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    Speed wheel is the third team member of Warbotrons' homage to Computron. Speed wheel is sharp just like Hammer Sharpener and Turbo Ejector. One thing I am noticing with Warbotron, following this set each figure I get is more impressive every time! And I am being honest, not kissing any Warbos ass people. I know you see pictures on the threads. Pictures do not give it justice once you have Speed wheel in your hands.
    He's hefty just like Hammer Sharpener and Turbo Ejector. What really impresses the hell out of me is the red paint. Not too many third party companies can pull of proper paint apps on figures that show up extremely well on camera. Furthermore Speed wheel has two different apps working will the primary paint app.
    The color breaks up and blends on the figure are awesome. In Vehicle mode the touch of gray paint on the tinted red translucent plastic is perfect! Also I am digging the black vents on the hood of the car as well. In addition the silver applied on the figure is text book precession. This methodic use of paint application makes this figure stand out at the same, standing next to his brothers' show that they're a team and great stand alone figures. The new love affair is the light pipe work; it's absolutely stunning and brings Speed wheel to life- when the light hits the back of the head. Just look at my photos carefully does he looks like he's looking deep into your eyes. On the translucent plastic on this figure actually works because it's put on the right place. Not a fan of translucent plastic 'but' if it's used properly on a figure I have no problem with it period!
    Absolutely no stress on the plastic however on the hinges that attaches the back pack kibble, from transformation to car mode its minor stress on the plastic. Specifically when I transformed him the first time the stress was there but now it's not getting worse.
    • So over the none articulated shoulders
    This is something I have been hearing on other reviews everyone has problem with the shoulder articulation. Spotting the obvious Speed wheel has the exact issue with Hammer Sharpener. From my perspective on this I don't have a problem with it. Like I said I heard every ones gripe about it before I got Speed wheel. Now that I have Speed wheel in hand here's my point of view.
    Speed wheel and Hammer Sharpener make the 'legs' of this huge combiner. Also Warbotron is putting out this set faster than they did Warbo B. I believe some sacrifices in regards to high articulated shoulders for Speed Wheel and Hammer Sharpener had to be sacrificed. In addition, perhaps cut down on company cost for ratchets and ball joints to be made for them. I know there's limited up movement on both figures. But I am completely over this shoulder issue. Now I am on this subject look at both Hammer and Speed in their leg modes. Hammer was the first leg put out and his arms swings back and locks into place. Now Speed wheel follows the same principle, arms swing back and lock down on his back. To the sum this up Warbotron here has the combine mode in mind also the legs have to be damn near close to perfect symmetry. So maybe they made the call to lose the articulated shoulders and give them to Turbo Ejector and Strafe instead. Good examples look at all your combiners in your collection carefully to spot this.
    Speed wheel is just 'fun' he catches my eye all the time in my collection and his fun to play with. And I have transformed this guy into that handsome care mode of his 8 times already. My rating for each of the figures so far is this
    Turbo Ejector: Awesome
    Hammer Sharpener: Bruti-ful
    Speed Wheel: Fun
    As for my rating for Speed Wheel I am going to give him a solid 10/ 10. He really stands out and his transformation is unique, easy and result every time I finish it-I always say this. Damn this motherfucker looks fast!
    Naming my Warbotron Combiner:
    I have been noticing the 3rd party fella's have not been naming their companies. In my opinion I hypothesis is, the infringement b.s. that's why they're not naming them? Or third party guys want us to really embrace the inner kid in us to name our own combiners? You know make them ours! If this is the case I am cool with naming the set and the combiner too. I will take suggestions on giving my not so technobots a team name and the combiner a name too.

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