Wanted: Various TF:Prime toys (FE, RID, Japan)

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by vincheng2k5, Oct 21, 2012.

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    Looking for the following in no particular order. I don't mind if they're opened, etc etc...they don't even have to be complete depending on what's missing (For example, I think Arms Microns are important but I don't care for random missiles) Just let me know and we can hopefully make a deal!

    FE Optimus Prime (for not outrageous prices please since I could just wait for one through BBTS or at my local TRU)
    FE Cliffjumper
    FE Starscream
    RID custom-painted Megatron (run of the mill silver paint so it doesn't look so dull...I've seen a lot of you guys do an amazing job on these)
    RID Airachnid
    RID Vehicon
    Japanese AM Vehicon (jet)
    Japanese AM Breakdown
    Japanese AM Ironhide

    Feel free to check my feedback and read about what a nice guy I am. :D  I also have a lot more eBay feedback under the name "ninjahurricane." Looking forward to making a deal with you. Thanks!