of the Transformers franchise since you started working on it?

    A: We write about a half day every day. Working on these projects, I have come to appreciate even more the elegant simplicity of the basic concept that is Transformers.

    -Q: I would love to know if paramount upgraded your spending budget from the last movie due to the huge hit it was? If so, can we learn the amount? I believe a lot of us were under the impression that some of the cg scenes suffered in the last movie (like the blurriness...etc) due to the budget. Can we expect a nice upgrade?

    A: Yes we do get a bit more dough. Expect an upgrade. And we also know better what we can do this time to maximize the mighty buck. And we have the secret weapon that is Ian Bryce.

    -Q: I heard Arcee is going to be in TF 2, is that true?

    A: How the heck would we ever explain a female robot? Or does it require explanation? Above answer should not be taken to confirm nor deny that Arcee is in the movie.

    - Q: Do you know when the teaser trailer will be released, and when?

    A: Don't know yet.

    - Q: So how annoyed is Bay and company with all the leaks about the movie so far? are any of them accurate?

    A: Not at all. Security this time around is much better.

    - Q: Will we ever hear the Autobots/Decepticons talk in vehicle mode for this movie?

    A: Should we? We can make that decision in post production.

    - Q: Mr. Orci, by going at the lenght of the script, is there any small indication at all about what the runtime of the sequel will be?

    Also: I think you can answer this one safely. Is Ratchet coming back?

    A: Going by the length of the script can be tricky because the action is longer in reality than on the page. We're trying to keep it to two hours, but I get a feeling it'll be about the same as movie 1.

    Ratchet could be on assignment in Alpha Centauri. Who knows? :) 

    - Q: If the novel is not right, then was there any disputes or issues brought up with the publishers for having that relatively large inconsistancy? Second, I was wondering if you were familiar with how the video game adaptation went with the story and what you though of it, AND if it was based on earlier versions of the script or if you had nothing to do with it at all?

    A: As for the novels and the games, both had to do work from early drafts of the script, and they did not have complete access to everything we were doing so you can't blame them for divergences.

    Speaking of the novelization, a funny thing happened at botcon: some one came up to me and Alex and asked us how we went about turning the novelization into a screenplay? We told them it was the other way around.

    - Q: Hey Bob, got another question:

    The "leaks" and set photos we've seen thus far, would you say it's mostly

    a) lots of intentional misinformation,
    b) bits and pieces that are mostly true, but we don't know enough yet to get an idea of the bigger picture,
    c) a mix of both?

    A: I would say anything you hear from us or anyone about this movie is carefully planned disinformation (including this statement). :) 

    - Q: Will Bumblebee start off in his alt mode he ended Transformers in, or will he just show up as an upgraded model with the new hood scoop and lip spoiler?

    A: Don't know how much we're upgrading BB fully yet, or anyone for that matter.

    - Q:
    1. How difficult was it to approach and write a continuation/sequel to such a large, epic summer action flick? What aspect was the hardest?

    2. Any general "words of advice" for aspiring film writers, when it comes to writing sequels?

    A: 1. The hardest aspect is that you lose the element of surprise. We got away with a lot in the first movies because for a long time, no one thought it would work, or that it was just a silly cartoon, and simply proving that wrong is all we had to do. The first movie was meant to be somewhat of a mystery. For the sequel, we need an entirely different structure and paradigm for the movie, and we can't rely on it being the first.

    2. My advice would be to treat sequels like their very own movie and not think ahead to further sequels. It must have it's own distinct theme and character arcs from the the first movie.

    - Q: 1.Who's your favorite Transformer from the 1st movie?
    2.Is the rumor of Wheeljack being in the sequel true? Would you like to have Wheeljack in the sequel?
    3.Do you plan on having Frank Welker voice Soundwave in the sequel? Would you like to have him voice Soundwave?

    A: 1. Prime.
    2. No comment.
    3 No comment.

    - Q: 1) Word on the street is that while the WGA was on strike Bay and the art department were working on designs, preliminary CGI, etc. How much of what they created influenced your final script and how much of what you put in your treatment was actually represented in the art department's designs?

    2) If you've seen any of the new designs, on a scale of 1-10, how awesome are they?

    A: What they did had very little influence on the script. We wrote a treatment before the strike. And then turned it into a screenplay afterwards.

    - Q: 1. Is (was?) the writing for the film much different than the original, considering Ehren Kruger was added to the staff to help you and Mr. Kurtzman? Is it easier or harder now that you have to work with a new guy.

    2. I hear Jonah Hill declined a part in Transformers:RotF due to his dislike of the script. Can you tell us what he didn't like? (I know you probably can't, but I thought you might have dropped the character from the script or changed it around with his departure allowing you to talk about it).

    A: 1. Much EASIER! We said we would not do it without Ehren. We'd worked with him before so we knew we would be a good match. We look at it as forming a temporary band for a specific concert.

    2. Rumors are not exactly true. He came, he read for a while, and he left. Then days later we had a meeting with him to talk about his concerns, all of which were simple to deal with. He wanted to make sure it wasn't too close to the character's he'd been playing, and we told him it would be our pleasure to differentiate him. We all left the meeting smiling and laughing, and his agents and the studio started negotiating. We just couldn't come up with a mutually satisfactory deal. Sometimes it's s scheduling conflict, sometimes it's that an actor only wants to agree to be in one movie at a time... etc. So all I can figure is some one who doesn't know much saw him leave the read early, and assumed the rest. No hard feelings here.

    - Q: 1.Why did you decide to kill Jazz off in the first movie? Why was there so little emphasis on his death?
    2.How long do you think TF:RotF will run for? Possibly around the time the first took?
    3.Is it fun to toy with the fandom providing false information & see us squirm trying to figure out if it's real or not?

    - A: 1.) Wanted to add stakes and show that you could die. As for the emphasis, we didn't wanna scare the kids yet.

    2.) Probably about the same as first movie.

    3.) It is fun to "play" with fandom, not to toy with fandom -- I do not hand out disinformation.

    - Q: 1) In your new script is there any new action sequence you're particulary looking forward to seeing (dont tell us about it). Did it read well on paper and are you interested to see how Bay interprets that action. 2) Have you seen Iron Man (enjoy?). I know its a touchy subject over on Don's boards.

    A: Alex and I did see Iron Man. We liked it enough that we went after Fergus and Ostby to adapt the graphic novel that we're producing, "Cowboys and Aliens." And we liked Downey Jr. enough to go beg him to star in the movie. Does that answer your question?

    - Q: Why would they wanna downgrade to PG?? Michael Bay already said that he wanted to make it edgy. And its obviously not going to be rated R.

    A: PG-13

    - Q: I know you said that there was going to be no official cast announcement, but I thought it could be fun to maybe to a 'TF of the month' sort of thing, where once a month a character is revealed to the fans. One a month up until May 09 or something. That way we don't find everything out at once yet we still get official word, monthly as to who we will see on screen. Heck you could even start off with the obviously returning characters!

    A: Interesting. why not? I'll run it up flagpole.

    - Q:
    Does and will the Matrix of Leadership exist in the Movie Transformers Universe?
    If Yes, Will the Matrix of Leadership be worked into the sequal some how ?

    A: I don't see why anything we've done would preclude the existence of the Matrix of Leadership in this movie Universe. Perhaps it can be worked into a sequel.

    - Q: 1) Is Shakey Cam an excuse for cutting down on the CGI budget? Why not showcase the CGI effects you paid so much for instead of ruining it with headache-inducing shakiness?

    2) How many plot lines will you have? The previous movie had 6 (Parents, Sam, Govt, Military, Hackers, Sector 7).

    3) What is your definition for "respecting the source material"? What is your take on that?

    A: All loaded question... here's honest answers:

    1.) Shakey cam is all the rage these days. didn't you see Cloverfield? But seriously, It's a way to simulate a frenetic, ground level subjective POV. And yes it does help to save money while remaining faithful to the visual truth of seeing these things from our puny human pov.

    2.) Part two had 3 plot lines -- A boy and his car, soldiers behind enemy lines, and defense policy people -- all reacting to Transformers in a somewhat multiple point of view disaster movie paradigm and structure. Part two will be a different paradigm. More like parallel stories.

    3.) Respecting the source material means taking that which works about a given property it and discarding that which doesn't or that which interferes with the requirements of the adaptation (film, tv, stage, whatever). Also, to somehow capture the visceral/emotional tone that source material evoked.

    - Q: What are your thoughts on the Transformers: Mosaic series?

    A: I think they rank well in the line up.

    - Q: Any chances we'll get to hear Prime give the full "Autobots, Transform and roll out!" line instead of just "roll out!"??

    A: Yeah -- there's a chance...

    - Q: 1) In regards to returning TFs from the first movie... what's the status of Alt modes? I know you probably cant give specifics, but in general, will they be keeping the same forms, or getting new forms? 2) And if the later is true, how much of that is you guys's say (You being the writers and Mr. Bay), and how much is Hasbro's? I imagine from a toyline standpoint, they'd probably prefer new guys.

    A: No comment on Alt Modes except in general, some similar.

    As for the practical decision making, it's a mix of many things -- continuation from style of tf1 -- which real life cars and vehicles are available to us legally and promotionally to shoot --

    You might be surprised, but I heard some at hasbro arguing to keep some characters the same so that parents WOULD NOT have to buy the same toy twice for their children just cuz it had fuzzy dice this time, or whatever. Hasbro is all right.

    - Q: With all this news about Icecream twins, "Wheels" and so forth, I'm a bit worried that we won't get to see very many new "Classics" characters. Should I be worried?

    A: Slightly -- but there will be plenty for die hards.

    - Q: Mr Orci, Is this the real first poster for TF:ROTF or have we all been punked?

    A: Never seen it before.

    - Q: How many country will receive visitors from space? From what we know by now,france,china and united states will be there,is there anymore? Will there is any chance we'll get a teaser trailer before the end of the year? How many title ,before the choice of revenge of the fallen,were in the race?

    A: The story for part 2 is more global, for sure.

    Teaser will surely come out before the end of the year.

    None. Alex Kurtzman came up with the title, and it was the only one we put up on the cover of the script.

    - Q: Does the potential SAG (Screen Actors Guild) strike affect filming for TF:ROTF at all, and if so how?

    A: As far as a strike goes, Transformers is probably in the best position to deal with a strike in that Michael Bay and Ian Bryce prepared a schedule that takes into account the possibility of a strike. Also, there is much action that Michael can shoot in the meantime.

    - Q:
    1) Which movies and TV shows, other than Transformers G1, would you consider your inspirations while writing the movie? You already pointed out the parallels between some elements in the TF movie and Spielberg's "ET". Anything else you drew inspirations from? 2) And before Bumblebee attacked him, was Barricade aware that Bumblebee was an Autobot?

    A: 1. Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Close Encounters and Terminator 2.

    2. Intended that Bumblebee is protecting Sam knowing a Decepticon may show up. In our minds, they can't recognize each other until they transform.

    - Q: Since filming has already started, and the movie has pretty much gotten a solid start, do you still have any input into what goes on, or how certain scenes turn out? Also, are you taking into account any input from the fans that has come up from threads and forums like this one? Thanks!

    A: We are contracted through the entire production and post production. Like the first movie, we ABSOLUTELY listen to fan input throughout. In fact, I I've said before and will say again that the first movie probably had more fan input in its DNA than any other movie ever.

    - Q: Will there be any transformers in the sequal who are like scorponok with animal modes instead of humanoid modes?

    A: All signs point to 'probably.'

    - Q:
    Are you guys planning to give the remaining unshot segments of the script a second look during this hiatus, or are you guys happy with everything as it is? Thanks.

    A: We always give everything a second and third and fourth look!

    - Q: Mr, Orci, will we find out what happened to Barricade in the first movie? And why make such a blatant mistake as to just remove him without explanation?

    A: I blame Bay and we blame ourselves for not being on set that day:) 

    - Q: Hi, is it possible to have Optimus NOT say phrases along the lines of "My bad" and "Stop lubricating on the human"?

    A: I like those lines -- huge laughs from non-fans. However, because fans also deserve a break -- we'll keep Optimus' voice classic for you this time around.

    - Q: Would you say that there is a central theme or idea that guides the second movie?

    A: Yes... one of the themes is about the responsibilities you face when being away from home -- reflected by Sam going to college and by the fact that the Transformers themselves, are of course, far from Cybertron.

    - Q: Mr Orci, ss there a chance we might see any characters that are smaller than Frenzy was in TF:ROTF?

    A: It's possible, for sure.

    - Q: How would you describe Hasbro's involvement?

    A: We felt no pressure from Hasbro. We knew our responsibility was to make the right live action translation, and that the movie had to come first, and if they couldn't understand that, they could go suck it -- we don't work for them. Luckily, they did understand that and they were AWESOME. Totally supportive, wanting to do anything they could to help us realize our vision of what the live action movie should be, and really caring about the fans and not just about selling toys.

    - Q: Will you, along with Alex, have a cameo in the movie? Will Bay have one too?

    A: I like to see movies as a fan, and nothing would ruin a movie more for me than to see my stupid face in it.

    - Q: Mr. Orci, who is the one character that you want in the movie or was in the movie?

    A: Many characters we would want, but there is only so much room in a two hour movie.

    - Q: I am a little curious though, why Alex Kurtzman never seems to interact with fans. Is Alex Kurtzman a shy person?

    A: Alex Kurtzman is not shy, he just doesn't like to read negative things about us. And he also has a new son, which takes up the rest of his free time. But his role on our team is 50/50. We've always been equal partners.

    - Q: Mr. Orci, the first movie focused on Prime and Bumblebee for obvious reasons. Will the 2nd movie give the spotlight to other characters?

    A: Seems logical.

    - Q: Is there any chance of Prime and company being more of a force to be reckoned with in the new movie, or is it more important to make them heavily reliant on humans to save the day?

    A: I believe your concerns will be mightily satisfied...

    - Q: Hey Bob, how do you select the robot characters in the movie(s)? Do you have a list of classic Transformers characters you want to use in the movie, or do you approach it from the story side and have a list of general character traits (like, a "tough guy", a "master spy", a "chatty blabbermouth" and so on) which you then try to find names for? Along the same lines, are the vehicles selected based on the characters ("we need a car that can work as Sunstreaker"), or does General Motors say "We want the new Chevrolet model featured in the movie", and you then have to write a character around that car? To what extent do you or the design team have control over the colors and other "custom" details of the vehicles, and how much is mandatory on the manufacturer's behalf?

    A: Both. In the first movie, we knew we wanted a few key characters, and the rest were selected more about conforming to our story needs. If the names come from established lore, we like to try and base their traits on them

    As far as design, it's a negotiation with Hasbro and car companies.

    - Q: 1) Could you confirm the following working names for characters from leaked scripts?

    a Blackout was at one point supposed to be named "Grimlock".

    b) He was also at one point supposed to be named "Vortex".

    c) Frenzy and Barricade were at one point conceived as one and the same character, named "Soundwave", who infiltrates the CIA headquarters (instead or Air Force One) as a portable stereo, then turns into a Humvee and attacks Sam.

    A: 1.) Yes. In our first draft, before we even brought Bay on board, he was named Vortex. Don't remember him going through many other names.

    2.) don't recall Frenzy turning into a humvee in any of our drafts.

    - Q:
    What did you think about the Movie toys the first time you saw them? I mean it's one thing to create a character for the big screen, but it's got to feel weird to hold one in your hands. And if I can add to that question, do you have a favorite toy from the movie line?

    A: It was really strange. Particularly liked the Bumblebee MP3 player.

    - Q: Just a casual question, how you been doing man? Everyone is asking and whining about movie questions, I want to ask how your day was.

    A: Thanks... not bad... kind of a slow week in hollywood since everyone is out on vacation.

    - Q: 1. Why did you make alien robots acting like humans and like Gremlins (Frenzy)? Wouldn't they be more realistic if they were non-speaking and without personalities?
    2. Why all those ugly faces, with horrible mouths?
    3. Why the use of a comedy tone for the major part of the film? It makes it look like it doesn't take itself serious at all.
    4. Why Megatron acts like a stupid old movie bad guy? Couldn't you made him smarter and working behind the curtains, like Hades from Saint Seiya?

    A: 1.) Yes, it would perhaps be more realistic to have non-speaking automatons, however the source material prescribed sentient alien robots with personalities.

    2.) I'm sure we look ugly to them.

    3.) We were emulating the style of movie from the old Amblin days, like Back to the Future and Gremlins, which if you watch today are still very funny. Also, the cartoon itself was quite funny. Also, comedy makes things more accessible to a larger audience.

    4.) We portrayed Megatron as a monster because we didn't want there to be a whole lot to scheme about behind the scenes. Also, he was frozen through most of it, so he didn't exactly have a whole lot of time to scheme.

    - Q:
    So, just out of curiosity, would you say that the script changed more after Michael Bay came on board the project or before? And, out of curiosity, how many revisions total did you guys do?

    A: It changed more before because our first draft was quite different from our second, after which Bay came onboard. Our second draft is pretty much what the movie was. Also, we are our own worst critics.

    - Q: Bob, did you write any characters (robot or otherwise) with certain actors in mind? If so, how close did you get to matching them all up?

    A: Other than Cullen, no.

    - Q: Were the early Transformers names leaked to the internet really "code names" like Bay claimed (as in "We already know what they will be called eventually, but we're using these fake names to throw people off"), or were they just honest working names (as in "We don't know yet what we will eventually call them, so we're just using these names until we can think of something better")?

    A: Half true. We knew the names of most, but he was so upset by leak that he put out a bit of disinformation, even claiming that we, the writers, had no idea which characters we were writing, which as I hope is painfully obvious, is absurd on its face.

    - Q: Mr Orci...

    Are you involved with anything for TF:ROTF at the upcoming Comic-Con?

    If yes does this include any footage of any kind as i've seen many conflicting reports on what will be happening at SDCC.

    A: We will be there for Fringe and Eagle Eye, but we are not part of anything for TF, although I imagine there will be some little tid bit.

    - Q: Ok, here are the questions I did ask earlier on...

    1. First off, is there expected to be more characterization and emphasization among the Transformers in the sequel?

    2. How many Transformers series have you seen besides G1. And which one is your favorite so far?

    3. I know that Peter Cullen was the only voice actor from a previous show in the TF franchise. Will there be other voice actors from the previous TF series besides Cullen?

    4. Is Galvatron and/or Unicron expected to be in the sequel or any future sequels?

    A: 1.) Yes.

    2.) Sampled all of them, but for simple nostalgia, G1 is my fav.

    3.) Don't know yet. It's possible.

    4.) We've talked about it. Don't wanna spoil anything!

    - Q: Could there be possibly other elements taken from other series besides G1? Such as Beast Wars, Armada, Cybertron, or Animated?

    A: Yes.

    - Q: 1. How much control, as a writer, did/do you actually have over which characters are to be in the film? I know there wasn't pressure from Hasbro, but I wonder about influence. I ask this question because I'm curious if you have any favorite character you wrote into the movie simply because you have the power to; or did everything have to get run by Bay and Hasbro?

    2. I remember you mentioning several pages back that Transformers had the most fan input in its DNA than any other movie. I was wondering if you could give us a couple of examples?

    A: 1.) Different in every case, but so far so good. Most of what happens in the movie and most of the characters came from our original treatment.

    2.) Cut arcee in movie one, lost soundwave when fan outcry said do him right, not as Frenzy and countless others that I'll try and remember.

    - Q: Is "The Fallen" of the title actually the character from War Within?

    A: No comment. :) 

    Mr Orci, since we know that the 10/10 rule isn't true, can we expect fairly balanced teams this time around, or will the Decepticons outnumber the Autobots again?

    A: Take a wild guess!

    - Q: If you've seen the concept images, are the designers basing some features (such as weapons/tools and colors) from previous Transformers series? Simple yes/no/don't know answer will do.

    -A: Yes...

    -Q: Will Optimus have any badass fight scenes like the one-on-one with Bonecrusher from the first movie?

    A: Prime is going to truly live up to his name this time around.

    -Q: When you're writing, how conscious are you of budget / technology limitations? For instance do you have ideas and then quickly dispose of them because you don't think they would be possible with the budget / technology available?

    A: because you don't think they would be possible with the budget / technology available?
    Use to be that way, but we've gotten pretty good at knowing intuitively what something will cost and then trying to forget about it and use the force to trust we'll be on target without compromising what we want to do. But sometimes, yes, you just know something you want is potentially too expensive.

    - Q: Do you see the Maximals and Predacons being apart of the Movie universe at all?

    A: Why not? Maybe not early on, but of the films can stick around a bit, sure.

    - Q: What do you do to get in the creative zone when you're writing? How often do you find yourself staring at a blank screen unable to make the words flow?

    A: I hate blank screens -- so even if I have writer's block, I will literally put down ANYTHING to avoid the blank screens ...

    -Q: What was the one thing you were most disappointed with in the first movie?

    What was the one thing you were happiest with in the first movie?

    A: Thumbs down: Length.

    Thumbs Up: Tone.

    -Q: Here's something that you probably didn't have a chance to really explore in the first film: If these things are robots in disguise, wouldn't there be a lot of panic and fear for the humans who knew that these 'bots could be *anywhere* and/or *anything*? I could imagine people being very paranoid and not trusting of any machines / vehicles.

    Have you guys played around with this concept/idea much?

    A: It has certainly been discussed...

    Talk to you all next week... :) 

    -Q: What is your opinion of the Generation 1 character Wheelie? and, if you know this, what is Bay's opinion of the character?

    A: None of us are huge fans...

    - Q: Mr. Orci, I've seen The Dark Knight twice now, and my question is: is Transformers Revenge of the Fallen going to be darker than the first part? Transformers 1 could have been a bit more dark if you ask me, with all the comedy and stuff.

    A: Yes.

    - Q:
    Bob, is it true that Michael kicked the head off of a scale model of Optimus Prime that Hasbro built?

    If this is true, did you witness it and was it totally awesome?

    Slightly more serious question: I think the Autobots really need an engineer/scientist/inventor. Would you agree with me?

    A: Don't know about him kicking any heads. I'll ask him.

    Scientist not a bad idea at all.

    - Q: Hi, Bob. Will the new main villain will get more screen time than Megatron got? Will the new villain have cybertron or earth mode only or both? Will the second film be more like 'The Empire Strikes Back' which is darker,get a surpising revelation and the villains win?

    A: The villains, all sround, will get more screen time than before.

    No comment on earth modes!

    Yes, more like empire on some other of our favorite sequels, but not exactly... :) 
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  2. Freyabeads

    Freyabeads TFW2005 Supporter

    Jul 23, 2006
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    Well, WELCOME ABOARD! Glad to see you here Mr. Orci, and thanks for one of my favorite fun movies in TF2007!
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  3. PrimePower04

    PrimePower04 I got the touch!

    Jun 6, 2008
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    Mr Orci: Congrats on TF1 I enjoyed seeing my favorite cartoon characters come to life!

    I know you probably won't answer this question but its worth a shot,

    Are there really ice cream truck twins and if so are they new characters designed or are they bots we would know from G1 or another incarnation??

    thank you
  4. Kortex

    Kortex Well-Known Member

    Jun 9, 2008
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    Ok.. so... first... Why in the hell would you have a Transformer scan an Ice Cream Truck??? Then... will Megatron come back??? and then... What vehicule or whatever mode will Soundwave have?? And will he have minions such as Ravage and Laserbeak?? And finally.. WILL WE SEE ANY CONSTRCUCTICONS??? At least Scrapper, Scavenger and Long Haul???!!! And also... will you spare us those long and boring teenagers love scenes???
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  5. Tr4nce

    Tr4nce TrancEaddict

    Jan 24, 2007
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    Pfft. If I was Orci, I wouldn't even answer your questions. Show some respect, junior.
  6. Thundercrackah

    Thundercrackah Well-Known Member

    Feb 18, 2003
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    Hi Roberto,

    Have loads of stuff I wanna ask but not worth it since I know you won't be able to answer them.

    However I'm going to ask if Optimus is gonna be kicking some more Decepticon ass in TF2? (ala Bonecrusher in the first movie)
  7. Harlequin Daniel

    Harlequin Daniel Captain Grumpy

    Aug 19, 2006
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    Mr Orici-
    Run Run For Your Life!!!!!
    Save Yourself!!!!
  8. TriBlurr

    TriBlurr Who am I?

    Jan 21, 2003
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    Mr. Orci.......RUN! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

    Seriously though, loved the first movie. Can't wait for the sequel.

    Q: Can you say when we can expect to learn the names of the new Robots joining the cast? As you probably can't just yet.
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  9. Laser_Optimus

    Laser_Optimus I'm simply one hell of a butler. TFW2005 Supporter

    Aug 27, 2004
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    Brandon, Florida
    Welcome Mr. Orci. Seriously though... run away. Run far away... everyone here is insane. :lol 

    Seriously though, welcome and enjoy your stay. I have questions I'd love to ask, but most of them probably can't be revealed at this point so I'll just stick with the welcome. :D 
  10. Omegatron

    Omegatron Mandatory Fun. Buy it now TFW2005 Supporter

    Jun 29, 2004
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    Mr. Orci,
    How much time do you spend writing in an average week- with TF2, Fringe, and whatever else you may be working on, it seems like you have a decent-sized workload.

    Also, have you become a bigger fan of the Transformers franchise since you started working on it?
  11. Junior

    Junior Wise Beyond My Years TFW2005 Supporter

    Jul 2, 2002
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    Loved the movie overall. There were some elements that I would tweek but I sure there would be a few adjustments you would make if you had total control of the film.

    Here is my question:

    "Can you tell us what you favorite scene or interesting element that sets this movie apart from the first one?"

    Thanks for your reply,

    :bay  I like things that are awesome, too.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
  12. krade

    krade Well-Known Member

    Mar 10, 2008
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    will we see energon cube?

    what about teletraan-1 and the ark?

    do optimus get his trailer?

    is the matrix in this movie?

    autobot combiner or not?

    will there be cybertron scene or it will be all on earth?
  13. Ravenxl7

    Ravenxl7 W.A.F.F.L.E.O.

    Jun 7, 2006
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    Just curious, what's the chance of Grimlock being one of the new characters in the sequels? We've heard that there won't be any "Dinobots", but if it was just Grimlock, and he didn't turn into a Dinosaur, he wouldn't technically be a "Dinobot".
  14. MegaMoonMan


    Jul 13, 2004
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    YouTube (Legacy):
    Can we look forward to no stupid pissing scenes this time around?
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  15. Starscream NZ

    Starscream NZ Well-Known Member

    Jun 27, 2005
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    Will there be an official announcement regarding Transformers/vehicles as was done for the first film, or will it all be speculation/rumour for fans until we see the toys/film in person? If so, will we be getting confirmation on these characters anytime soon?

    Also, there's confusion as to that 10 Characters per side rule is currently true, could you shed any light on that?
  16. Ops_was_a_truck

    Ops_was_a_truck JOOOLIE ANDREWWWWWS!!!!!!

    Jan 9, 2005
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    Shameless, but what they hey -

    Will you give my little brother a job? He just moved out there and he's doing two internships right now for different TV script-writing companies. He's focusing on production, he has a double major in political science and film production and he is a cut-throat dude when it comes to acquiring props, getting sets ready for filming, etc.
  17. Bob Orci

    Bob Orci Well-Known Member

    Jun 15, 2008
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    No promises.
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  18. G1Wheeljack

    G1Wheeljack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2008
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    Hi Mr.Orci, welcome to the boards, now for my questions,
    1.Who's your favorite Transformer from the 1st movie?
    I have a feeling I won't get an answer to the next two, but I gotta try,
    2.Is the rumor of Wheeljack being in TF2 true?
    3.Do you plan on having Frank Welker voice Soundwave in TF2? Would you like to have him voice Soundwave?
  19. Bumblethumper

    Bumblethumper old misery guts

    Aug 19, 2007
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    I'm just going to plunge in with my tedious nerdy question, regardless of whether Mr Hollywood Bigshot has time in his busy schedule to read or answer it:bowdown: :

    To what extent can we expect the movies to continue ties with the original Transformers characters and storyline, vs introducing all new themes and characters? ...I don't know if percentages can be put on it, but an example answer might look something like: 30% old, 70% new.

    I was grateful that on the 1st movie, the team abandoned early design concepts for a re-imagined Optimus head, in favour of a design retaining retaining greater continuity with the G1 Optimus design. There are many, many aspects of G1 which are best forgotten, but there are other aspects which are still vital enough and potent enough, that their inclusion is both highly worthwhile for the uninitiated moviegoer, and goes a long way towards gaining the favour of the hardcore fanbase.

    But I'd also like to speak up for those G1 fans everywhere who actually appreciated many of the additions, like Dispensor, Barricade, as well as certain reinventions and new twists. Of course we all have nits to pick, and axes to grind, but I like to believe the majority of us are still open-minded enough to welcome fresh ideas when they are good ideas.

    lastly, I'd like to point out that whether rumours of the Saab Aero X being recruited as an alt-mode for the character Wheeljack are true or not, this is a highly popular choice, and I absolutely support that either for this movie, or inclusion in future movies.

    It fully meets the awesome threshold. :bay 
  20. Dropshot

    Dropshot Transform your destiny

    Aug 15, 2007
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    Hey Roberto nice to see you here, I know you were raised in Mexico City, and i love to know more about that, so what memories do you have from here? Good or bad?

    Also how's your spanish?
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