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    Looking for some parts to complete various figures/customs:

    Armada Powerlinx Jetfire's Mini-con
    Energon Galvatron missile and rear landing gear
    Energon Tidal Wave missiles and rear fins
    Energon Sixshot right arm panel
    Cybertron TRU Starscream tail fins and gun/missile
    Cybertron Optimus Prime cyber key and missile
    Cybertron Excellion gun and missile
    Cybertron Defense Hot Shot turret tip
    Cybertron Primus Cyber key
    Classics Starscream head, right leg
    RtS Lugnut left side soft outer canopy
    CW Lightspeed torso
    CW Strafe legs
    CW Sky Lynx tailfins, head and weapons
    PotP Blackwing combiner peg

    Zoids Z-builders fire phoenix beak
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